Too Faced Sweet Indulgence Palette – review, swatches and looks

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Indulge your sweet tooth without the guilt this holiday season!

Too Faced WEEK holiday 2012 collections text on a black background
Too Faced Sweet Indulgence Palette on a white backgroundphotos: we heart this

The holiday season gets me positively giddy. What’s not to like? It’s a warm and fuzzy time of year, full of wonderful things like spiced treats, shiny presents, savory food, and…LIMITED EDITION MAKEUP PALETTES! Yes, I’m practically shrieking those words as I type.

Any time a limited edition palette comes out, my fiance gets a little nervous. He sees the glazed look in my eyes when I’m browsing the collections, and hears my gasps and whispers of “oh, I neeeeeed that…” He must remain vigilant, in case I make a mad dash for my credit card.

Holiday palettes are especially exciting because it’s not just one brand putting out palettes and collections, it’s every brand competing with each other to give you the best value on their best products. The toughest part is keeping myself from buying every set! If I did have to choose just one holiday set this winter, I’m pretty sure I know which one I would choose: the Too Faced Sweet Indulgence Paletteicon.

Too Faced Sweet Indulgence Palette in purple and gold packaging on a white background

The Sweet Indulgence palette ($52) is a Sephora exclusiveicon and is encased in a metal tin that looks like candy-shoppe perfection; and the tasty treats inside are sure to give any makeup lover a sugar rush.

A hand with a purple nail polish holding a Too Faced Sweet Indulgence Palette on a white background

This palette has sixteen full-sized eye shadows, two full-sized blushes, two bronzers, one highlighter, a full-sized primer potion, and a double ended brush. That’s twenty full sized products, and three deluxe size products – over $300 worth of products!

Too Faced Sweet Indulgence Palette

The 16 eyeshadow shades are:

In the Buff – eggshell matte
Peach Fuzz – pale peach with gold iridescent micro glitter
Marshmallow – toasted white with chunky glitter
Lovey Dovey – medium brown frost
Copper Peony – shimmery copper frost with a hint of pink
Teddy Bear – matte cocoa
Gum Drop – icy cool pink frost with glitter
Malted Milk Ball – brown taupe frost
Satin Sheets – pink frost with a gold/green duochrome finish
Nice Stems! – light golden green frost
Nice Ash – blue gunmetal frost
Cherry Cola – shimmery dark red-brown with burgundy micro glitter
Honeymoon – light khaki gold
Pastille – shimmery blackened green with glitter
Cop a Teal – deep blue leaning teal frost
Black Sugar – matte black with silver micro glitter

Too Faced Sweet Indulgence Palette Swatches One arm fits just half of the eye shadow swatches in this palette! In the Buff, Peach Fuzz, Copper Peony, Teddy Bear, Satin Sheets, Nice Stems!, Honeymoon and Pastille

Too Faced Sweet Indulgence Palette Swatches In the Buff, Peach Fuzz, Copper Peony and Teddy Bear

Too Faced Sweet Indulgence Palette Swatches Satin Sheets, Nice Stems!, Honeymoon and Pastille

I love that there are a variety of finishes (satin, matte, frost and glitter). There are plenty of neutrals or near neutral shades, and a few bold colors to add a little flair. And it has light, medium, and dark shades. Most of the shades are quite pigmented and have a very smooth texture (In the Buff, Peach Fuzz and Satin Sheets are exceptions).

While every single shade won’t please everyone, there are some pretty exceptional colors; and everyone is bound to find a few they love. Honeymoon, Teddy Bear, Malted Milk Ball, Satin Sheets, Nice Stems!, Cop a Teal and Cherry Cola are my favorite shades of the bunch. If you already have Too Faced holiday palettes from previous years, you might want to note that some shades are repeated in this year’s palette.

