Too Faced The Secret to No Makeup Makeup Palette - swatches & review

Too Faced The Secret to No Makeup Makeup Palette – swatches & review

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You too can look like Norma Jean Baker!

Too Faced No Makeup palette 

One of my favorite compliments to receive is, “You have such beautiful skin!” Of course, it’s not true. “Smoke, mirrors and a great foundation” is my usual comeback. Really, it’s not that I can’t take a compliment, it is just so. When I received the Too Faced No Makeup Makeup Palette, I was anxious to see how true its proclamation is.

Too Faced No Makeup palette

The Too Faced empire was built on fresh-faced goodness housed in a glamorous retro package. It’s a concept that appeals to many and seems to work for all. The No Makeup Makeup palette ($39) takes this concept and runs with it in a whole face approach. Who doesn’t want to look like Norma Jean Baker (aka Marilyn Monroe before she took a stage name) at the beach?

Too Faced No Makeup palette

The palette is housed in a pretty pink tin, continuing the retro-feel of the Too Faced line. I love the substantive quality of metal in the practical sense that it won’t crack or break, but it also looks pretty on my counter. Inside the lid is a too-small mirror that I wish extended to the corners, especially since this is a palette for the entire face.

Too Faced No Makeup palette

The contents of The Secret to No Makeup Makeup Palette are lovely: a powder Bronzing Veil for a neutral golden-bronze shimmer, a bright doll-pink Crème Blush (that doubles as a lipcolor), a lighter, brighter, pink Powder Blush with silver shimmer, a mid-tone Concealer, a shimmery pinkish-beige Luminizer and a Brightener (really, a lighter concealer).

This does look like all the makings for a fresh no makeup makeup face.

Too Faced No Makeup palette

The No Makeup Makeup palette does come with an instruction card so that even the most challenged makeup applicants can create a No Makeup Pinup girl look – the Too Faced folks have come up with three looks of different intensities of natural. I’ve never been one to follow directions but even I like having this for reference.

Too Faced No Makeup palette swatchesBronzing Veil, Crème Blush, Powder Blush

Both powders, the Bronzing Veil and the Blush, are of a very fine mill making the shimmer (of the Bronzing Veil) seamless and the color (of the blush) smooth and blendable. The smaller size of the blush makes it a bit more difficult to use, but it packs a lot of pigment so I’m ok with it. I found a travel blush brush works pretty well. Unfortunately, there is no keeping that luxe powder out of the crèmes. When is someone going to make little doors for individual products within a palette?

The Crème Blush, like the powder Blush, is also quite pigmented. There are waxes and oils in this one and I was worried that it may slip off my oily skin or cause breakouts. On the contrary, I found this blush to be incredibly non-fading and long wearing while my skin is pimple-free.

Too Faced No Makeup palette swatchesConcealer, Luminizer, Brightener

The Concealer is a good formulation in that isn’t too heavy but does the job, so long as you don’t need to cover anything too glaring. If it’s a little too dark for your skin tone, mix it with the Brightener.

The Luminizer adds a nice shimmer to the brow and bridge of the nose, while the Brightener is best under the eyes to give you that “wide awake” look. In using only the palette for my whole face, I tried the Luminizer in place of shadow for a dewy look.

Too Faced No Makeup palette swatchesBronzing Veil, Crème Blush, Powder Blush, Concealer, Luminizer, Brightener

All in all, the Too Faced No Makeup Makeup Palette is a good fresh-face faker. The colors are natural and the formulations are good. Darker-toned women may not have use for the Concealer or Brightener, but the bright blushes would look great on darker tones, as would the Bronzing Veil and Luminizer. I won’t be using this in place of foundation every day, but will use it as part of my usual makeup routine or in a pinch when I’m on the run. This palette has earned a place in my purse with my other on-the-go staples.

Ladies – do you like your makeup to look like you’re not wearing any in a beachy Norma jean/Marilyn pinup sort of way?

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC 25/30 skintone

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9 thoughts on “Too Faced The Secret to No Makeup Makeup Palette – swatches & review”

  1. I love the “no make-up, make-up” look!! And I love Too Faced!! This palette looks like a sure fire winner to me. I can’t wait to try it. Awesome!!

  2. I really really like this. I am a no makeup makeup type look type of girl most of the time so this is super handy! I have recently taken out my Too Faced Natural Eye palette from hibernation and it’s been my new obsession! Love Too Faced palettes.

  3. What a perfect way to lighten up our makeup for spring. Although the mirror does look small, this palette is another winner from wonderful Too Faced! Question, @sherrishera – what are the measurements of the palette?

  4. I love the no makeup, makeup look, but I also like bold looks too. I love switching things up. I don’t like staying with one thing! That concealer looks waaaaaaaaay dark for my peaches and cream complexion though (I’m lighter than the photos.)

    Also, I do want to note for the vegans on this site that while Too Face is cruelty-free, this product isn’t vegan friendly. The bronzing veil and luminizer are made with carmine which is made by boiling bugs and adding other ingredients to produce a red pigment. I’m not vegan, but I know a friend that is.

  5. Winner, winner, tv-dinner! WOW! This looks nice and natural and to me that’s just how I like wearing my makeup. I don’t want to look like a clown (don’t like clowns at all) and it come with an instruction card to boot! That’s just too cool, so you wont’ look like a fool! How big is this baby?

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