Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette – Swatches and Review

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We here at we heart this love, love, love our Too Facedicon palettes – from the fun packaging to the perfectly edited shades within, you really can’t go wrong with a Too Faced palette. They really nail the presentation and the quality of their products is undeniable. That being said, I know of a couple of ladies on my holiday shopping list that will be receiving the gift of Too Faced.

Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette

I was excited to receive the Too Faced Pretty Rebel iconEyeshadow Palette ($46) for review because this is not your mama’s palette. This palette houses bold, sinfully rich jewel-toned shadows that are nothing short of decadent.


This gold palette with edgy, black ribbon detailing is the perfect gift for the rebel in your life! I would say this palette is perfect for the friend that already has plenty of eye shadows because I can almost guarantee that she doesn’t have most of the ones in this new palette.


In my vast collection of eye shadows, I had only three similar shadows out of the ten in Pretty Rebel. I can’t express how rare it is that I don’t possess duplicates of almost an entire palette.


This latest offering from Too Faced contains ten large pans of gorgeous, unique color and is not for the faint of heart! The Pretty Rebel palette contains:


Dainty – pale, matte bone
Charming – darkest matte chocolate with a hint of burgundy
Ringleader – pale, shimmering golden peach
Gangsta – shimmering bronze

Too-Faced-Pretty-Rebel-swatchesDainty, Charming, Ringleader, Gangsta


Girly -shimmering sienna with a hint of sage iridescence
Totally Fetch – bold, shimmering fuchsia
Miss Sparkles – black with silver micro glitter
Instigator – metallic antique gold
Badass – sparkling dark navy
Jailbird – metallic silver with a hint of blue

Too-Faced-Pretty-Rebel-8Girly, Totally Fetch, Miss Sparkles, Instigator, Badass, Jailbird,

As with all Too Faced shadows, the staying power on these is phenomenal and better than average – my oily lids get several hours of uninterrupted wear and the boldness of these colors seem to wear even longer than the more neutral Too Faced shadows I favor. If you’re looking for vivid and deeply saturated pigment, Too Faced Pretty Rebel icon is the palette for you!


A few of the shades are very unique, so unique that I didn’t possess a alternative. This is more rare than a unicorn, folks
Contains a blend of warm and cool shades – you’re bound to find a combination of shades that work for you

I feel like Girly lied to me. In the pan, it was a gorgeous sage – a color my green-loving self was super excited about. Once on, it was a shimmering orangey brown shade that did not work on me at all. Sadly, while I adore the name, neither did Totally Fetch.
Miss Sparkles had a crazy amount of fallout on me – glitter was all over my face after about an hour of wear and it was tenacious.

we heartsters – Who else has a Christmas list filled with Too Faced? Do you have any pretty rebels in your life that need this palette?

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC25/30 skin tone

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  1. This palette just looks so cute, especially the packaging. Girly does look very different in the pan than it does in a swatch (I feel like Too Faced has surprised me like that a few times before in other palettes). I like that there are four good nude/brown shades so that you could tame the “rebel” aspect of this palette just a bit if you wanted (not that a rebel would, but just sayin’!), and the navy, silver, and black keep it from being all the colors of the rainbow.

    1. @lipglossandspandex – I also really like the nude/brown shades. But, I am really drawn to some of the other colors that I would not normally try. Perhaps, this could be the “rebel” wanting to come out to play?

  2. This would make such a stellar gift. So weird that Totally Fetch–which is, agreed, kind of the best shadow name ever–swatches so differently from the pan color. Still, looks like there are lots of glorious colors left to choose from…

  3. I agree; I think “Girly” would be too orange for my eyes, but there are some truly beautiful, lush shades in this palette.

  4. Can I just say the crazy gorgeous palettes Too Faced put out this holiday season are killing me–I want them all. If Pretty Rebel isn’t your cup of tea, I’m sure you’ll find one or two or three other Too Faced sets that are. Seriously, it’s an embarrassment of riches this year. They need to tone down the awesomeness. My budget can’t handle it.

  5. Too Faced has such good pigment and color palettes! I’ve always been a fan of their packaging and this one looks great.

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