The perfect Valentine's Day manicure via Sally Hansen

The perfect Valentine’s Day manicure via Sally Hansen

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A Love Letter to Sally Hansen Salon Effects (in Love Letter)

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Dear Sally Hansen Salon Effects,
I think you may already know how I feel. You should, I included you in my favorite products of 2011 list. But just in case by some chance you don’t, I write this letter today to be very clear.

I’ve never met a product like you before. You’re different than all the other manicure products. You’re easy to apply, last at least a full week and best of all, you’re already dry! I hate to even talk about past relationships, but the amount of times that I’ve spend an hour on a manicure, only to smudge it on my sheets or while getting dressed – I honestly thought about giving up all together. Then I met you. You changed everything.

And just when I thought you couldn’t get any better, you release Love Letter, and just in time for Valentine’s Day! You’re so romantic, with your loopy script floating over each nail strip. I look at you and envision someone pouring out their feelings with a quill dipped in ink. Although this is a much more modern version, it’s what I’m doing today.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects, I love you!

18 thoughts on “The perfect Valentine’s Day manicure via Sally Hansen”

  1. I am seriously in love with this mani AND the Sally Hansen strips. I really thought that they’d run out of designs and it’d be boring, but then they come up with designs like THIS and I’m in awe again.

    If they find a way to do holographic strips or strips with flakies, I might never paint my nails with a brush again.

  2. Love this design by Sally Hansen! I have not tried the Salon Effects strips yet but I am always admiring @stef‘s when she has them on. These graphics are so gosh darn cute I’m going to have to try them for myself.

  3. I’m wearing Mod About You as I type this but of course now I want this print too. I love these. I saw ones with little birdies on them too for spring! Must buy.

  4. I bought the skull and crossbones ones on clearance after Halloween (um, I like to be a pirate year-round…) The staying power was amazing, and I loved how cute my nails looked! The method of application took a little getting used t0–I had difficulty getting the designs really smooth, and the little crinkles drove me crazy. But the staying power was crazy awesome. I’m really impressed, because I’m quite hard on my nails.

    The price is also a bit high for something DIY like this, but it’s a good special occasion or treat item. If you have really,really small nail beds, you MIGHT be able to get two applications out of one box if you cut the strips in half.

    1. I with you- Clearance section all the way!
      I’ve managed to get a matching mani/pedi with the same strips before, but my toe nails are pretty small. YMMV!

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  10. I have been wanting to try Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Polish Nail Strips for a long time. In fact, I have had one sitting in my nail cabinet for awhile, but I just never got around to trying it. Well, a few weeks ago in Ulta, they had a display of special Valentine’s strips, and I decided it was a perfect time to try them out!

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