The Makeup Show Los Angeles Haul, Part 2

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I’m back with Part 2 of The Makeup Show haul! In Part 1 I showed you the items I purchased, and now you’ll get a peek at the items that came in the press/blogger gift bag. Which is probably one of my favorite bags I’ve ever received! And it felt much like the show itself – hand picked for artists and true lovers of the medium. I’m telling you NYC, if you get a chance to go to this in May…DO.

Here are some of my most loved items in the over 40 piece bag…

One of my favorite items wasn’t makeup at all. It was earrings from Elessa Jade aka, the ever-fabulous PurseBuzz. These little candies are totally sweet and have just the right touch of girly for me. Earrings listed on her site are between $10 and $20, so they’re affordable too.

I sat next to the lovely Christina Farrell at the press preview, and you should have heard the sigh of joy when we found out there were Senna products in our bag. And when this makeup artist sighs, I listen! They included their Totally Transforming Eyeshadow Primer ($24) in all three shades, plus their flat concealer brush for application.

This stuff is AMAZING. For anyone who needs a bit more coverage than traditional liquid primers give (me), this anti-aging wonder does the trick. Filled with good for you ingredients, it minimizes lines and creates a smooth base that eyeshadow sticks to all day. Honestly, all day!

Favorite. Primer. EVER.

Totally Transforming Eyeshadow Primer in light, medium and tan

If you have never tried Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Taricon ($18) I need you to stop reading this and come back when you have. Really.

Amazing, right? Incredible pigment (like Pretty Boy, the bright fuchsia pink) and on trend shades (like Power Plant, the light shimmering emerald in honor of both Pantone’s color of the year and Lip Tar’s 5-year anniversary!)

Green lips not for you? No problem, check out the third swatch above. That’s Power Plant and Pretty Boy mixed together. And there within lies the true beauty of Lip Tar!

Speaking of beauty, Ellis Faas gifted Creamy Lips ($35) in L101, their signature color known as Ellis Red. This pure, blood red is available in all three of their textures for a reason; it flatters everyone and is drop dead gorgeous.

It has a sponge tipped applicator with a twist up base and you only need the smallest amount for perfect application. You can apply it heavy for a creamy feel or lightly for a deep, matte stain that lasts all day.

I got to try a new limited edition lip product from Stila called After Glow ($18). It’s “black light responsive” with florescent pigments three times brighter in sunlight and literally glowing in black light. Applied fully, Electric Pink nearly glows no matter what light you’re in! But you can pat the chubby matte pencil on lightly too, for just a wash of color. They’re lightly scented, twist up and wear like a stain with all day color. LOVE!

Ellis Faas, Kevyn Aucoin, Stila

Oh, I wish I could continue the lip love for the Kevyn Aucoin product in the bag; The Liquid Lip Patent in Infernelle. The color is divine; a deep and shiny red. But the product was obviously old and smelled like full-on crayon. Boo!

Anastasia Beverly Hills were incredibly generous. In addition to their legendary Brow Gelicon ($22 and seriously, the best I’ve ever used), they included a Covet Waterproof eyeliner, a Matte Highlighter and the beauty shown below.

This Brow Pro Palette has Concealer, Brow Wax and all six shades of their Brow Powder Duosicon. I’m sending this to a makeup artist friend of mine who specializes in brows and who will freak the freak out!

I swear they put tweezers in the bag too. I saw them and oohed at one point. But I think I must have wronged a tweezer manufacturer in a past life, because I can’t seem to hang on to a pair for longer than a few minutes. Seriously, this is the third pair of tweezers I’ve lost in a month! They looked lovely for the minute I had them…

I’m excited to try Model in a Bottle Lash Builder ($60), a click pen and brush filled with a gel formula that promises longer lashes in two to three weeks (with a money back guarantee.) I’ll report back – hopefully through lush lashes!

Another product that’s going to my makeup artist friend is the Temptu Concealer Wheel ($26), a handy-looking silicone based concealer that I’m sure she’ll reach for often.

