Too Faced Glamour to Go, Spun Sugar edition – review and swatches

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♫ Silver and Gold ~ Everyone Wishes for Silver and Gold ♫

Too Faced Glamour to Go, Spun Sugar edition

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I have a couple of trips coming up and I’ve been trying to wedge everything a girl could need into a teeny, tiny weekender bag. I am having a hard time finding space for socks, much less makeup. I’m the type of girl that has a closet filled with makeup, so editing what I have to a few items that fit every occasion while I’m away is challenging, to say the least.

Thanks to Too Facedicon, my packing just got a lot easier. Their Glamour To Go Spun Sugar Paletteicon has almost everything I could need while I’m gone. To make things even better, it’s quite possibly the most adorable, girly palette these eyes have ever seen – Shimmery gold! A bow! Even curly cues!

The Spun Sugar palette contains eight eye shadows

The Spun Sugar ($22) palette contains eight eye shadows – four warm golden beige and brown shades, as well as four cool silver and grey shades. In the bottom slide-out compartment, you’ll find a silky, shimmery highlighter with a hint of pink, a clear gloss with a hint of glitz, and a shimmery bronzer. Also contained in this palette, is the most perfect mirror – this sucker is HUGE and stays up, so you can apply your makeup hands-free with it.

The Spun Sugar palette

When you lift the lid to this magical, whimsical palette, you are faced with the choice of the following shadows in two groupings, that all work with the universal highlighter, bronzer and gloss:

Closer look of The Spun Sugar palette

Gold Shadows (clockwise)
Light greenish gold with glitter
Warm orange-gold shimmer
Chocolate with gold micro glitter
Light yellow gold with white shimmer

Silver Shadows
Icy silver shimmer
Light grey shimmer
Black with tons of silver shimmer
Gun Metal grey shimmer

A fun note, before we get to swatching the shades. At the blogger unveiling of the Too Faced holiday collections, co-founder Jerrod mentioned that when they developed Spun Sugar they were thinking of the classic animated Burl Ives singing “Silver and Gold” in Rudolph. Cute!

The Spun Sugar eyeshadows swatchesSpun Sugar eye shadows

A closer look of The Spun Sugar eyeshadows swatchesA closer look at the Gold shadows

A closer look of The Spun Sugar eyeshadows swatchesAnd the Silver shadows

As you can see, the Spun Sugar Paletteicon contains every shade of eye shadow I’d consider a “basic”. I found the palest shades of these shadows to be a little hard to apply using a shadow brush, so I just finger-painted them onto my lids from lashes to brow. I used the next darkest shadow for my lids, I then contoured with the shadow darker than that, and finally used the darkest shade as a liner. The end result was the easiest smoky eye this lady’s ever done and the result was flawless.

But it’s not just eye shadows in this fantastically priced palette, in the second slide-out compartment you’ll find three more universally flattering products

Closer look of The Spun Sugar palette

Highlighter – pink champagne with gold micro glitter
Bronzer – medium brown with gold shimmer
Gloss – pale yellow gold with gold micro glitter

Spun Sugar Highlighter, Bronzer and Lip Gloss swatchesSpun Sugar Highlighter, Bronzer and Lip Gloss

The highlighter in this kit is gorgeous and is like a pink version of Too Faced’s famous Candlelight. It is perfect on top of the combo cream blush/lip product that I keep in my travel bag at all times, giving me a little ethereal glow. Meanwhile the clear sparkle lip gloss gives some dazzle to this same cheek/lip multi-tasker. The bronzer is not too brown and not too orange, finely milled and blends seamlessly.

I only wish this contained a blush and skipped the lip product – panned lip products always end up getting fall out from the powders next to them after a few uses, which I hate. Yet overall, the Spun Sugar palette is the complete package in a compact form that is total eye candy. It’s a great addition to one’s travel kit, perfect for someone just getting started with makeup, or anybody who is a sucker for adorable packaging and great products (guilty as charged!)

we heartsters – What do you look for in a travel palette? Does anybody else think this is the cutest palette ever?

Shop the Glamour To Go Spun Sugar Paletteicon at Sephora!

