Top 10 Reasons to visit the Bra Specialists, Intimacy

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Since the moment Stef and I first set foot in an Intimacy boutique during the annual South Coast Plaza Blogger Event; we have been obsessed with (finally) getting properly fitted for a bra. This lost art is making a big comeback, thanks in part to Susan Nethero and her one of a kind bra boutique. This European influenced, but all American store is busting out (heh) all over the country; helping woman, one bra at a time, to look and feel better everyday.

Stef and I were both lucky enough to get fitted at the Los Angeles location of Intimacy, and we both agree that finding that perfect bra has made a world of difference for us. We both walked out of the store not only with a gorgeous bra but also with more confidence, a strut in our walk, a smile on our face and oh yea, a killer rack.

If you’re thinking of visiting an Intimacy store for your own fitting, make sure to read Stef’s detailed story on her personalized bra fitting for a sneak peek at the process.  If however, you’re still on the fence about your need to experience a fitting, I give you my Top Ten Reasons to Schedule an Intimacy Appointment Today:

1. You are probably wearing the wrong size bra right now.  Did you know that 85% of women wear an ill-fitted bra? It’s true. I always assumed I was wearing pretty much the right size; and just had to live with droopy bra straps, a band that rode up the back or emphasized back fat – but I don’t! And neither do you, if a bra fits properly, the straps and bands stay in place and work with your body to flatter the area, not highlight the flaws.

2. The Intimacy dressing rooms and staff are fit for a queen. Since most of the action of this boutique takes place in the dressing rooms, Intimacy made sure to create ones that are a place you want to be. The rooms are large and comfy with plenty of room for staff and friends, with lots of hooks and spots to store your belongings. Plus, comfy seating for giving feet a rest and most importantly, bright and flattering lights and large, quality mirrors.

3. Speaking of queens, Susan, or The Bra Whisperer, as she’s been called, has worked with some of our most beloved television royalty; including Oprah, Rachael Ray, Tyra and Carson:

4. If you’re unable to see Susan herself (she’s constantly traveling the country working with customers at all of her locations) you can be sure you will find yourself in very capable hands. The staff I encountered over three visits in two locations were some of the most knowledgeable, helpful and personable I’ve ever encountered.

5. You get an instant confidence boost! How can looking as if you instantly dropped 10 lbs not make you stand a little straighter and bring a smile to your face?

6. Don’t believe a bra can make such a difference? Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I give you this: Before and After – Intimacy Bra Fitting.

7. You’re stuck in a rut of black, white or beige bras. My first trip to Intimacy resulted in the first truly beautifully hued bra I’ve ever owned. When Susan noticed how much I was drawn to a stunning raspberry hued Marie Jo bra (shown in the top pic), I shamefully admitted that I didn’t own any colorful bras – just the basics. She said she hears that all the time and believes it’s because women tend to be such practical shoppers. But the great thing about a bra is it can be any color at all – (even an improbable pink or purple that isn’t a part of your wardrobe) and no one needs to be the wiser.

8. Once you have the perfect fit and a couple of styles and hues that you love and that love you back, the staff at Intimacy can keep your information on file.  It’s so helpful to have a record – after trying on dozens of bras; it can get a little confusing. Plus your fitting information can be accessed at any Intimacy store across the nation. (If you are wary of sharing information, no worries. This is a courtesy service for clients and easily declined).

9. I started with just one bra that really made me feel great and I can hardly wait to start completing my on file shopping list! Did you know that bras, much like shoes, should not be worn two days in a row? Switch out your bra every day to give them time to “breathe” and to avoid stretching and excess wear. Ideally every woman should have 3 or 4 fantastic bras in her drawer (then continue to build that inventory up to 7 to 10). A good bra should last for a couple of years and they can be altered. That’s right, any bra purchased at Intimacy can be brought back for free lifetime alterations.

10. Trust me, you’ll have a number of pretty little items on your list to complete your wardrobe of bras, because this store is total eye candy – filled with stunning, mostly European, high quality lingerie. I’ve always been fairly indifferent in my bra shopping – find a sort of comfy, sort of fitting bra and get out. At Intimacy, I had hook after hook in my dressing room of lovely bras, each fitting better and looking prettier than the last. For once in my life, I wanted to stay in a Dressing Room and try on more.

we heartsters – if you experienced the wonder of an Intimacy Bra Fitting, please share. If you have yet to check it out, what are your main bra woes?

One more reason especially for our PA peeps. The latest Intimacy has just opened its doors in one of our very favorite shopping destinations – King of Prussia. Click here to book an appointment at any location.

Click here to find an Intimacy near you!

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  1. Wow…that is an amazing transformation! I am sure I am wearing the wrong bra size right now. I was just saying to a friend the other day that I keep wearing the same one because my size has changed. That does it! Time for a proper fitting. Thank you for the nudge…

  2. That’s it. I’m getting properly fitted for bras. I’ll have to find a good place since there’s no Intimacy location in Mpls.

  3. Ever since @stef first posted about this place, I knew I had to go. But I haven’t gone yet. I see their commercials on TV ALL the time, so I must pay a visit really soon. I have a feeling I’m wearing either a) the wrong bra size or b) the wrong bras. It’s because I think I’m “oddly shaped” if that makes sense. Petite but with wider ribcage. Most bras don’t even fit me well! Sigh. Okay, I think I’m going to go there soon!

  4. Also, @tyna or @stef, can you please let me know the price ranges of the bras there? I’m this close to making a fitting appointment but would like to budget it out first :) I know Stef paid around $90 for hers…Is that the cheapest you think? Thanks ladies.

  5. Ladies, If you can locate one, you must go to an Intimacy -STAT! Trust me, you will love yourself in a whole new light. When Intimacy opened its doors at South Coast Plaza, women came from all over! The way you are treated is second to none. You just feel great the whole time you’re there! Besides getting properly fitted for a bra, your “girls” will thank you for putting them in their place! I was shocked at the difference- before and after…amazing results. Yes, they are pricey but they are worth every penny and will last a long time.

  6. @mandabear – I believe they say prices start at $50. Most of the bras I tried on were around the $100 range. It’s a bit of a splurge, but so worth it. I do know they have sales. Sign up for their email newsletter and they can tell you about the next one in your area.

  7. Why? Why are they in Troy Michigan and not Minneapolis!! @kari I think there is a good place on Grand Ave we should go some time soon.

  8. I truly cannot afford to spend so much on a fitting/bra. But I would love the experience. I’ve been talking about it ever since @stef did her post. That before/after shot is amazing!

  9. @mandabear and @katieG – I totally hear you on the price concern. The bras at Intimacy are pricier than other places – they can start around $50 and go up from there. At first I was a bit resistant to the idea of spending so much – especially on an item very few people see. But, once I started wearing the bra, and realized how I was excited with most any outfit worn with it, I started seeing it in another light. If I found a pair of jeans or a blouse that instantly made me look thinner and feel better every time I wore them I wouldn’t think twice about spending $100 or more on them.

    Plus, I really think the knowledge I gained during my hour-long fitting was well worth the price -getting a true, proper measurement, discovering how the bra should fit and lay on the body, seeing which types of bras work with my body, etc. I know I’ll be able to buy better fitting, less expensive bras with my new bra education, while I slowly fill in my bra wardrobe.

  10. I had my first experience at Intimacy today and it most definitely won’t be my last. The service was second to none and the bra actually FITS, no more underboob or muffin top boobs for me. Yes the bra was costly but it’s worth every dime!!!

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