The Moto Jacket: Not Just for Tough Girls

The Moto Jacket: Not Just for Tough Girls

Get in on this trend with tons of new options for any style

Womens Motorcycle jackets 

The moto jacket has come a long way, hasn’t it? While actual motorcycle chicks are definitely cool, you don’t need to be one, or ride a Harley, to rock the moto. Shaping up to be the jacket of the season, moto jackets can be seen all over fashion and street style blogs, on celebrities, and in the magazines.

The classic motorcycle jacket is surprisingly versatile. They are fun to throw over a super feminine dress, or to add a bit of pizazz to a simple outfit. Plus the collar and fit is flattering for most everyone. Looking to add one to your closet? Here are our top six moto jacket styles (there’s one for everyone!) that you can buy right now and wear all season long.

1. Denim – Rather than your typical denim jacket, a moto styled one gives a different structure to the jacket, totally transforming the look. This dark denim option from The Gap ($72) is perfect for pairing with your fall color palette.

2. Cotton – So you love the look of the moto jacket, but you are in the market for something a bit lighter. A cotton moto jacket has all the right details but is made with that soft material we all love in our favorite hoodies and sweatshirts. Mod Cloth has the right idea with this Indie Rock Star jacket ($80) complete with zipper detailing!

3. Leather/Faux Leather – The quintessential moto jacket! This comes to mind when I picture a black leather moto jacket of today. It’s slightly tailored to the body and incredibly flattering. There are lots of leather and vegan leather options at a huge range of price points. You can’t go wrong with this Basic Moto Jacket from Zara ($80).

4. Tweed – Wait a minute – tweed and moto? Yup! Rock this Tweed Moto Jacket ($80) from Tinley Road via Piper Lime from daytime 9-5 to after work cocktails. The contrast is trendy and stylish but will go with lots of basics.

Womens Motorcycle jackets

5. Shearling – When it gets a bit cooler, you don’t want to let that knock some style points off your outfits. Shearling (or faux shearling) paired with a moto jacket gives your chilly weather outfit some edge. I can always rely on Topshop to deliver the latest trends, like this Black Borg Biker Jacket ($130), even during winter when I feel a bit confused on what to wear.

6. Vintage – Sometimes it just feels good to go back to the basics. A Vintage Moto Jacket ($120) has the perfect slouch, finely aged leather and a guaranteed bad a** look. Thank goodness for Etsy and their vintage selection!

we heartsters – What’s your favorite type of jacket to rock this fall?

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11 thoughts on “The Moto Jacket: Not Just for Tough Girls”

  1. I’ve always had a soft spot for motorcycle jackets! Over the years I’ve had versions in black leather, black denim and dark blue denim (and I think that one is still floating around in my closet somewhere – I need to go find it!).

    So I’m thrilled to see them making a comeback in fashion – love these picks. My fave is the Gap dark denim one and the shearling with the slanted zipper. The tweed one is awfully cute too. Hurry up and get here cooler weather – I’m ready to wear a jacket!

    1. There’s a dark blue one coming out in the new Phillip Lim x Target line. I got to try it on in person but a size too big – the leather is more lightweight so I’m not sure if it’s worth the price. We’ll see if I get the trigger finger when it’s available this weekend!

  2. Love this post! I have been eying the moto jackets and getting one is definitely on my fall fashion must-buy list. I think that Piperlime one might be the clear winner!

  3. I recently got a denim moto in a lighter wash similar to the one above. While I absolutely love the dark denim one, I couldn’t resist the lighter denim on sale. I’ll be rocking it as the temperature cools down.

    After I submitted this post, @Stef told me how she just found a vintage leather moto herself. I know Etsy Vintage can be nicely curated (and the price tag comes with that for some items unfortunately) but don’t forget to check your local thrift stores for the best bang for your buck!

    1. It’s True! @mandabear sent in this post just 2 days after I bought a vintage moto jacket from the thrift store for 25 bucks! I actually saw it, talked myself out of it and left the store, only to go back about a half hour later and buy it. It was so funny, as I was driving back to get it my mind flashes an image of a hipster who was entering as I was leaving the first time and I was CERTAIN she had to have bought it! My heart stopped when I couldn’t find it for a second. But I did, and it’s mine now. Phew.

      Great post!

    1. It looks SO cozy doesn’t it? I wish the weather would cool down and stay that way. I use a site called Hukkster to keep track of items I’m into…They email you when the item goes on sale! it doesn’t work with all sites but it’s worth a try for Topshop.

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