Lise Watier – This Kiss Should be on Your Lips this Spring!

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Lip Kiss Crayon Gloss Review

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Hi. My name is Marilyn. And I am a lipglossaholic. I wear gloss every day, have at least three in my desk at work, and probably at least half a dozen in my purse. While some might say I’m a junkie, I prefer to think of myself as a lipgloss connoisseur.

I critically examine every aspect of a gloss: smell, texture, flavor, ease of application, packaging, pigmentation…There is no detail too small for me to scrutinize! And happily Lise Watier’s Lip Kiss Crayon Gloss holds up to the most careful of examinations.

Obviously I’m always excited to try new lipglosses, especially ones from less common brands. I’d only heard of Lise Watier once (Stef got a gorgeous Duo and Shadow Glitter combo from last year’s IMAT’s – see it here), so there was definitely a bit of intrigue around the brand.

Lise Watier was founded in Quebec in 1972, and is a mainstay in Canadian beauty. The brand is not well known in the US (yet) but can be found at specialty makeup boutiques (we found the brand at Nigel’s Beauty Emporium at IMAT’s) and online at Naimie’s Beauty Center so you won’t need a passport to get your hands on their skincare, makeup and fragrance items.

For the uninitiated, the Lip Kiss Crayon Gloss ($18) promises “lightweight, non-sticky, super-shiny lip gloss in a pencil” and to make things even better, you can “actually use and sharpen (this gloss) as easily and as precisely as a pencil!” Available in nine distinct shades, this bright lip gloss is also rich in plant extracts so it moisturizes and nourishes lips while providing a spring friendly, sheer pop of color.

I found Lise Watier’s Lip Kiss Crayon Gloss to be an absolute treat for your lips. The team tested this pencil in Tender Pink a super soft, sheer, sweet pink. The gloss applies smoothly, gives your lips just barely a hint of color and shine, and feels lightweight on your lips. This sheer formula has a candy-like grape scent, that I wasn’t wild over, but others may find fun.

sorry for using before photographing!

The pencil-like sharpening feature of this gloss is definitely unique and will appeal to makeup obsessives allowing for precision application. But if you are away from a sharpener or keep forgetting to use it, a kind of flat and and less defined point is still perfectly usable for applying the sheer formula.

I found the best thing of all about the Lip Kiss Crayon is that it moisturizes my lips for hours, even after the gloss has worn off. That’s what really blew me away. My lips have been really dry and have even started to crack, but this gloss has really helped to heal them.

If you’re looking for a bit more pigment on your lips, follow this tip from Lise and used a Lip Kiss Crayon as a color base, it will keep lips soft while “improving the staying power of your favorite lipstick.”

easy to apply
REALLY moisturizing
can be easily sharpened with a standard dual sharpener
not sticky

candy-ish artificial grape scent
unlike squeeze tube glosses, wand glosses, or twist up crayons, this needs to be sharpened
a bit spendy for the amount of gloss

If you’re looking for a natural looking gloss with soothing properties, give the Lise Watier’s Lip Kiss Crayon Glosses this a try!

we heartsters – are you ready to pucker up and say hello to Lise Watier’s Lip Kiss Crayon Glosses?

Marilyn is a makeup maniac and slow but stubborn runner. She loves color coding her day planner, reading celebrity gossip and drinking good wine. Marilyn blogs about makeup and fitness over at her blog, Lipgloss and Spandex.

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  1. Really, the moisturizing properties of this are more like a balm than a gloss! Tender Pink is especially good for those who like a natural sort of look to their lips, although it does come in many other colors–including a few bold ones! The packaging on these pencils isn’t very exciting, but they do sharpen easily with a standard dual sharpener (if only I knew where mine were… I have five or so, and can’t find a single one!) Overall, it’s a really good product in a lot of ways, just a little lacking in a few. Four stars.

  2. I tried Tender Pink also and I’m a bit torn. For one, I love that it’s in a crayon form; like @lipglossandspandex said, the packaging isn’t exciting, but the crayon is just different enough to keep me interested. I also feel like the formula is pretty stellar, it’s very moisturizing and way more blam-like than a gloss.

    However, the grape scent/taste is throws me off. My go-to gloss is MethaShine, so I rarely want any flavor on my gloss other than mint. (And if I did, I’d dig out my trusty Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper stick.) The grape-iness of this is strangely at odds with the packaging and marketing of this. Granted, it’s just a hint of grape, but it’s there. No likey.

    My other quibble is the price. I was all set to give this four stars, but seeing that it’s $18 is just too much for me. As a balm, having precision application is nice, but not really necessary. And while the formula is great, it’s not a stand-out that could warrant the higher price. There seem to be some colors that I’d love to try, but I think I’ll have to pass until they are more accessible here in the states.

    Final verdict? On sale? Four stars. But my general overall rating is three stars.

  3. As a balm addict and low key lip product wearer, I really enjoy this product. As mentioned the Tender Pink shade gives great long-lasting moisture to lips and super sheer color. And I really like the sharpening aspect as well – so much better than those self sharpening liners that always break on me. The scent wasn’t my favorite (reminds me of old school grape Bubble Yum gum) but fades fairly quickly. I carry this crayon in my bag for on the go color and shine when I need a bit more than just lip balm. It is a tad pricy for a balm-like product but I would shell out the money to try other colors. It would save me money I keep spending on light shaded lipsticks that I buy and never use.

  4. A crayon lip gloss?! How fun! I’m not sure how much I’d use it once the novelty wore off, if I had to be constantly sharpening it – and if the scent is a little strong and artificial…but this is a great idea! I’ll check them out when they’re available around me – great review!

  5. Gee @lipglossandspandex , I never would have guessed from your username that you’re a lipgloss addict ;)

    I’m not sure I could get into this pencil more than just for novelty. I admit it- I hate being required to sharpen products. It wastes so much! Now a twist up pencil that is hard enough to sharpen if you so desired? Yes, I’m totally down with that.
    *sigh* But that color is so cute and dainty for spring… Okay, maybe I can be convinced!

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