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We review a simple, one-step tool for defined and lush brows.

TouchBack Brow Markerphotos: we heart this

I don’t know about you girls (or guys), but eyebrows are one of the first features that I notice on people. A well groomed eyebrow and brow area just makes me think “Wow, that girl is just so put together!” Today, we’re looking at a new makeup tool, the TouchBack Brow Marker, that can help all of us achieve polished brows.

The first step towards those perfect brows is to learn to tweeze properly (and never over-tweeze). The next step is discovering the perfect brow-filling tool that fits your look, your brows and into your beauty routine. The right brow defining makeup can help make sparse eyebrows look lush or add defined drama to fuller brows.

Powders and waxes can be a little bit fussy, while gels with mascara-like wands can be a little bit hard to control. Pencils and powders are usually my go to tools; but powders require the perfect powder and a brush (not good for on the go makeup) while a pencil is one simple tool that can take a surprising amount of work to create a natural look.

The TouchBack Brow Marker ($19.95) is the perfect happy medium! It’s a felt-tip marker with a great fine tip for precision filling. The liquid formula works like a dream and it is not too heavy, so it doesn’t get goopy and messy like some others brow fillers.

TouchBack Brow Marker swatch Touchback Brow Marker in Medium Brown

Using the Brow Marker is easy; just apply the marker to clean, un-moisturized brows in quick, small upward motions working from the center out for creamy-dreamy eyebrows! Personally, my eyebrows have a few sparse areas, but generally have a good natural shape; the Brow Marker in Medium Brown was fantastic for giving me a strongly-defined, colored brow.

The Brow Marker also works to naturally fill and define sparse eyebrows as well! Check out Stef’s lovely before and after photos to see the TouchBack Brow Marker in action!

A woman applying the TouchBack Brow MarkerStef’s sad brows

TouchBack Brow Marker lookStef’s much happier brows!

Super natural, huh? The TouchBack Brow Marker comes in four shades – Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Auburn, and Blonde to match your general hair color (or at least the one you have at the moment if you don’t know what color you were born with anymore!)

Bonus: For those of us getting older and wiser, the TouchBack can even cover stray grays in your brows! (I am going gray on my head for sure at my tender age of 25, but not my brows—yet!)

I got to snooping around the TouchBack site and and I’m now downright curious about their original product the Hair Marker as well – it’s designed for covering roots on you dyed hair to help lengthen the time between coloring sessions. Now on to the pros and cons…

• just one step and one tool required
• even the artistically challenged can draw in natural brows
• covers any grays
• portable

• seems to dry out quickly
• limited color selection compared to other brands

Overall, the TouchBack Brow Marker is an effective, simple tool for perfecting almost any type of brow; sparse to full and in-between. I recommend you add this new brow solution to your beauty arsenal today.

we heartsters and testers – are you loving the simple beauty of the Touchback Brow Marker? Meet me in the comments where the wht review team will be talking about brows!

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  1. As a brunette who has always embraced my natural brows (I shape, but I don’t thin) I’ve never had much use for brow fillers. And good thing! My attempts at using the traditional powder and wax have been less than successful. But it’s undeniable that a “finished” brow adds a touch of power to any face. TouchBack Brow Marker may be just the thing to show me the way to brow perfection! Thanks for turning me on to this product!

  2. I have very dark brows naturally, and used to think that I didn’t need to do a lot of fill in. Generally because pencils would sometimes gob up on my thick brows, and often look too dark. This marker gave me a very natural look, and since my eye brows don’t quite match up (one is longer then the other) I was able to even everything out and get a very natural, sophisticated look from the first time I used this great product. And it’s fast! I grab this marker and do my brows in a third the time it used to take me with a pencil. I’ve also been able to give myself a very dramatic, vintage Audrey Hepburn look when I’m going out. I give this product 5 stars, I absolutely love it and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone looking for something to fix up their brows.

  3. I’ll be by with my review later (sneak preview – LOVE this!) but I wanted to point out something random. See that scar near my eye that makes it look like the fold of my lid extends outside the eye are? No one in my family knows when or how I got it, including myself! Odd, huh?

  4. I am so intrigued by these brow markers! wow! I love the effect on @Stef‘s brows. Looks natural yet polished- perfection!

