The Myth Squad - why use a Silk Pillowcase?

The Myth Squad – why use a Silk Pillowcase?

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We’re very happy to present a new we heart this feature; The Myth Squad. We’ll examine the myths and legends that you’ve heard hundreds of times, and determine if they’re valid and should be brought into your routine, or banished to the old wives tale file. Today, we have wht member Holly delving into the staple of every 50s housewife, the silk pillowcase…

I am going to talk about something that brings a whole new meaning to the term “a wrinkle in time.” Have you ever woken up with a sleep crease? If you sleep on your side, you know what I mean; that telltale crease that the pillow makes on your face while you are sleeping. What about wild woman bed head? You went to sleep with normal hair and woke up with a rats nest in your hair. If you can not personally relate to them, I’m sure you’ve seen someone experience one of those phenomenons.

The silk pillowcase is a simple and easy solution for both. This is not a new or high tech product. In fact, they’ve been around for a long time and there is something to be said about an item that stands the test of time. Even my Grandmother, who was born in 1906, considered a silk pillowcase to be a key beauty item.

Here is how they work…

Basic pillowcases, like ones made of cotton do not offer any slip or give. During the night the fibers in the traditional pillowcase continuously tug at delicate parts of the face and neck. Pillowcases made from silk provide a certain amount of slip or give required to prevent sleep crease and even skin stretching. When I think about all of the money I have spent on facial cream, serum, my Clarisonic and other various hair products to stay young, I literally kicked myself. Why did I ever stray away from my Grandmother’s beloved silk pillowcase?

Silk pillowcases are also amazing at keeping your hair in check. Silk is woven closer together than cotton and other materials. This makes silk much gentler on your hair. Silk allows your hair to glide over the pillow without getting caught in the fibers. I immediately noticed a huge difference the next morning. I have long thick hair and it looked nearly as good the next morning, saving me time I would have spend restyling. My hair stylist also swears by the silk pillowcase to extend styling. This is especially true for people who have brittle hair. She also highly recommends it to anyone with thinning hair or someone who has a lot of damage.

From now on, I am going to be like Grandma and sleep on a silk pillowcase. Who knew the “old school” silk pillowcase was such a multi tasker? So, the wht Myth Squad Verdict? The power of the silk pillowcase is not a myth!

Want to wake to smoother hair and skin? Try a beauty staple, the silk pillowcase. we heartsters – do you Agree or disagree with my verdict?

17 thoughts on “The Myth Squad – why use a Silk Pillowcase?”

  1. Not only do I regularly wake up with wild hair, I’ve come to work with pillowcase face creases that lasted ‘til lunch! I can’t believe I’ve never tried a silk pillowcase. My mom swears by them, but it took your post, @hao9703, to convince me. Hmm, wonder where I can pick one up at lunch?

  2. Bravo, @hao9703!! Congratulations on a lovely first WHT piece! I am very excited to learn more about deconstructed beauty myths. And you may have just convinced me to give a silk pillow case a try. Now I just need to find some inexpensive ones. Any ideas on that??

  3. I am ADORING the idea of this series. And I’m really surprised that this myth is true…looks like I’m going to need to get a silk pillowcase! And afer googling, they don’t seem THAT expensive. Thanks for the tip, @hao9703!

  4. @Pamela Irene — I do not have a satin pillowcase so I cannot speak to how effective it may or may not be. However, I would think it would depend on the weave of the fibers. I am a big advocate of using what you have.

    I would think this should work. Please report the results back.

  5. I’ve really been wondering about this recently! I would love to try it just for the luxury of silk, but if it helps other things too – woohoo!

  6. This is very tempting to try :D I also recommend goose-feather stuffed pillows. As much as it sounds like I’m pushing for high-maintenance products, the squishiness adjusts better to your head shape than regular pillows and has more air and room to accommodate better. It feels so much better the next morning, no sore neck or anything. I think sleep is paramount in beauty regimens, so I’ll bring out the big bucks :p

  7. Great post, Holly – I’m glad to see that you’re writing over here. This was a very interesting article; as a result, I’m going shopping for a silk pillow case (or two). I don’t usually get the creases on my face, but I have very curly hair that seems to come to life while I’m sleeping. I hope this helps!

  8. I was lucky enough to have these once (until they finally fell apart from too many hot water washes in the washing machine!). It’s been awhile and I can’t remember how they affected my hair, but I do remember that I NEVER woke with a face crease, so I can attest that they do indeed work in that regard…darnit – time to spend some more money I don’t have!

  9. I love silk pillowcases. I bought them originally because I heard they were gentler for your hair, and that’s when I realized I now wake up crease-free! I used to get creases in my face that lasted hours.

  10. The Silkskin pillowcase is the original silk pillowcase designed for skin and hair care. We have been trading for 6 years and built the idea up and brought it to life again. I have to add that there is nothing like our product on the market ( It is exclusive to Silkskin TM ) That’s why we are stocked by the best and we have been on the T.V plus all of the top Magazines and News Papers. The Brand to use is Silkskin, Not a shiny silk which will make your head and face sweat!

    Yes there are others selling Silk pillowcases, but if you want results visit us at or

  11. In my experience 100% silk is way better than satin! The construction is usually poor and they are so slippery and uncomfy. I received a set of 100% silk pillowcases from restore silk ( for my birthday then I purchased my own because I loved it so much.

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