The perfect red lipstick, courtesy of Julie Hewett

The perfect red lipstick, courtesy of Julie Hewett

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Julie Hewett noirNo Mad Men week would be complete without a post about red lipstick, the quintessential piece to a retro look. Lucky for us, we received Julie Hewett’s Noir collection just in time…

“I love your lipstick, it’s the perfect red!” Why thank you, it’s Julie Hewett. If you look closely at her web site, you will discover that the perfect red is different for everyone. She’s made it her mission to help you, with a handy tool to direct you to yours. And believe me she knows! When it comes to red lips, Julie Hewett has done a masterful job at bringing back glam to one and all. Liv Tyler, Nicole Kidman or Anjelica Houston are just a few of her regulars. Their red lips often conjure up the visions of old Hollywood, when glamour was at one of its most fabulous peeks.

Not only are Julie’s Reds gorgeous on, they are gorgeous in the tube! They come in sleek gold art deco tubes and when you reach for them you may feel like you swiped them right off of Bette Davis’s makeup table. When I recently put Sin Noir on while looking in the car mirror, I didn’t see myself in the car at all. The elegant gold tube had me envision myself in front of a huge makeup table surrounded by glowing circular bulbs. I heard the hum of Cab Calloway on the victrola in my brain. This is where my imagination went, strictly based on the fabulous aesthetic of Julie Hewett lipstick. I may have been heading to the grocery store, but that didn’t stop me from feeding the need to have a glamorous day.

Grandma BerthaMy passion for red lipstick is inherited. My grandmother wore it every day. She lived during those glamorous days when Hollywood stars would wear white gloves, have red lips and flawless updo’s. She could have given any number of those ladies a run for their money in the fabulous department, and it all started with her red lips. I still have one of her old lipsticks and keep it as a treasure. It’s called “Flame Red” and it’s in a very similar delicate gold tube. When I got my first Julie Hewett lipstick, I thought how much my Grandma would have been in love with her reds, especially Belle Noir!

I was anxious to try one of her six original noir lipsticks, all “double pigmented with the essence of rosebud and camellia oils.” My shade, Sin Noir, applied as-is is the perfect dramatic wine red on my pale completion. As she hints on her site, a mere blotting of this color is a perfect stain. But whether you apply it as a stain or as a full color, expect it to stay put. This is another bonus of her reds. The staying power is every bit as powerful as the colors are stunning.

Here are the members of the original Noir collection:

Rouge Noir – Ultra Glam Classic Movie Star Red
Sin Noir – Divine Deep Wine Red
Coco Noir – Sophisticated Brick Red
Belle Noir – The Perfect Coral Red
Femme Noir – Lush Scarlet Blue Red
Nude Noir – Classy Nude Invisible Red

Ladies, are you all as in love as I am?! Which Noir did you try?

19 thoughts on “The perfect red lipstick, courtesy of Julie Hewett”

  1. The lipstick I chose is the one that I am wearing in my retro hair post (it’s the top link in the Related Posts list above, check it out!)

    I chose Belle Noir to review, the very same lipstick that Christy said her Grandma Bertha would have loved! And I can concur, this is one lovable lipstick! I couldn’t resist the color, they call it Coral Red. It’s a bright red with a ting of orange. It’s different than any of my others reds, so I knew it would be a good choice. And it is! The color is divine, just this bright, fun pop. And the orange gives it a twist.

    The formula is creamy and last forever! I had it on for four hours during the Tom Collins and Retro hair photo shots and I didn’t need to reapply once. And the gold bullet it comes in, absolutely beautiful!

    I want every single one of these reds now. I think the collection is a must have for red lovers. A very strong 5 stars from me.

  2. Stef’s Belle Noir is totally Grandma Bertha’s red! I just love that picture of my Grandma, her one red rose matches her lips :) She was an amazing lady!!

    I can’t believe how the red just conjured up so many great memories! It’s so neat how a color can bring back a whole lifetime of memories! Thank you Julie Hewett!!!

    As you know from my post I love my Sin Noir, but I have to plug my other favorite Oona Noir. After Kristas awesome post about Julie back in May I had to order it!! & I’m so glad I did.

    Oona is a gorgeous sheer cherry red that is perfect for every day. Just enough color to call for a double take this red is sure to make you feel every bit as glamorous as it’s namesake, (Charlie Chaplin’s wife Oona!)

    & Stef I want all her reds too!! You can get the whole set of original reds in a lovley little hat box for $100!

    Dear Santa….. :)

  3. I received the Femme Noir shade for review, but I am also the proud owner of Rouge Noir and Nude Noir from the original Noir Collection and I have to say, I love, love, LOVE Julie Hewett. Femme Noir is more of a blue-based red and is really flattering on dark-haired, pale me. It lasts forever, yet still feels velvety on my lips. There’s nothing worse than a long-lasting lipstick that feels like it’s sucking the moisture out of your lips. There is no problem here–once I remove the lipstick, my lips are smooth and soft. Rouge Noir is a warmer shade of red and has an Old Hollywood retro vibe to it. This one would work for any skin tone, providing you’re not faint of heart. The one thing I noticed about the red lipsticks offered by Julie Hewett is that they are very saturated in color, so they also make an ideal lip stain. If you aren’t bold enough to wear red lipstick, I suggest applying a thin coat, blotting, and then slicking a clear balm on top. If red is just too scary, no matter what form it’s in then Nude Noir is for you. It’s the most flattering shade of peachy/pink nude shimmer I’ve ever seen. It’s pigmented enough that I don’t look washed out and it really brightens my face. It is one of my go-to neutrals (and looks FABULOUS with the Bette cheekie, also by Hewett). If you really want to channel some retro glamour, these beauties in a gold bullet are a must have. Also, until Aug. 31st, you get 20% off your purchase at with the code SUM20, so really, what are you waiting for? :)

  4. Christy—I was going to ask if you got the Oona Noir! I am so coveting the Oona and Gem Noir lipsticks and I totally blame the other sheer noir, Film Noir, the best sheer blackberry ever, because it’s too dang fabulous for words…I think I need to go shopping soon…

  5. Krista – Oona is GORGEOUS! & I initially went to order the Film Noir but Oona wooed me in with her fab name! (Not only Charlie Chaplins wifes name, but it’s my pups name too!! )

    I have to have the Film Noir now, I have the liner and it’s so gorgeous!! Now hearing you say its the best blackberry ever I think I have to go rock that 20% off code asap !

