Travel in scented style with Pacifica’s Take Me There Set

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Sniff this Tuscan Blood Orange scent for a mini vacation

Pacifica's Take Me There Setphotos: we heart this

It’s that time of year where everyone seems to be planning a little getaway – from week long summer beach trips to mini spring getaways, we’re all looking for a little rest and relaxation. However the traveling involved (endless bumper to bumper traffic, crowded airports and stale plane cabins) is anything but a vacation.

The eco-friendly Pacificaicon has just the answer to keep you traveling in sweet scented style; the Take Me There Setsicon. These economical trios ($18) offer three travel sized pick-me-ups that will have you arriving at your destination refreshed and revived, no matter the traveling obstacles. And for those that can’t get away just yet, these little luxuries will add a bit of exotic scented summer fun to your day.

Pacifica's Take Me There Set

Available in four scents including Indian Coconut Nectar, Island Vanillaicon (Pacifica’s newest fragrance) and Hawaiian Ruby Guava, the Take Me There Sets capture wanderlust in a bottle – and two tubes as well. I was happy to review the Tuscan Blood Orangeicon trio, which has me aching for summer (and a few days lounging by a pool under a bright blue and sunny sky).

Pacifica's Take Me There Set

Tucked inside the specially packaged set you’ll find three goodies in one of Pacifica’s most loved fragrances, Tuscan Blood Orange. The scent is bright and happy, a little bit sweet (from summer fruits like strawberry and raspberry) with a slightly spicy citrus tang (from Mandarin and blood oranges).

Upon opening I instantly reached for and applied the purse sized Roll-On Perfume – and I’ve got to say it is a totally portable instant mood lifter! One or two swipes across my wrists, pleases my nose and seems to perk up my mind and spirit. The bubbly scent is a nice burst of happiness, but subtle enough to not distract. It’s perfect for quick use after a cramped plane flight or at your desk in the middle of a long day.

For travel-weary and parched skin there’s a tube of Pacifica’s lush and lovely Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter. This rich soothing lotion is super hydrating while sinking right into the skin without out a trace of greasiness, just a soft dewy touch. In fact, I can even use it while at my desk, wait a few seconds and continue to type away without worries.

a tube of Blood Orange Color Quench Lip Tint

Finally, for lips that are ready to kiss upon arrival, there’s a tube of Blood Orange Color Quench Lip Tint, a pearly reddish-pink balm that’s loaded with natural moisturizers. Formulated with avocado and coconut oils, this lip tint is rich in essential fatty acids for a plump and nourished pout.

Blood Orange Color Quench swatch

The Blood Orange Color Quenchicon (also sold individually for $9 each) gives a super sheer touch of pink to lips for that “I just ate a bowl of strawberries” glow. This soft hue is perfect for an on the go touch up sans mirror.

Best of all, this fab trio, valued at $28, is available for just $18 – no need to make a dent in that vacation fund! To add a little sunny joy to your travels or just to help make it through another work day, I recommend you pick up one of Pacifca’s Take Me There Sets.

Love Pacifica? Let’s hear it! Plus, what’s your ‘take me there’ location: If you could travel anywhere this summer, where would you go?

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  1. I got to try the color quench, the scent is amazing! I’m a sucker for citrus scents and this one hits the mark perfectly. The color is a nice “your lips but better” shade for me and the scent is best described as uplifting. It gets me in the mood for sunny days and sitting on the beach.

    Pacifica does scent wonderfully. I would purchase the roller scent of this one especially for winter as a pick me up. I also love their coconut based perfumes.

    My preferred destination would be anywhere where I could go snorkeling! I got to snorkel for the first time this year and I’m hooked on it.

  2. This have me swooning a bit. Pacifica is such a solid company when it comes to scent – unusual but still SO GOOD. I have been known to walk into Whole Foods and head to the beauty area first, JUST so I can try a new Pacifica scent and smell myself while I shop…
    But I truly love gift sets and smaller versions of large wonderful things, so I’m going to have to give these a sniff and probably pick up a set! Indian Coconut Nectar sounds dreamy…

    And this summer, I’d LOVE to be back in Aruba where we spent our honeymoon. The water, the sun, the FOOD…*sigh* This daydream is especially bittersweet as I’ll be 8 and 9 months pregnant in June and July; even if I COULD soak up at Aruban sun, I’d probably be cranky in even paradise! :-)

    1. I do the same thing when I go to Whole Foods!!! I’ve loved Pacifica for awhile now, and just go crazy for their scents. I used to have the Blood Orange solid perfume but I didn’t really like using a solid perfume out of a tin. The scent was fabulous though. I would love to repurchase this scent as a liquid roll on perfume, or a lotion, or a candle (they make candles too). OR ALL OF THOSE! :) And that lip balm looks super practical for summer…

  3. That Color Quench Lip Tint totally has my name on it! So pretty and light for summer :)

  4. Ooh, Island Vanilla has my name written all over it. These would be cute little gifts for the bridesmaids, for my brother’s destination wedding this summer!

  5. I love Pacifica’s body butters!! They are one of my favorites. This set sounds like one I’ll have to check out!

  6. The Blood Orange lip tint is amazing…I love the smell when I wear it, I huff the tube when I put it on. This shows up as a pinkish “hint of tint” on my lips and I seem to be wearing this amazing lip balm more often than not–I am a sucker for a tinted lip balm. This stuff smells great, looks great, and makes my lips baby soft. I think pretty much everyone needs one of these babies in their purse :)

  7. Confession- I own almost ALL of the Pacifica roll on scents!! Lilac is my favorite, because they got it so spot on, but blood orange is a close second. It’s the perfect mid-day refresher!
    My favorite thing about Pacifica is that their scents don’t seem to bother folks who have issues with perfume! Maybe it’s because they’re so light and fresh, or maybe it’s because they’re made with natural ingredients, I’m not sure. All I know is that even my most perfume adverse coworkers don’t seem to mind. One coworker even breaks out in hives when someone wears perfume around her doesn’t have a problem! Hurray for office friendly and totally lush scents!

    1. I love their lilac too, it’s so realistic!

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