Too Faced Love Sweet Love Set – Review, Photos & Swatches

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Too Faced rewrites the Book of Love with this dreamy collection

Too Faced Love Sweet Love Set photos: we heart this

Too Faced Week Holiday 2012 Collections text in a black background

I love fall. The obvious pumpkin lattes, chilly nights and the sight of nature bursting its seams with shades of red and gold notwithstanding, fall also brings us first-of-the-season makeup kits and palettes in time for the holidays. As my fellow wht reviewers have proclaimed, it’s an intoxicating time of year!

I’m happy to report the nice people at Too Faced provided me with the Love Sweet Love Seticon ($46), my first seasonal excitement this year, wrapped in a case of Tiffany blue – a color all women will adore. The soft, velvet-ish case features gold embroidered script and a nice three-sided zipper closure; best of all this bag is roomy enough to fit all of the beauty staples needed for a holiday vacation.

Too Faced Love Sweet Love Set light blue Pouch with too faced text engraved in gold in the pouch

An added bonus is that unlike many cosmetic sets, this Too Faced set is self-contained if you want (or need) it to be. You can carry this case with all the enclosed products, mix and match from your stash at will, or even use the cute bag for non-beauty related purposes. Of course it’s not just the case to get all breathless over, the products inside are pretty special, too.

Let’s take a look at what’s included:

A hand holding Too Faced Love Sweet Love Set

A hand with a purple polish holding a Too Faced Love Sweet Love Book of Love Palette

Book of Love palette: 6 eye shadows, 2 blushes, 2 lip glosses
Full-sized LashGASM Mascara
Shadow Insurance Eye Primer (0.17 oz.)
Perfect Eyes eyeliner in Perfect Black (0.03 oz.)
Primed & Poreless Face Primer (.5 oz.)
Exclusive “Teddy Bear Hair” face brush
Exclusive gold embroidered velveteen makeup bag

That’s $130 worth of Too Faced quality products for under 50 bucks!

Shadow Insurance Eye Primer

Let’s start with the basics; the Primed and Poreless tinted primer is not only a great primer, but can serve double duty as a foundation, particularly for a more natural daytime look. The tint evens out skin tone almost as well as the primer smooths the skin out. Score. Meanwhile, the Shadow Insurance Eye Primer is a wht fave and will keep those silky, creamy, finely milled shadows (I’ll get to those in a minute) on your lids all day long.

These two products are the first things you’ll use before whipping out The Book of Love. This darling and well, book-like, palette is the centerpiece of the set and like all Too Faced products features divine and clever packaging. Opening the first page reveals a nicely sized mirror and…

Too Faced product with a verse from William Shakespeare and a mirror on the other side of the book…a verse from William Shakespeare.

a love poem from Too Faced's JerrodWhile the back cover features a love poem from Too Faced’s Jerrod!

Packaging aside, I know what you really want to see is the make-up, and this palette doesn’t disappoint. Inside you’ll find, six eye shadows, two blushes, and two lip glosses, all in Neapolitan shades of sweetness.

Book of Love palette

The shadows are a neutral dream. With the exception of one highlighting shade (mentioned below) all of these shadows have great pigment, and all apply with creamy smoothness. Included are:

Vanilla Sugar – cream with a slight shimmer
Mocha Ice – shimmery light brown
Ganache – chocolate with a slight shimmer
Strawberry Cream – barely-there shimmery pink (this one isn’t too pigmented, but is great as a highlighter on the eyes or face)
Burnt Sugar – shimmery grey taupe
Licorice Glitz – dark grey with silver shimmer

Book of Love palette swatchesEye Shadows: Vanilla Sugar, Mocha Ice, Ganache, Strawberry Cream, Burnt Sugar, Licorice Glitz

Book of Love palette swatchesA closer look at Vanilla Sugar, Mocha Ice and Ganache

Book of Love palette swatchesAs well as Strawberry Cream, Burnt Sugar and Licorice Glitz

For the rest of your face, you’ll find two blushes that are both fairly light in pigmentation but offer a just-right natural glow. Pink Caramel can double as bronzer or blush; pink enough for blush, but enough brown for all-over glow. Lollipop, the other blush, is a perfect punchy pink; also subtle and sweet.

Book of Love palette swatchesBlushes: Lollipop and Pink Caramel, Glosses: Bubble Gum, Raspberry Truffle

The two lip glosses in The Book of Love are Raspberry Truffle – a brown tinged berry, and Bubble Gum – a medium-toned girly pink. Both of these glosses have lots of shimmer and are thick without being sticky. I found that both of these pretty shades have decent wear time for a gloss (a couple hours).

Teddy Bear Hair Brush

The Teddy Bear Hair Brush is exclusive to this set and is aptly-named. This super-soft, full-sized face brush is fantastic for applying those blushes – or your own face powder.

