Too Faced La Crème Color Drenched Lip Creams Swatches, Review & Photos

Too Faced La Crème Color Drenched Lip Creams Swatches, Review & Photos

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Looking for the best Too Faced La Crème swatches and review? Look no further!

I’ve said this before, I love a tinted lip balm.

I love the moisturizing feel of it sliding on my lips, and just how smooth my lips look with a tinted balm.

Sadly, most balms just aren’t as saturated in color as I prefer. I’ve often wondered why nobody made a lipstick as moisturizing as a lip balm.

Well, apparently Too Faced Cosmeticsdecided to answer my lip balm-in-a-lipstick prayers (Hey, you can pray for world peace all you want, I just want a purty mouth…) with their newly released La Crème Lipsticks (available here).

This latest offering from Too Faced is chock full of moisturizing ingredients and manages to give the lasting power and color payoff of a lipstick with the buttery feel of a balm.

With ingredients like white lotus flower (hydrates and locks in moisture, contains anti-oxidants) and power peptides (revitalizes, firms, and increases moisture), this not only makes lips look good, but feel good too.

My first impression is how smooth this felt upon application – the impulse to smoosh my lips together; just to enjoy the balm-like texture was too strong to control!

The La Crème Lipsticks ($21) are available in 16 to-die-for hues and are divided into four flattering color families: nudes, spices, pinks, and reds – and we’ve got a look (and swatches!) of every single shade!

Too Faced La Crème Color Drenched Lip Creams

Cinnamon Kiss, Naughty Nude, Nude Beach, Spice Spice Baby, Stiletto Red, Marshmallow Bunny

Cinnamon Kiss – Pinky brown
Naughty Nude – Peach-kissed light-to-medium nude
Nude Beach – Cool and dirty light pink
Spice Spice Baby – Pink nude
Stiletto Red – Classic, bright red
Marshmallow Bunny – Cool, bright pink

Too Faced La Crème Swatches

Cinnamon Kiss, Naughty Nude, Nude Beach, Spice Spice Baby, Stiletto Red, Marshmallow Bunny

Coral Fire, Razzle Dazzle Rose, Sweet Maple, Naked Dolly, Honey Bear

Coral Fire – Bright pink coral
Razzle Dazzle Rose – Cool, lavender pink
Sweet Maple – Plummy Brown
Naked Dolly – Lighter pink nude
Honey Bear – Shimmery mauve brown

Coral Fire, Razzle Dazzle Rose, Sweet Maple, Naked Dolly, Honey Bear

Too Faced La Crème Review

I tested three hues, including Honey Bear, which I found (on my very pale self) to be ridiculously flattering.

I can’t pull off a nude lip, but I find that I can pull off a spice lip.

The medium brown shade blended with mauve is one of those universally flattering shades – it gave me a lovely, polished look that still managed to be natural. I find myself reaching for it quite a bit.

While Razzle Dazzle Rose is a very pretty pink, it’s a little too pale and cool for me.

I think this would be gorgeous on someone with a tan – it reminded me of Malibu Barbie’s lips.

Sadly, I am no Malibu Barbie. *pouts*

Juicy Melons, Fuchsia Shock, I Want Candy, In the Buff, Divine Wine

Juicy Melons – Milky pink coral
Fuchsia Shock – Bright hot fuchsia
I Want Candy – Coral kissed medium pink
In the Buff – True, skin-toned nude
Divine Wine – Wine red

Juicy Melons, Fuchsia Shock, I Want Candy, In the Buff, Divine Wine

Fuchsia Shock is just that – shockingly fuchsia – but that works on my pale self with dark hair.

It gave me the bright pop of color I prefer on my lips during warmer months and the color stayed vivid for hours.

Overall, I’m pretty happy by the staying power of the La Crème Lipsticks.

I managed 4 hours without having to reapply, which is nothing short of incredible.

I also noticed that my lips felt smoother after I was done wearing this.

Usually my lips feel a little dryer after wearing a lipstick.

Color me impressed.

These are getting a solid 5 stars from me and I can’t wait to add a few more shades to my collection!

Too Faced La Crème Pros & Cons

Gorgeous, flattering colors
Smooth texture
Phenomenal Color Saturation
Wears well

Um, they’re not free? That’s all I can come up with – these are fabulous.

How much do you love Too Faced’s La Crème Lipsticks and what colors do I need to buy next?

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22 thoughts on “Too Faced La Crème Color Drenched Lip Creams Swatches, Review & Photos”

  1. Love this lip cream!! I have to say, before even getting to the lip cream, just how much I adore Too Faced packaging. I mean, have you seen the box these come in?! Pale pink with gorgeous art, including a sweet little bunny, bird and I think peacock, it is just too pretty to get rid of, I keep putting the lip cream back in box when I’m not using it! They also come in an amazing thin gold tube which is so luxurious. I tested out Sweet Maple, and yes it is a plum brown hue, perfect for fall. You’re right @krista, they feel like a lipstick but with a very creamy balm like texture, and lasts! I will definitely try more, five stars for sure on this one!

  2. I tested La Crème Lipstick in Naughty Nude. Ha, I wanted to smoosh my lips together, too, @krista ! The color is the kind of peachy perfection that would look good on anyone, and the formula is long lasting (at least 4 hours– longer if I kept the lip smooshing to a minimum) without being drying. As you said, this lipstick actually leaves my lips feeling softer and more conditioned! And the heavy gold tube is so fancy and substantial, I feel a little more swanky just pulling it out of my makeup bag. Now that you’ve introduced me to the full range of colors, I will definitely be adding a few more to my collection. 5 stars for La Crème!