    THANK YOU!!! for the code!!

    Her lipsticks are amazing, and I love her cheekies too. Have you seen the
    Icon of Beauty colors too.. Ahh I want Scarlet!!

  6. I have so much to say about how I adore my rouge noir but am writing this from my phone at my family reunion. So for now suffice it to say that I come from a long line of red lipstick divas (every woman in this room has down the sophia Loren glam thing-most of all my mom who will also probably comment here too!), and this lipstick is absolutely one of the very best reds I’ve ever used!! Packaging, the smoothness with which it goes on, the way it lasts and lasts-thru dinner and lots of baby kisses-the incredibly rich pigment to it, the moisture it supplies-which is so unusual for a long laster. I am giving it the highest 5 stars of anything I’ve rated yet. That means ALOT coming from me -I have MANY reds and just a few that I love and this really is one of the best!! I will buy this for sure when it runs out. Oh, it is def tho an “out there” red. Hwood glam as said above and flattering for all skin I’d say, but not at all a shy red. So be ready for some attention when you wear it!

  7. OK I have to order her lipstick NOW!! I love that tool for picking your red..totally genius. I’d buy it for the packaging!!!! But sounds like the quality is just as amazing.. I’m all over the rouge noir!!!
    Thanks for the 20% off tip too!!
    Tonights a good night for internet shopping!!!!

    Great photo by the way! Your Grandma is so cute!!! :)

  8. I come from a line of mostly anti lip stick wearers and for some reason I continue to hold up this tradition?.? I guess like Krista said I don’t like how lipsticks dry out your lips and I don’t care at all for the smell of most lipsticks on the market. I’m itching to try out the Nude Noir that is described and work my way up to the amazing reds you girls ar raving about. I am a product junkie but have always been afraid of lipsticks, thanks WHT members for encouraging me to step out of my lipstick phobia!

  9. Your Grandma is a hot tomato in that red lipstick! I always wish i was able to wear really red lipstick. Even to this day watching the shows like Mad Men i’m in awe of how awesome that great red matte lip looks. Someone recommended the perfect red by Lipstick Queen and i was so excited! I went out and bought the perfect liner. I did everything right but it just didn’t look right on me. I felt like everyone was looking at me like i raided my mothers makeup or something. Anyway, i’m jealous of all of you ladies out there living it up in red lipstick have fun and enjoy!

  10. I am a a big fan of the “Nude Noir.” It is really close to my natural lip shade so I really like the “nothingness” that it gives me. It will be my go to job-interview shade this year! A good creamy texture that is not sticky or dry! I Heart!

  11. Thank you about my Grandma Bronwen :) She was a hot tomato for sure!!
    Always rockin’ the red red lips!!!

    I bet you could wear Nude Noir!! Its almost a non-red -red. just a hint.

    I just got it myself and Katie I’m with you it’s a perfect lip enhancer.
    A subtle color, on my pale self it’s like a light brown, pinkish, red..
    I can’t even think of what to compare it to. It just takes your lip color & Jazzes it up a notch as it adds a sassy sheen…ultra lady-like!

    The Noir Liners are amazing too!! Also creamy and non-drying!

    Katie I hope it brings you good luck on your job interviews!!! :)

  12. ps.. Ladies of WHT, the 20% off sale Krista mentioned is still going there too!! Just click the Julie Hewett ad in the top corner of this page
    to get your Red on! Add SUM20 as the code at checkout!!
    Your lips will love you for it! ;)

  13. Okay, just updating that I got the Gem Noir with the SUM20 code and y’all need it—it’s a fabulous sheer red with a hint of orange—it is my new favorite and looks STUNNING with the Peachie cheekie (a peachy shade with a hint of red). Also, as of today, the SUM20 code is still good!!! I need the Oona Noir, but I’m trying to pace myself :)

  14. Krista you have to get Oona.. and now I have to get Gem Noir… And Peachie Cheekie. I have rosie and love it, but peachie looks like the perfect everyday cheek!!
    Ahhhh thank goodness for that code. I’m with you on pacing yourself.. it’s so hard when it’s just a click away ;)

  15. Christy, You’ve convinced me that I need the Oona—I’m a sucker for sheer red lipstick :) As a blush whore, I have to say the Peachie cheekie is really worth it. I actually don’t own any shades of peach like this (which proves it’s a unique shade b/c I own a heckofalot of blush)—it’s not a pale peach, it actually packs a wallop of color—very worthwhile. Are you feeling enabled yet? *tucks back devil horns*

  16. We’re even:) I’m so unable to not click and buy Peachie!! All my blushes are on the pink side so I need a peach in the mix I know I do!!
    And you know I’m going to have to add Gem Noir to my basket too..
    Well, a girl loves to be peachie and I don’t really have a sheer color like Gem so obviously I need it!!!!! I’m feeling enabled.. hope you are too, Oona is
    ultra femtastic goodness. the ultimate real red sheer to make you feel extra sassy. Everyone needs it!! I’m serious :)

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