Too Faced Sweet Indulgence Palette Swatches Take two for the second set of eye shadows – Marshmallow, Lovey Dovey, Gum Drop, Malted Milk Ball, Nice Ash, Cherry Cola, Cop a Teal and Black Sugar

Too Faced Sweet Indulgence Palette Swatches Marshmallow, Lovey Dovey, Gum Drop, Malted Milk Ball and Nice Ash

Too Faced Sweet Indulgence Palette Swatches Nice Ash, Cherry Cola, Cop a Teal and Black Sugar

Ready to dig out your credit card yet? But wait – there’s more! This kit is truly an indulgence as we find a second level in the tin that reveals seven more goodies, including:

Too Faced Sweet Indulgence Kit

Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer
This sheer colorless primer is one of my favorite products of all time. Whether you have dry eyelids or oily eyelids, Shadow Insurance keeps your shadow looking fresh and crease-free all day long. (Click here to check out the wht review.)

Too Faced Sweet Indulgence Kit Swatches Blushes – La Vie en Rose, Papa Don’t Peach

Two Blushes:
La Vie en Rose – shimmery bright rosy pink
Papa Don’t Peach – shimmery light warm peach

I found both of these soft, sunny shades to be flattering and easy to wear.

Too Faced Sweet Indulgence Kit Swatches Bronzers – Sun Bunny Light and Exclusive Shade, Highlighter – Candlelight Glow

Two Bronzers:
Sun Bunny – Light light golden brown with satin finish
Exclusive Shade – medium golden brown with satin finish

It’s nice to see that there’s a lighter shade and a darker shade in this kit, one will be sure to work to work with all skin tones.

One Highlighter:
Candlelight Glow – a veil of fine, soft gold shimmer

I have to say this is one of the prettiest highlighters I’ve ever tried. It really does give a beautifully soft glow.

An exclusive double-ended brush
This dual ended brush has a soft, cruelty-free “Teddy Bear Hair” eyeshadow brush on one end, and a small sponge tip applicator on the other. While I’m not normally a fan of sponge tip applicators, this one works pretty well to apply the darker shadows as eyeliner.

A hand with a purple nail polish holding a Too Faced instructions to create three different for Pink Chocolate, Rock Candy and Brown Sugar product with a blurred Sweet Indulgence Palette in the background

To bring you out of your sugar coma, and help you utilize all of these products, Too Faced has also included instructions to create three different looks they call Pink Chocolate, Rock Candy and Brown Sugar.

After squealing over all of the fab products found inside the Sweet Indulgence Paletteicon, I had to take these three looks for a test drive!

The left side of the image is a woman closing her eyes wearing a Pink Chocolate eyeshadow while right side of the image is a woman wearing makeup smilingPink Chocolate look

One-sided closed eyes wearing a Pink Chocolate eyeshadowPink Chocolate eyes

Left side of the image is a woman smiling wearing a Rock Candy look eyeshadow, closed eyes while right side image is a woman smiling wearing light makeupRock Candy look

One eye, closeup photo of woman sideview wearing a Rock Candy eyeshadowRock Candy eyes

A black-haired woman wearing a Brown Sugar look eyeshadow smilingBrown Sugar look

Closeup photo of eyes, sideview wearing Brown Sugar eyeshadowBrown Sugar eyes

All in all, the Sweet Indulgence Palette is full of top-notch Too Faced faves at an incredible price and would make anyone’s holiday very merry and bright. Is there anything in the this sweet tin giving you a rush? (If not, you might need to check your pulse!)

we heartsters – which Sweet Indulgence look is your favorite?

Click hereicon to shop the Too Faced Sweet Indulgence Palette available exclusively at Sephora.

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  1. I think I like the Pink Chocolate look the best, simply beautiful! Too Faced has the best packaging and I want that tin. The shadows look like a great assortment as well, especially Nice Stems! and Cherry Cola.

    1. The tin is just darling, isn’t it?! Cherry Cola really surprised me because it looks so red in the pan, but it’s so wearable and so pretty!