  3. These look so pretty and glamorous! $21 is a little more than I typically want to spend on a lipstick or tinted balm, but wow these take elegance to a new level. And I’m so excited by your review–it seems hard to believe that there is actually a longwearing but moisturizing tinted balm!

  4. I want so many of these! Especially Spice, Spice Baby, Honey Bear, and Cinnamon Kiss. The packaging is gorgeous. I tend to be a sucker for good packaging.

  5. I loved the ones I tried so much, I had to purchase Cinnamon Kiss pretty much as soon as I hit a Sephora. It’s a perfect pink with a hint of brown–and a new favorite. These get a solid 5 stars from me and I can’t wait to add more to my collection :)

  6. I really love this lipstick. I got to test “in the buff”, a beautiful nude. Immediately, when I opened the box I was impressed with the quality of the tube. It felt kind of heavy and substantial for a lipstick. (I am a sucker for good quality construction.) I want to affirm that this is very moisturizing and the color does hold longer than most other things I have tried.
    I really like this product and do want to try another shade.

    4 stars

  7. @krista Marshmallow Bunny, Nude Beach, and Naked Dolly look amazing! How would you compare them to the Revlon Lip butters in terms of formula/wear? I love that formula, but the Too Faced colors and packaging scream my style! That’s why I never picked up more Lip Butters, none of the colors were nothing close to what I wear every day.

    1. As a fan and proud owner of more Revlon Lip Butters than I can name (Fig Jam and Red Velvet are my favorites), I will say that they are totally different from the Too Faced lip creams. While amazing, Revlon’s tinted balm just isn’t as moisturizing or as buttery. Wear-wise, they’re similar, depending on shade (the darker Revlon shades last longer on me, the lighter shades and the ones with a hint of shimmer don’t wear very long on me at all). The Revlon lip butters end up a little drying on me after long-term wear and the Too Faced lip creams leave my lips softer and more moisturized. I highly recommend checking these out in person at your local Sephora–the shades are so great, you really should see them in person when trying to choose just one shade :)

  8. I received Marshmallow Bunny (cutest name ever?) to test. I was really excited because balm-lipsticks are all the rage right now and I will try any I can get my hands on! :) Unfortunately this shade was a smidge too light for my lips. It actually made me look a bit too Malibu Barbie which scared me. However, the formula and scent was to die for. I smooshed my lips together too! I also have to mention that the packaging is awesome. It feels like a way more expensive lipstick (yep, they’re out there) because it has more weight than I’m used to when it comes to lipsticks! Although the color didn’t work out for me, I’m still giving this a 4. $21 is a little much to go and get multiple colors but I think for the formula and color payoff, it’s worth it for the right shade!

  9. I tested out “Spice Spice Baby,” and like the other testers I found myself enraptured as soon as I opened the packaging! The tube is just so weighty, so substantial. It’s a thing of beauty!
    Spice Spice Baby is the PERFECT nude for me- not too cool, not too warm. It quickly became my go-to lip color for work and play as it gives me a polished look with nearly zero effort required on my part and goes perfectly with any outfit. And the color payoff is no joke! It’s moisturizing, plush, and long lasting so the color payoff is surprising. I had to ask myself a few times if it really was that good because I was convinced that I had to give something up in this lip stick, but nope, it really is just that good.
    Overall I give Too Faced La Creme lipstick 4 stars. $21 is a little steep for me to splurge on lipstick (don’t get me wrong, I’ve already started planning which colors I’ll be buying with my next pay check…), but if that price was dropped just a few bucks I’d be all over it!

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  14. There are many reasons for me to love Divine Wine: the deep reddish brown color, the semi-glossy finish, the moisturizing formula and that gorgeous matte gold tube all come to mind. Contrary to the post, I didn’t find this particularly long-wearing (maybe it was of the dark color), but I did find this well saturated and pretty from all points of view. Not so much a big summer color for me, but I can’t wait for fall and winter to roll around! Really lovely. 4 stars.

  15. I saw this at Sephora ~ I was so tempted to buy Marshmellow Bunny but I decided on Benefit Full-Finish Lipstick, which was also very creamy and moisturizing for the lips! Perhaps you might want to check that out too?

  16. I am a gloss addict and appreciate a good lip balm when gloss is not available and which makes me not a fan of lipstick. I like the way the color looks, but I miss the slip of a nice gloss when wearing lipstick. However, this is the love child of a lipstick and a balm and I approve. I’m with @Krista, I had NO cons when trying I Want Candy. I’ve tried some drugstore brand versions of a more pigmented balm in crayon form, but this is miles from those. It was long wearing (even for a lippie eater like me) felt super smooth; almost like my beloved Lypsy lip balm. And the gold tube is just gorgeous, very old Hollywood feeling.

    Five MAJOR stars from me, I am in love and plan on getting Honey Bear and Divine Wine ASAP!

  17. I am in love with this. Today I received this lip creme in the color nude beach. The shade is absolutely fantastic, a subtle (brown-ish) nude with a hint of rose. I think it’s already my favorite! It’s really nice for dry lips as it’s smooth and a little hydrating too.

    I have light to medium skin with yellow undertones, and this color works perfectly for me. It’s a little Birgitte Bardot-ish but not a pale, aggressive nude that makes you look dead.
    Gonna try out some other shades, now that I found this. Spice spice baby and Juicy melons look like awesome shades – I’m gonna put them on my what-to-buy-next list.

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