The tarte 2010 holiday palettes

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A wht review of The Jewelry Box and The Royal Collection

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Things are rather pretty over at tarte this holiday season! But really, are they ever not? I am a holiday-collection-aholic and I must say, tarte’s Holiday line is one of the ones I look forward to the most. This year was no different. And of course, they’re all limited edition. So if you’re thinking of buying, don’t think for long!

The biggest piece in the collection is The Jewelry Box ($52, a Sephora exclusive). And since it is the season to give, we’re giving we heart this readers the chance to win it (enter the giveaway HERE!) This is one impressive palette. Four layers of product (yes, you read that right – four!) including 47 products and a totally adorable mutli-chain gold necklace. Above is a glimpse of the 2 layers of eye shadows, and all 4 layers in their extended glory. Here’s a closer look…

The multi-strand gold necklace hangs from the front of the palette.

The highlight and bronzer powders nestle with the 8 lip glosses.

5 mini eye liners, cremes: black, plum and shimmers: bronze, olive, deep charcoal.

2 of my favorite shades; a shimmering grey-green and a hot pink gloss with fuchsia shimmer.

There is no doubt that The Jewelry Box would be an impressive gift for someone this season. And I’m betting a few of you are going to be putting on your lists as well!

I got to try the Mama Bear of the palettes, The Royal Collection ($43) , shown left and below. This can be found everywhere but Sephora. Carrying on the gold motif, there is a gold mesh pattern overlaying the top of the palette, surrounded by purple suede-like ruffles (why, oh why isn’t that a bracelet? Wouldn’t that be perfect?) It contains 16 full size eye shadows (both mattes and shimmers) and deluxe size versions of Clean Slate face primer, Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara, multiplEYE lash enhancing primer and the prettiest lil’ vitamin-infused lipgloss ever! Here’s a closer look…

Wouldn’t that be a great clutch?!

2 layers of happiness

I’ve heard murmurs of people being unhappy with the quality of the 2010 holiday sets. Specific to these sets, that the eye shadows are not very pigmented. I definitely wish the matte shades applied darker. As you can see in the photo above, the 2 matte shades on the right don’t have as much oomph as the 4 shimmers on the left (yep, there’s a matte nude in between those 2 dark shades!) But I was able to build them, a good primer helped and the consistency is quite nice.

I had no pigment problems with the shimmers. And there are a quite a few beautiful shades in this collection. Above, check out the bright blue glitter in a dark navy base (probably my favorite shade in the bunch, it’s the shade on the bottom). That’s one swipe. As with the mattes, the color builds with repeat application.

But my favorite piece in the whole Royal Collection? The lip gloss! (I know, I need to be seen by a doctor) It’s a perfect, bright bubble gum pink with a ton of gold glimmer. It’s perfection. And it makes me think that I probably need the Good As Gold Lipgloss Collection ($29). How can I possible resist a set of 15 tarte glosses? And considering I have the last 2 holiday gloss collections (Purse your Lips from 2008 and Crown Jewels from 2009), really, why should I stop now?

Psst: the collection I did order already is the Ring it In Cheek Stain Set ($25), 3 mini cheek stains in a bright rosy pink, peach champagne and coral. Topped with a big gold cocktail ring. I’m having a new found love affair with their Cheek Stains, so I’m very excited for this to show up on my doorstep.

So, who’s jumping on tarte’s 2010 holiday band wagon?

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  1. I love Tarte products, but I might have to test the shadows out if some people are complaining with pigmentation problems. Both of the palettes look pretty though…I love the packaging on the second set, but the number of shadows in the first (gold) palette is sucking me in, haha.

  2. I actually bought their holiday palette last year and LOVE it! I have to admit, it was the gorgeous packaging that initially drew me in…I’m a sucker for pretty:)

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE Tarte! This is palette heaven- will you look at those amazing looking colors! @stef, I made an emergency doctor appointment for you to see my shrink! You’re too funny with your love of lip glosses.. though, that is SUPER pretty – Pink and Gold.. now that is Royal!

  4. I’ll do a look with The Royal Collection this weekend and share it with all y’all soon!

    AND share the Cheek Stain set! I’ve been stalking my mailbox like a crazy person.

  5. Holy Moley, @stef, are you trying to bankrupt me? I am having minor anxiety attack over the dilemma of the Good As Gold Lipgloss Collection or The Jewelry Box. How can I pass up either one? But how can I treat myself to both? Stop tempting me! (Not really.)

  6. I have to admit, I was hoping for another gloss set like last year’s Crown Jewels set (wasn’t that amaaazing?) but this one sure is spectacular. :)

  7. The marketing people have done a great job because every year I am drawn in to yet another holiday collection.

  8. I’m really hoping that Santa puts that cheekstain set in my stocking this year. The fat b@stard better if he knows what’s good for him *slaps baseball bat into palm of hand menacingly*

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