  2. I think my fave is Brown Sugar, SO subtle and pretty! (Also, I envy your eyebrows. Seriously. )

    These colors are great, though I think I’m most intrigued by Cherry Cola and Copper Peony. Those, plus Candlelight Glow and that tube of Shadow Insurance, makes the whole kit worth it! Does the tin seem pretty sturdy? It looks like it, and I bet you could get a lot of mileage out of it after the palette is gone…

    1. Aww, thanks Alyssa! I’m quite obsessive about my brows :P The tin is decently sturdy. It’ll probably get dented or scratched, but I think it’ll last awhile. You definitely get your money’s worth :)

  3. I love how our Too Faced posts start very very similarly. Gotta love Holiday Sets! This one in particularly has gorgeous eyeshadow colors and I love the face products get a whole separate “level” :) and a Teddy Bear Hair brush?! Super value! Great review!

    1. When I read your post yesterday, I laughed out loud because we think so much alike!!! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who gets that worked up about holiday collections ;)

  4. Your shrieking over holiday palettes made me laugh, @lipglossandspandex . That’s me exactly! And this one is something to shriek over. If the swatches weren’t enough to convince me, your photos did the trick. I love all the looks you’ve created with this kit. Pink Chocolate eyes is especially pretty.

    1. I love holiday palettes, but sometimes they just aren’t quite the same quality as the regular products, or they’re just pretty but not exciting. Honestly, this palette is pretty AND exciting. And the looks are easy to re-create.

  5. FABULOUS review @lipglossandspandex !!! I love holiday pallets. Pink Chocolate is my favorite look on you. I love the Two Faced cards that tell you have to achieve the look.

    What a great value! Plus, since this is housed in a cute tin — it looks very sturdy to me.

    1. Aw, thanks Holly! It’s hard to say which look I like the best… I think they’re all very wearable, for anyone.

  6. I loved last year’s Fairyland palette, but I REALLY REALLY love this year’s Sweet Indulgence palette. If you’re going to buy a holiday palette for yourself, or for someone else, this one is fabulous, whether you’re new to makeup or you’re a makeup collector like myself. Usually face products in palettes underwhelm me, but these are beautiful. Not all of the shades are super-pigmented, but they work well together. It’s a good palette for experimenting with color without fearing that you’ll look like a clown, because the shades are muted and are a little bit sheer. I love that the texture of all of the products is smooth. It’s a really wearable palette all around. It is a little bulky because of the tin, but it’s so cute that you can totally overlook that. Run to your nearest Sephora and take a look for yourself–I think you’ll be just as impressed as I am.

  7. I love the shine these shadows give without being too glittery! I need to head over to Sephora. What a great holiday gift!

    1. Only a few shades have glitter, and not *too much* glitter. It’s really awesome!

  8. I like all three looks but the Pink Chocolate is my fave – so pretty with just the exact amount of sparkle. And I think it would really enhance my blue eyes. Also have got to agree with @lyssachelle Alyssa – your eyebrows are flawless and I covet them as well.

    This set is amazing. So much good stuff – 16(!!) eye shadows, plus blush, bronzer, highlighter, primer etc – all stuffed in a sweet little tin? That’s reusable as well – what’s not to love? Great review @lipglossandspandex – especially love the pictures of all of the looks.

  9. They had me at the tin alone! I’m such a sucker for a tin. But load in all these products and I think Sweet Indulgences is utterly fabulous.

    Also fabulous – the photos of you in the looks @lipglossandspandex
    I especially love Rock Candy, a green gets me every time.

    How amazing is Too Faced’s holiday products folks? Are you dying? I’m kinda dying!

  10. @Stef and @Tyna, I’m glad you liked the looks I did! I really feel like this palette is so easy to work with, whether you like to use a lot of different colors to make a look, or just a few, whether you like bold looks, or soft looks. I’m a sucker for a nice bit of green eyeshadow too. And I’m so flattered that you think my brows look nice ;)

  11. I am loving these reviews of Too Faced. Cleaver product names and the items look amazing.

    The brown sugar looks so nice on you.

  12. It’s funny because I had seen the swatches before and thought it wasn’t a very good palette, but now that I see the looks on you I realize it’s great =) Congrats on the great makeup skills! Lovely post.

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