Meanwhile, the Perfect Eyes Eyeliner in Perfect Black is a smudge-proof liner that glides effortlessly across the lid – purrfect for creating the very romantic and alluring cat eye. (Click here to see the full wht review of the Perfect Eyes Eyeliner)

LashGASM mascara

To top it off, you get a full size LashGASM mascara (in black, of course) to make those sooty, demure lashes work for you. I especially love that LashGASM eschews the popular, gimmicky wands and gives us a straightforward plastic bristle wand with teeth that grab, separate and define lashes as every good mascara should.

Too Faced Love Sweet Love SetInstructions, hooray!

Finally, Too Faced wraps the Love Sweet Love Seticon all up with a nice little bow in the form of instructions found within the pages of the Book of Love, with details on creating both a day and night time look.

So, put all these lovely products together and you’ve got yourself everything you need for a glam face on the go. And when it’s wrapped in a lovely tote of Tiffany blue, you won’t even miss the diamonds.

we heartsters – are you ready to crack open the Book of Love found in Too Faced’s Love Sweet Love Set?

Shop the Love Sweet Love Seticon at Sephora!

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  1. I love Too Faced products. I never mind the price because I love the quality. I have three other eye shadow sets from them and I use them all the time. I can not wait to add this to my Christmas wish list!

  2. It’s a little early to call it because I cannot wait for tomorrow and Friday’s Too Faced posts…but I think this might be the kit for me. I’m a mascara snob, but LashGASM looks great; and all those great wearable colors!! But the best part is that they give you full size products of the ones you really need full size in – my makeup shades come and go, but give me a good primer or base product and I’ll love you forever! Thanks for the review, @sherrishera! This one is on my list…

    1. Lash-GASM could be my new favorite mascara (I have other faves for formula, though this one is great, but I love that plastic bristle brush)!

  3. Another day, another Too Faced temptation– and I think this one is the best yet! The packaging is fabulous and the colors really appeal to me. Plus it includes Shadow Insurance Eye Primer, my favorite primer ever. You’ve convinced me, @sherrishera … I need this!

  4. I was hearing the oldies song “Who wrote the book of love” in my head as I was reading this review. This would be a fabulous gift for the makeup lover on my Christmas list.
    Who would not LOVE this book of love?

  5. I’m a fairly new convert to the Shadow Insurance eye primer – I recently tested it here at wht and it’s taken over as my go-to primer whenever I’m wearing shadows, as well as the days I go natural (sans shadows) as a way to even out my lids and give me a refreshed look. For that piece and the completely adorable Tiffany blue case I would drop the $46 for this set.

    BUT then you throw in the Book of Love and I’m a goner. I love every shade in the palette and as a packaging fool and book nerd, I just can’t resist. The brush, mascara, face primer and liner are just big old bonuses. What a great holiday collection.

  6. Seriously, I want every Too Faced Set I’ve seen on here! LOVE the packaging, colors, variety, and price is pretty sweet, considering everything you get!

  7. This set is a bargain for sure! I like that it’s a set rather than a palette. Too Faced really is stealing the scene this winter. This is another set that would be a good present for yourself, or someone else, especially if you want a complete face set (lip gloss, primer, eye primer, shadow, blush, eye liner and mascara) as opposed to just color products.

  8. I have been looking for a new mascara. I have to say, the full-sized LashGASM Mascara has caught my eye, It will be coming home with me next trip to Sephora.. along with that Shadow Insurance Eye Primer! Great packaging, so pretty!

    1. @irene – I REALLY like LashGASM a lot and I am so, so picky with mascara. If you like small plastic bristles too and a nice, un-clumpy wet formula, it’s a winner!

  9. This is a pretty set, but the fake Shakespeare quote turns me off so much I don’t know if I could ever buy it!

    1. Oh, I agree the “storybook” theme bit is a little much…almost a teenage marketing ploy…but the quality and content more than make up for it. For me, the theme is plenty represented in the dazzlingly soft and romantic colors.

  10. Such adorable stuff! I want every Too Faced Set seen here!

    Tooooo great for words!
    I hope they keep most of these around for a while.. cause I would like to officially add them to my wish list!

  11. I love palettes that include wearable shadows and blushes that flatter all skin tones.
    I do wish the lip colors were more…colorful. What is up with palettes including almost invisible lip colors lately? What’s the point? Give me an actual COLOR.

    @stef – What is the staying power on the mascara? I’m still looking for a HG, but my oily lids destroy lesser mascaras…

    1. I have super-duper oily lids, too, but Lash-GASM does last and last. Easily an all day formula!

  12. This kit is so adorable and I love how it includes all the essentials for someone who has all the eyeshadows and lipsticks in the world :)

  13. Wow, that is a beautiful case. I will have to try the Primed and Poreless, one of my major problems is large pores.

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