Too Faced Air Buffed BB Creme Swatches And Review

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Looking for an honest review of Too Faced Air Buffed BB Creme, plus swatches? We’ve got you covered!

Too Faced BB Creme 
When I first saw the ad for the new Too Faced Air Buffed BB Creme ($39), I misread the text as “Air Buffet.”

Now that I’ve tried this product – one that gives me the things I’m looking for in a light-as-air BB Cream plus a whole lot more – my gaffe doesn’t seem that silly.

Too Faced’s Air Buffed BB Crème really does offer an entire buffet of benefits, beautifully presented and totally tempting.

Too Faced BB Creme

Too Faced BB Creme

As always, the Too Faced retro-yet-modern packaging is stellar.

Air-Buffed comes in a low, wide jar (giving optimal access to the product) with a twist-off lid.

Its companion Teddy Bear Hair brush snaps neatly into place on the lid so you’ll always know where to find it.

Too Faced Air Buffed BB Creme Review

Too Faced BB Creme

Too Faced BB Creme

Air-Buffed (and all Too Faced products, for that matter) is 100% cruelty-free.

Even the brush is made of super-soft, synthetic fibers. Air-Buffed is free of gluten and parabens, but full of “smart ingredients.”

These smart ingredients include Rose Fruit, which refines pores and creates matte coverage; Star Fruit Leaf, which moisturizes; and Rose Myrtle, which repairs skin and prevents UV damage.

All of the above is just icing on the cake. The product itself is the sweetest treat, a cream-to-powder formula that builds from a sheer wash of color to almost-full coverage…whatever your skin craves.

Too Faced BB Creme

I tested Cream Glow, the third darkest of the five available colors:

Snow Glow – porcelain with pink undertone
Vanilla Glow – fair with golden undertone
Cream Glow – light beige with golden undertone
Linen Glow – medium beige with golden undertone
Nude Glow – warm beige with golden undertone

The We Heart This team also got a look at Vanilla Glow.

Our swatcher, Stef reported this “While Cream Glow is definitely on the warmer side, Vanilla Glow reads slightly cool to me, despite being listed with golden undertones. Am I the only one seeing that?”

Too Faced BB Creme

Too Faced Air Buffed BB Creme Swatches

The brush is on the small side and I’m impatient, so I used my fingers to warm up the product and apply it, then buffed the finish with the brush. A large foundation brush worked well, too.

Too Faced BB CremeCream Glow and Vanilla Glow BB Creme Swatches

The extremely moisturizing BB crème blurred my fine lines and evened my skin tone in a very natural, “no makeup” way.

I was able to apply a very sheer layer, almost like a tinted moisturizer, or build to a medium/heavy coverage.

Too Faced BB Creme(Cream Glow and Vanilla Glow blended and shown in sunlight)

Best of all, this BB crème “perfects, mattifies, primes, moisturizes, protects with SPF 20” – in other words, it replaces up to five products with one multitasking jar!

Too Faced Air Buffed BB Cream Pros & Cons

5-in-1 benefits from one fabulous product
100% Cruelty-Free
Gluten and paraben-free
Provides whatever level of coverage your skin needs

Application takes too long using the brush. I had better luck with my fingers or a large foundation brush
Might be too moisturizing for very oily skin

Too Faced Air Buffed BB Creme has given me such beautifully buffed, glowing skin, I’ll definitely be stepping up to the buffet for seconds!

Have you tried the Too Faced Air Buffed BB Creme?

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC 25/30 skintone

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  1. Beautiful, classy packaging. Way to go Too Faced! Since you mentioned it might be too much for oily skin, I think I might have to take the back seat on this one…until fall/winter that is!

    1. Since my skin is on the dry side, I’m honestly not sure how this fab product would be with oily skin. It’s so nice, I would check it out in person to be sure, @mandabear !

  2. I can shed a light light on the oily skin question, I think: I tested this (in Vanilla Glow) and my greasy little face kind of gobbled it up, (cue my sad face) even w/primer underneath–I’d say I got around 3 hours of wear time. However, I haven’t tried it with a different primer yet, and I haven’t given up on it. The packaging is just so cute, I love all the different benefits it provides, and it does give a nice, natural finish, so I’m determined to make it work.

  3. Oh this looks like it could work for me, my skin is dry/combo in the summer and I do love Too Faced as a company. I’m going to have to check this out on my next Sephora trip…which will be soon.

  4. @turboterp, thanks! I’ve been having a hate/hate affair with BB creams, but this–oh, I could love this! “Snow Globe” would be perfect for my skin. I love the way that you can build coverage. Other BB’s have felt heavy and greasy on my face and so I was just about to skip them entirely until I read this. Too Faced’s products are exceptional. Nice work!

  5. I also received Cream Glow to test out. It’s a fairly good match for me at NC20. I want to say first how NATURAL the finish is. It looked like skin right after I applied it. I really, really liked that. Other fab things about it: the packaging is cute, it’s nice when a brush is included, it has SPF20.

    However, there were a lot of unforgivable aspects to this product: it transferred onto EVERYTHING. My camera, my fingers, everything! I need a product that stays put, and while a generous dusting of powder helped, it was still messy. And my oily skin turned this BB cream into an oil slick on my face. Not cute. Other downsides: the brush is too small to be effective, and while the coverage is technically “buildable,” it took a lot of time and effort and product to cover up even my lighter spots.

    If you have dry, fairly clear skin (not a lot of hyperpigmentation), then this could be a great product for you. The finish is truly gorgeous and so natural looking. But if you’re oily, steer clear!

  6. I love Too Faced Products!!! But I am super bummed to hear that this might not work great for oily skinned gals such as myself. I love the “no make-up” look. I might just have to give it a try regardless. I love that they have a pale color with pink undertones. That is so rare!!

  7. AHHHHHHH!!!! I used my beloved It Cosmetics face brush to apply this, because it’s big and dense and fabulous… but it was nearly impossible to get all of the BB cream out!!! It was practically caked on to the brush. I tried all of my standbys (baby shampoo, face cleanser, makeup wipes, brush cleaner, dish soap, etc). After a lot of brush cleaner combined with makeup wipes, I FINALLY got my lovely little brush clean. Use disposable makeup sponges with this, if you dare to use it at all. Although it didn’t break me out, I’m kind of alarmed that it took so much effort to get it out of my makeup brush… is there a ton of leftover CC cream on my skin that I can’t see?! Ewww.

  8. Great post!! I want to try this product so baaaddd but not sure if the darkest shade would fit me. I have a tan complexion. Like, the third shade from the darkest on some foundation. Yellow, golden undertone and the only makeup that fits is Golden Medium in Bareescentuals. Will Nude Glow fit because I havent seen a dark skin person talk about it! :[

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