Probiotic Skincare…Who Knew?!

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Have you ever heard of “inside out” skincare? I hadn’t either, but now I’m fascinated.

Here’s the story… Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that keep our digestive systems healthy. And now, probiotics can work on the outside to keep our skin young and healthy, too. It makes sense that the woman who developed TULA Probiotic Skincare– the world’s first skincare system with probiotic technology– is a board-certified, practicing gastroenterologist at New York University.

Dr. Roshini Raj received her medical degree from NYU and undergraduate degree from Harvard. She’s a bestselling author and medical editor (at Health Magazine, a publication I really enjoy). Dr. Raj also makes regular appearances as a medical contributor on Dr. Oz, the Today Show and CNN.

In developing TULA Skincare, Dr. Raj determined that the exact probiotics that keep our digestive system running like clockwork could be used to “turn skincare inside out.” TULA Skincare works on the power of probiotics to balance skin (the body’s largest organ, after all), calm inflammation and lock in moisture.

Besides a bounty of natural probiotics, TULA products contain superfoods like blueberries and turmeric, as well as targeted safe ingredients like AHAs, retinol (Vitamin A) and Vitamin C. I got to sample two products that worked together to make my skin look younger, instantly. And in time, they promise to provide lasting improvements as well.

Tula Probiotic Skincare review

Step 1: TULA Skincare Aqua Infusion Power Liquid ($58, 1 oz). In the world of skincare, there’s nothing I love more than a serum, and this one is powerful and effective. The liquid is extremely light and soaks right in. And, unnoticed to the naked eye, 10,000 “micro-bubbles” of active ingredients burst upon application, releasing probiotics and these other ingredients:

+ Prickly Pear – Super hydrator helps to calm the appearance of stressed skin
+ Hyaluronic Acid Blend – Deeply hydrates and plumps the appearance of skin
+ Lactococcus Ferment Lysate – Hydrates and locks in moisture
+ PROBIOTIC STRAIN– Lactococcus Ferment Lysate

Probiotic Skincare review

This serum is designed for all skin types, especially dehydrated skin. In trials, 100% of women reported that their skin felt hydrated, plump, radiant and luminous. You can count me in with that 100%… this serum is fabulous!

Tula skincare review

Step 2: TULA Skincare Hydrating Day & Night Cream ($52, 1.7 oz). After the serum, I layer a little of this deeply nourishing cream… very little, as it’s concentrated. The moisturizer does not contain SPF, so during the day, I add this to my regimen, too. Ingredients include:

+ Rice nutripeptides are naturally derived and help nourish and strengthen skin’s vitality.
+ Watermelon Fruit Extract rich in antioxidants and deeply hydrates.
+ Probiotics naturally protect against harmful bacteria and lock in moisture to promote a balanced appearance.
+ Retinol(Vitamin A) helps improve tone & texture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
+ PROBIOTIC STRAIN: Bifida Ferment Lysate

Designed for all skin types, this cream is rich in probiotics and superfoods. As with the serum, clinical trials resulted in overwhelmingly rave reviews; a full 100% of women reported more radiant skin after 14 days of use. Again, count me in!

Probiotics work both inside and out

TULA products are cruelty free and 100% free from Phthalates, Parabens, toxins, carcinogens, mineral oil, Sodium Laurel Sulfate and harmful preservatives. The TULA serum/moisturizer combo I tested has made my skin appear calm and radiant, two things that I usually don’t say about my skin in the hot, humid summertime!

I’m excited to see what the future holds for my complexion as I continue with this “inside out” probiotic regimen.

Probiotics keep the gut and skin healthy

Probiotics…have you tried them inside or out? Share what products you love in the comments!

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