Tom’s of Maine Body Wash review (and Beauty Bars too!)

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Everything old is new again. Half a century ago the hippies created a movement of natural ingredients, earthiness and purity. The movement itself was a retro one, an answer to an industrialized worldwide growth spurt—one that leapt over nature and verged on the supernatural. This back-to-nature movement has never really left, but has definitely resurged in recent years. When the going gets tough, the tough harkens for simpler times.

Through it all, for over forty years, Tom’s of Maine has supplied us with the touch of nature and the simple goodness we’ve always longed for, growing inch for inch with that world-wide growth spurt and its demand for quality, affordability, efficacy and naturalness. Today, we’ve got a Tom’s of Maine’s Body Wash Review ($6.99) and wonderful beauty bars too ($3.99).

When I was a kid, the only place I saw Tom’s of Maine products was in the singular health food store in our very small town. Somewhere amidst the carob powder, granola bars and hemp seed, one could find a Tom’s of Maine Peppermint Toothpaste. Its very presence in that store solidified its importance. It would be another thirty years before I gave Tom’s of Maine another look, and this time I’m looking at more than just toothpaste (and very much liking what I see.)

Tom's of Maine Body Wash review

First and foremost, Tom’s is a pretty upstanding company. The soaps in particular boast their gentleness and creamy lather, along with the facts that they (along with other Tom’s products) are not tested on animals, are vegan, contain Rainforest Alliance Certified Palm Oil (meaning the palm oil was sustainably extracted, not displacing any indigenous animals or people for its production), produce very little environmental waste, and—last but hardly least—their profits support the people and the planet we inhabit. All of this and it won’t even put a dent in your bank account.

Tom's of Maine Lavender Tea Tree Body Wash

But all that doesn’t matter so much if the product isn’t any good. Lucky for us, this stuff rocks. The Tom’s of Maine Lavender Tea Tree Body Wash is soothing and calming to my skin, stripping dirt and taking names. The wash itself is creamy and lathers well, the added raw shea butter providing the deep moisture my skin craves. I also tried the Creamy Coconut Body Wash which has a sweet scent and leaves skin feeling super soft, thanks to that virgin coconut oil.

I’m a body wash gal, but my husband is a strict bar soap kind of guy. I’m glad I can dial up his usual choice of drying, faux-scented, pseudo-soaps to these from Tom’s. I die, I tell you, when I get a whiff of Tom’s of Maine Orange Blossom soap with my morning kiss. It’s fresh, floral and makes me want to ravage him first thing after coffee and a bagel.

For those who don’t want a floral (no matter how sexy) scent, my second favorite is the Morning Mint. Invigorating and bright, it will open your eyes and get your heart pumping. Other scents include the same Creamy Coconut and Lavender Tea Tree as available in the body washes.

Tom's of Maine Body Wash

Whether you choose the body wash or the bar soap, these are non-drying, fragrant cleansers that contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives. These are hard-working products we can all feel good about using!

we heartsters, when you hear Tom’s of Maine are you saying “Hippie” or “Yippie!”?!


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  1. I am a huge Tom’s of Maine user.. You know.. toothpaste, deodorant and have been for years. but never have I tried their body wash or soaps.. Now, you got me! I’m going to fix that next trip to the store. I’m interested in Creamy Coconut Natural Body Wash. The Lavender Tea Tree Body Wash sounds wonderful too! Thanks for the post! :)

  2. Oh wow–I’m excited to try the body washes! I love Tom’s toothpaste and their deodorant.

  3. I looove bar soap (I prefer it to shaving cream when it comes to shaving!) I’ll have to try this out.

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