    I must ask what is that fab sparkly blue shadow in the photo?? I must have it!

  5. I’m going to have to check these out—they really give a very natural effect! I’ve always been blessed with really great eye brows. I’m not being modest, I’ve actually had people COMPLIMENT MY EYEBROWS, which is kinda weird when you think about it, but hey, I’ll take the compliments where they come. That being said, I swear, once I hit 30, I noticed my eyebrows getting a teensy bit sparse and I’ve needed to use pencils and fillers to maintain them. However, I find that powders and waxes are a bit tedious and pencils don’t always stay put or look natural. These may be exactly what I’m looking for :)

  6. @stef ‘s before and after pics are so impressive! Great review @kate2004rock . One question: when you say they dry out quickly, how quickly are we talking? In any case, I have to check this out!

  7. I am really impressed by your before and after pics @stef. I can absolutely see a significant difference. I would certainly give this a try based on your great results!

  8. Another one blessed with pretty decent eyebrows, so I did not test this. But now I wish I did – just because it sounds so easy (I hated most products I’ve used for adding some drama to my brows – too goopy, messy or totally fake looking).
    And wow – the Brow Marker looks really natural on you @stef – I love Before and After photos!!

  9. I’ve always worried using eyebrow pencils would make my eyebrows look too fake since I’m not really a fan of the drawn on look. But this looks great! @kate2004rock great review and @stef‘s photo have me convinced. The photo also makes me wish I could wear fabulous blue eye make up like that! Pretty!

  10. I’m impressed. When I heard the words “brow marker,” I imagined the results would look like someone used a Sharpie. But the effect on Stef looks nice and subtle. Very cool. :) I personally like to use brow powders.

  11. This has become my new go-to brow product. Years of over-plucking as left me with somewhat scraggly brows. The TouchBack Marker very subtly fills them in with ease.

    The tip is super fine, and always seems to be ready to go (no shaking ness., and even more important – no over saturated, goopiness) @turboterp – I haven’t noticed that this dries out quickly at all. It seems to be the same as the moment I received it.

    And it stays on. I think I’m a brow toucher, because when I wear pencils I’ll notice that half way through the day my brows are back to their straggly selves. The Marker goes on and stays on till I wash my face.

    I especially love this at the ends of my brows. The tip is so fine that you can create a pointy end very easily. This is wear ever full browed girls could use this, almost everyone could use a bit more definition at the tips of their brows!

    I do wish it was a bit less expensive. 20 bucks kind of hurts the wallet a bit. But it is ultimately worth it. 5 stars from me!

  12. This product me of a favorite eyebrow marker by Laura Geller. I haven’t re-purchased because I think it was either discontinued or not as accessible because Sephora stopped selling her stuff. it seems very similar to this product. I am quite impressed and the photos look pretty awesome. I am a victim of sparse eyebrows which is just how my natural brows look. I would love to give this product a try for sure!

    1. @mandabear – I used to love the Laura Geller brow marker too! I can’t find it anymore either. The TouchBack is better, it deposits a bit more color and wears longer.

  13. Oh my goodness! My sincerest apologies for missing this when it was first posted! I received this product for review and, as much as I wanted to love it, I just couldn’t get it to work for me.

    I should clarify that I have always preferred drier pencils for my brows, so I am biased in that respect. But I gave this one a good go, using it over the course of several weeks, and I just wasn’t happy with the watery consistency. It felt as though it wasn’t really adding pigmentation to the bald spots in my brows, and when I would go back over patchy areas, I couldn’t get the color to deposit consistently (I think some of this also had to do with my oily skin, which I think made it hard for the color to adhere to).

    I also thought the applicator tip wasn’t firm enough for my particular needs, and it made it difficult to achieve the clean lines that I can get from my usual pencil.

    I’m thrilled that this product works for many of you, and I really wish it did for me too. I think that if you don’t a lot of patchy areas to contend with (like Stef, whose brows are beautiful to begin with!), this would be a great product to use for a nice, natural-looking enhancement. But for someone like me, with sad, pathetic brows that need a LOT of help, it’s just not a love-match. I give it three stars, but again, that’s based on my own particular needs.

  14. Jane Meyer says:

    Can you pls let me know where i can buy the eyebrow marker from in melbourne?

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