One of everyone’s favorite makeup artists Koren Zander (EnKore Makeup) was represented in the gift bag too, with his Pro Brush Soap ($10.95). This is his top of the line soap, filled with conditioning oils for added treatment.

My sample, Apricot Freesia smelled delicious. So much so, I kind of want it for my body rather than my brushes! They even have a built in loofah on the other side for extra cleaning (though our samples didn’t). How clever is that?

The fabulous folks at Embroylisse shared two types of Vitivia Pro Vitamins ($55); topical pharmaceutical grade pods of awesomeness. Pro Vitamin A15 (Retinol) is used for refining pores, smoothing lines, reducing skin inflammations and normalizing sebaceous glands. Pro Vitamin C10 is best for reducing hyperpigmentation, fighting wrinkles and age spots.

How genius that the powerful ingredients (that are lessened when exposured to the sun and the elements) are sealed up air and light tight in their own individual 1-dose portions? I am happily testing these now and will report back. They feel a bit more silicone-y than I normally like, but if they’re part of the Embroylisse family – I trust them!

we heartsters, see any must-haves in Part 2?

photos: we heart this

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  1. Ok, I pretty much ooohed and ahhhhed over this entire post! Very excited to see the follow up on the Model in a Bottle Lash Builder: fingers crossed. And I’ve been waffling over the OC Lip Tar for a while, because I need a new lip product like I need a hole in the head, but that’s it: Pretty Boy will be mine, toute de suite!

  2. I didn’t go to The Makeup Show but got a peek at the bag @Stef brought home – and was VERY jealous! I am coveting the EnKore Makeup Pro Brush Cleaner and the Senna concealers. I’m so bad with cleaning my brushes – this may make it fun and make me clean them more often. And I am always keeping my eyes out for great concealers – my under eye shadows have been in place since I was about 5 years old old so I rely on them to look healthy and awake.

    1. D’oh – I’m an idiot! I always have concealers on my brain, and I’ve heard good things about Senna’s, so my mind went right to concealers!

      BUT I also love a good eye primer – wear one everyday even if I don’t use eye shadows. And now I want both Senna’s concealer and eye primer!

    2. @tyna, I am overwhelmed by all of the beautiful items, but I want to clean my brushes–right this very minute! Did you think we suffer from an OCD disorder?

  3. EVERYTHING in your bag looks fabulous. There wasn’t a thing that I DIDN’T oooooh and aaaah over! What fantastic goodies, especially those darling earrings. :)

  4. I am going to have to try more Ellis Faas ASAP because everything I have seen from them lately, I want, including that lipstick! Looks like a fabulous bag of goodies!

  5. Holy Haul — What an amazing gift bag! I bet you were on a real makeup high going through all of your goodies. I would be so excited I would not know what to try first.

    Thanks for letting us experience this show — vicariously!

  6. That really is the most amazing gift bag I’ve ever seen! Thank you for sharing the excitement with us, @stef ! The Senna primer is one thing I’ve never heard of and must try. And the Pro Brush Soap, too!

  7. I love Lip Tars! They last forever and just a little drop is enough to cover.

  8. @stef, where to begin with this haul? I love Senna products and will be trying their primer soon. They place quality above all. I’m using the OCC “Lip Tars,” thanks to you, and couldn’t be happier. I am also infatuated with the Ellis Faas’ “Creamy Lips” (too bad Kevin Aucoin’s gorgeous shade smelled old). Their mascara is wonderful. I have Temptu’s airbrush foundation system and was thinking of investing in their concealer wheel. Anastasia’s “Brow Pro Palette” was from Heaven. I want to hear about it. Speaking of brows, I’m still awaiting your take on MUFE’s brow cream–you piqued my interest! @stef, I enjoyed reading this piece immensely and scrolled up and down like a fiend at the pictures. One question remains, as George Carlin would have asked: “Where do you put your ‘stuff’?”

    1. Where I put my stuff is a bit of a problem actually @gigi – I am absolutely out of room in every cabinet, drawer and surface I have!

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