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  1. I agree about the gloss in palettes. I am generally not a fan, but I guess I would appreciate it if I was stuck on a desert island with this product. I think the gloss has weird placement in this palette. It would be wise to have a blush like you mentioned, or maximized the blush & bronzer. Cute palette though! I have something similar by Too Faced and I love how everything snaps into place all compact. Great review @Krista! :)

  2. Super cute for the holidays. I am totally loving the review.. Great pics and swatches! I kinda like when palettes have lip gloss, as long as the colors good! Spun Sugar is fantastic! They were very busy this holiday!! :)

  3. This palette is too cute! And at $22 would make a fabulous stocking stuffer… for myself… especially since it’s 20% off right now during the Too Faced Friends & Family sale!!! That makes it only $17.60!! I have this unwritten rule that if it’s under $20 it’s totally okay to buy it as a present for myself. (Or under $50. Or under $100 if it’s really really on sale…)

    Although I really do not like glosses in my palettes, I think at this price I could overlook it because it seems like it would be the perfect palette to keep in my purse or gym bag or to grab when I’m running out the door and my fiance is wondering when I’ll FINALLY BE READY. I love Candlelight, so I’m curious about this pinkish version and how it’ll look on my skin tone.

  4. Wow, this palette is gorgeous. And the fact that it stays open is a major bonus. I’m tempted to buy everything in this collection!

  5. Love the compact size of this one! It’s pretty perfect for travel – and the stand up mirror is a big ole bonus. And thanks to this review I’ve had “Silver and Gold” running through my head for the last day! Heh.

  6. I despise lip products in palettes like that because before, you know it, the bronzer, highlighter and eyeshadows will be cross-pollinating with the lipgloss by leaving their fallout on the gloss, you won’t be able to get the fallout off, and so you’ll be left with an unusable gloss because the gloss will have all of these wacky colors on it. *sighs*

    Although, it is SUCH a pretty palette….

    @Krista – When did you get so tan???? You’re normally as pale as me!

    1. @katezena -LOL—That is desert-dweller @stef‘s arm in the swatches. I assure you, when I take a swatch photo, your first reaction will probably be, “Oh, she swatched this on white paper…oh. Oh. She’s just that pale. Wow. I didn’t think that was humanly possible…WITCH!!!”, followed by what I presume will be a pretty intense round of throwing rocks at your computer monitor.

    2. @Krista – Gee wiz, someone put a disclaimer “DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT THE WRITER’S ARM.” HA HA HA HA HA!!!

      Oh no, you’d think of clown paste with mine as I have yellow toned skin with a tiny bit of red. Hee hee hee. I’m perfectly transparent. >.< If you're a witch, I'm a vampire. We should hook up for Halloween. I'll be the vampire and you can be the witch, no lightening foundations needed. :)

    3. Awww…I once went as a vampire for Halloween the year after I graduated college. One of my friends also was going as a vampire. She required a lot of whitening makeup. I. Didn’t. *hangs head in shame*

  7. hi! I love all your Too Faced Holiday kits and palette swatches. however if you could pick one kit or palette out of them all which would you buy to give as gift to a friend or yourself?? thanks!!

    1. I’d go with the Shadow Bon Bons set–I everything in that set is highly wearable–the other sets are nice, but there are items that I, personally, wouldn’t use, which is a waste. I hate waste. If I were giving the Shadow Bon Bons as a gift, I’d do that set, some really good chocolate bon bons or truffles, and some fuzzy socks in a cute basket :)

    2. Hi Lesr – I second @krista – Shadow Bon Bons was my favorite piece of the Holiday collection.

  8. As the lucky swatcher of all these palettes (@katezena – it’s pretty much me all the time!) I fell super hard for Shadow Bon Bons. BUT, my next favorite was Spun Sugar. I thought this palette was really sweet, and very holiday-like. Silver and Gold pretty much can be your go-to’s for any festive event.

    And while I agree that I normally don’t like lip products in a palette, it is in a separate section so that you can keep it closed with you’re using the e/s. And if you get bronzer or highlighter dust in it, that’s not necessarily so bad!

  9. Those shades are so beautiful, you wouldn’t need to pack anything else if you were going on a trip and not to mention the case is so cute!

  10. I’m a fan of the eye shadow color options on this palette; there are a lot of options for mixing/matching to create different eye looks. I, too, am not a fan of lip gloss included in palettes–reminds me of the play makeup I had as a child! Have used the bronzer and highlighter to try it out but will definitely stick with the eye shadows on this one.

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