Top it off in style - David & Young Fascinators

Top it off in style – David & Young Fascinators

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Yes, YOU can wear a fascinator! They’re not just for the royal family anymore.

photos: the we heart this team

A year ago I couldn’t ignore the royal wedding – who really could? So I gave in and watched all the coverage and really just fell in love with fascinators. My husband even said he could totally see me embracing the fascinator trend.

Fast forward to April 2012 and we heart this receives a few fascinators from David & Young to review! Did they know I like to add a little flare with accessories? They must have sensed it.

The first thing I should say about wearing a fascinator is that if you don’t want attention or questions, don’t wear one. Seriously. The moment I put the first one on I knew I was going to command some attention. But don’t let that scare you; everyone, not just the royal family, can pull off a fascinator – and look pretty fab too!

See. Try and tell me Stef doesn’t look adorable.

I received two fascinators to test from the D&Y collection. The fascinators are attached to a headband and for someone who has a head that’s on the larger size I was so happy with how comfortable they were. I didn’t feel pinched or have a headache by the end of the day and that’s typical for me when wearing most headbands.

The fascinators I received were both made with feathers and are light weight but very colorful and dramatic. And I’m loving them for adding a bit of fun and whimsy to an outfit.

Other styles, like Stef’s wine colored little cap (above) are created with soft woven fabrics and embellished with fabric flowers and buttons. (Shopaholics, you can find a similar D&Y Cocktail Cap adorned with feathers and jewels at Amazon.)

Marilyn received the Fancy Ruffle and Lace Sequins Headband in cream. She looks like a modern Audrey Hepburn pairing it with a little lace dress and pop of color in the bright pink lips.

I decided to try the pink and black fascinator for Easter – nothing says Easter like great headgear, right? Since I was just going to a large family dinner to celebrate the holiday I wasn’t getting all jazzed up. But I decided that my pink, black and white caftan would be great for the day and would also help highlight the fascinator. I thought it paired perfectly.

Despite being a little on the larger side, it was definitely a showpiece that garnered attention (everyone at dinner wanted to try it on). For the larger fascinator I decided to keep my makeup simple and wear pretty nudes and a pink blush so that the headpiece would stand out on its own.

As for the smaller Beau Flower Feather fascinator in turquoise ($20), I find that this one is a bit more versatile than a larger one. The color is gorgeous and can perk up a simple black shift or really compliment a contrasting color dress like yellow or orange. Since the decorative feathers are such a lovely shade of blue I decided to play up those colors with my eye makeup to compliment the headpiece.

Are you ready to take the fascinator plunge? With such beautiful craftsmanship and gorgeous colors, it can be hard to decide which D&Y fascinator you want to add a bit of pizzazz to your wardrobe.

My advice? If you love a red lip – pick a red one! If you’re a fan of pastels, go pink! If you want to stand out try yellow or blue! The options are wonderful and you’ll definitely get a lot of attention.

we heartsters – Are you bold enough to try a fascinator too?

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10 thoughts on “Top it off in style – David & Young Fascinators”

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  2. Hats rock! I love them and was really happy to see that my three nieces dig them too.. My favorite party was a hat baby shower for a friend not to long ago.. it was so much fun to see so many nice hats on young and old alike! We just watched the Kentucky Derby last Saturday, some were really out there and were a bit much for my taste, but some are just amazing! You three DO look adorble! Gotta love putting on a fancy hat! Great post!!:)

  3. Oh my lord – you all looks so darn cute in these!! I admit when we first received the D&Y fascinators I was a little intimidated and passed on reviewing one. Now I’m kicking myself because I’m totaly loving these looks. Fascinators for ALL!

  4. I love fascinators! They are super cute and a nice accessory especially if you don’t want a full hat but want something more than a barrette.

  5. Fascinators? Try Fabulous-inators! I think they’re so chic! They’ve NEVER gone out of stile in Britain (i.e. the wedding scences in Bridget Jones). We american’s need to catch up on this trend.

    P.S. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge can do NO wrong!

  6. You ladies all look so gorgeous! I am jealous. I am not sure if my big head could pull off one of these. But I would love to try. They are adorable!

  7. @Stef and @dwj, you two look so cute!!! I’ve liked fascinators for awhile, but I’m a little chicken about wearing them. I have a cute little black one that I’ve worn to a cute little martini bar with some girlfriends, and not felt too awkward ;) And I’ve worn the above Fancy Ruffle and Lace headband out on date night with my fiance. I’m looking forward to wearing it to some bridal events soon! The trend is definitely growing on me :)

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