Tried and True: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

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Let’s Hear it for the Baddest Primer Around

Cheer with us, won’t you?

We are the Primer Potion Fans,
Strong and Deep!
Shadows from the Pans,
Won’t be beat,
Won’t slip from your face,
UD Primer Potion keeps ‘em in place!

I was never much of a cheerleader, but Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($20 for .33 oz) inspired me to become one. There are few products that are loved by all, across the board, performing well on all types of skin, for all ages of women. UD Primer Potion is one of these, and that’s something to cheer about.

Eyeshadow Primer Potion comes in 3 shades: Original, Eden and Minor Sin (all $20), and an anti-aging formula ($24). One taste of these and a world without them will seem impossible. You’ll covet them greedily, gluttonously needing to try them all. That’s not a bad thing.

Original is the most conservative and respectable of the Potions, matte and invisible upon drying. This is a good base whether you want to apply matte, shimmer or sparkle shadows. I’ve tried all the potions, and this is the one you can’t live without.

fan-favorite-urban-decay-primer-potion-original-swatchOriginal doing its magic…

Minor Sin is a champagne beige shimmer (a lighter version of its predecessor Sin), and like its compadre Eden (pale nude shimmer) these can be used alone, as a highlighter and as a base. These are fun to add intensity to shimmer shadows, or add sparkle to matte ones. These are the potions you’ll lust for and play with.

All of these Primer Potions now come in a generously sized .33oz squeeze tube with its classic genie-in-the-bottle screw top and an attached doe-foot applicator. Gone is the old, hard plastic bottle/applicator packaging that left us crying to reach every last drop. Now, we can reach every bit. That’s my first wish the Genie granted. Since such a tiny amount is needed (a bit the size of a pin head lightly patted on each lid), this Potion lasts forever. Second wish granted.

Superior performance is the main reason to used UD Primer Potion. Claiming 24-hour crease-free shadow performance after a smooth and fast dry down, it delivers. Actually, I never attempted to leave it on for the full 24 hours, but daytime to bedtime wear has been totally crease-free. For someone like me, an oily-lidded gal who wears a lot of loose mineral shadows, along with glittery and shimmery shadows, that says a lot. The Primer Potion also seems magnetized, allowing for very little fallout with even the glitteriest shadows. Third wish? Yep, granted.

In addition to all this, throw in the absolutely affordable $20 price tag, and the UD Genie has gone above and beyond in the granting wishes division. This is why I ask you all to raise a glitter pom pom in the air and shout a cheer for the best, the baddest, primer around.

we heartsters: let’s hear it for UD Eyeshadow Primer Potion!


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  1. It’s totally a classic. One of the first eye primers I tried, and I still buy it. Seriously changed my life ;)

  2. This is just a magical product. I almost as a rule hate primers of any kind, but UD’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion belongs in every makeup bag. Like, there should be a law ;)

  3. I have tried other primers but always go back to Urban Decay. I am a huge fan of the original. It was difficult to get me to initially try a primer. It sounds ridiculous. But once I tried it I was hooked. It truly makes eye shadow look better and last longer. It is a beauty tool that will always be in my arsenal!!

  4. This is still my favorite primer of all time. I have tried so many others I have lost count. This is one that I always go back to.

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