Three Tips for Summer Style at the Office

Three Tips for Summer Style at the Office

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How to stay cool and look hot when the temperatures rise

As the summer weather kicks in (it was a sweltering 90+ degrees with high humidity here over Memorial Day weekend), I’ve started to really narrow down what is hanging up in my closet. And I realized that while we’ve talked about fall, winter and spring wardrobes, summer style for the office has never been a topic of discussion here on we heart this.

I work in Washington, DC, which by all standards can be pretty conservative, but I’ve definitely got summer dressing down. For this month’s post I thought I’d pull out a few photo archives of some of my favorite outfits during the warmer months to illustrate my Top Three Tips for Summer Style at the Office.

Lighter Layers

Yup, layers can still apply even in the warmer months. I hate freezing to death in an air conditioned office or dressing too warm for the cold workspace so that you might die of a heat stroke when you step outside.

I live for lightweight silk shirts like the green gem in these three pictures. They are so versatile; you can roll up the sleeves if you leave it on while outside, wear the sleeves down to fight off a frigid office and layer it over tanks, tees and dresses.

A few of my other favorite layering pieces include short sleeved cardigans and light gauzy wrap sweaters over tanktops and camisoles. These layering pieces are also great for making sundresses a bit more work appropriate.

Sweet Separates

I have a steady staple of skirts, shorts (yes, even shorts can be appropriate for some work environments) and sleeveless or short sleeved tops that can be mixed and matched to make dressing easy. I live for full breezy skirts but I also have an assortment of pencil skirts in my wardrobe too. Whether printed or in a bold color, I can usually mix and match anything in my wardrobe to make getting out the door an easy task.

My favorite combo right now? Mixing florals and stripes. The trick is to make sure your floral pattern and strip pattern are in the same size range (tiny flowers with thin stripes, bolder flowers with bolder stripes) and pick one color in the floral pattern to match your stripes. It’s a fun and playful way to punch up your basic separates.

Didn’t believe me about shorts at work? Here’s one of my go-to shorts outfits that helps get me through the summer. Make sure to stick with a longer length (no booty shorts please) and a solid color to keep the look office friendly.

Dresses, Dresses and more Dresses

I will say this again and again, nothing makes me feel more put together than a great dress. I think I own more dresses than anything else in my wardrobe. Finding a great couple of dresses to interchange throughout your work week will make your morning routine easy and also make you feel oh so chic when the temperatures are soaring.

Go for a great bold color like orange or hot pink, or choose something with a classic pattern like stripes or chevrons. Wrap dresses are always flattering and you can always dress them up with great accessories.

And there you have it, my big three summer style tips, to help you keep your cool when the days are long and hot.

we heartsters – what do you love to wear when the temperatures start to rise?

10 thoughts on “Three Tips for Summer Style at the Office”

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  2. I have to say Dana @dwj1 this may be my favorite post from you yet! I love so many of these looks and tips, especially the idea to keep wearing those long-sleeve lightweight shirts all summer long. I normally push them to the back of the closet when the heat rolls in, but they could work as that extra top layer (like a cardi) to throw on top when the office gets chilly. ANd the rolled up sleeves look sharp.

    And I love, love, love the floral and stripe tip! I always love when people mix patterns, and your tips and photo are so helpful. I’m normally so boring and match one print with another solid piece. I need to go through my wardrobe and see what I can mix and match to create a new outfit! Thanks!

  3. I loooooove your style, girlfriend! Especially all of the bright colors. I’m always freezing in my office (since the AC is cranked up), so my summer wardrobe hasn’t been much different than my winter one. Dresses are always a great way to go–no matching pieces required, and you look dressed up and put together, without any effort! I need to work on building my wardrobe to have more work-appropriate skirts and coordinating tops.

  4. These are wonderful tips! You are so adorable @dwji!! I love how put together you are! No if only you could come to my house and put my outfits together for me. :)

    1. Why thank you! Hey, sometimes I wish someone would just come over in the mornings and dress me…do my hair and makeup too! LOL

  5. @dwj1 – You are awesome color and style mentor! I love how you always put wardrobe pieces that almost all of us have and make them look fresh and exciting.

    Do you have a wardrobe investment piece for summer? What are you going to buy?

    1. I live in jersey dresses over the summer, they’re easy and light and layer well. I’m actually in the midst of a wardrobe rebuild right now because I’ve gained a few pounds (going to the gym after work today) and I need clothes that fit and make me feel my best. I’m also in search of the perfect short sleeve cardigan, I don’t like my arms and tend to wear that as a summer layer.

  6. Great post! I love your outfits and the combos! I am dying over the cuteness of the green flats in the 2nd photo…now I must have a pair of green flats. And more green things in my wardrobe. My husband is gonna love this. *sarcasm* lol

    Btw–You should wear your bangs down more often like in the yellow striped top photo–you look so sassy there!

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