Two Key Fashion Pieces for Transitioning to Fall

Two Key Fashion Pieces for Transitioning to Fall

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What an exciting week it’s been here at we heart this! And we’re introducing another fabulous new writer to the wht team today. Please welcome the always stylish, accessory obsessed (shoes, bags and jewelry are big vices) and shopping specialist Dana (aka DWJ) to the site. She’s here today to help us with a few ideas for simple, affordable and stylish ways to ease into the fall. Make sure to check out her blog for a connoisseurs look at The Art of Accessories. ~ wht

As a new contributor to We Heart This I was racking my brain on what to write about for my first post about fashion. I mean, there’s just so much to discuss! When I really thought about it, there was only one thing I could see myself talking about right now, how to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. Because right now that’s about all I’m thinking about.

On the east coast the weather has been a bit haywire, hot and humid one day and chilly and windy the next. Autumn is on the horizon and my mornings are much cooler than they used to be. I’m tired of summer dresses but I’m not ready for wool sweaters and over the knee boots.

So how does one work with this in between period? I’d like to suggest two key items that you might already have in your closet or if you need to buy them, won’t break your bank. Added bonus, they keep the chill away!

One of my favorite transition pieces for fall is a boyfriend cardigan in lightweight cotton. This long and lean silhouette is great with leggings on the weekend, belted and worn with your favorite pencil skirt for the work week or layered over one of your favorite summer dresses.

photos:theartofaccessories’ photostream at Flickr

I like buying cardigans in bold colors to add a bit of pop to a neutral wardrobe or in a great graphic print (like the bold striped in the cardigan I’m wearing above) just to add some visual interest. One of my favorite colors that I think is universally flattering is royal blue, like this cardigan from Target ($17.99) This shade of blue (and contrasting orange trim) will add spice to any neutral in your wardrobe and brighten up your complexion. And if your day warms up, you can easily fold your cardigan up and toss it in your bag.

My second go to transitional weather piece that helps you accessorize at the same time, scarves! (That’s me wearing a fave in the intro picture) My neck is always cold (perhaps it’s because I have short hair?) and I find that a great scarf can take the place of a statement necklace.

Last year I was introduced to the fabulous Necklush scarves (the caramel and chocolate stripes necklush is seen at left, $42). These ultra cool scarves are made of cotton and feature hand printed designs. They can be worn in many ways and can add so much drama to your outfit while providing another layer from the autumn chill that’s in the air. I appreciate how they have put a modern spin on such a classic accessory and I’m loving the new prints that they’ve added to their collection.

If a Necklush isn’t in your budget, I’ve got a great DIY post on how to make a similar t-shirt scarf for yourself. And don’t forget, scarves can be thoroughly washed so vintage is ok. Check ebay, etsy and thrift stores for one of a kind, budget friendly options.

These are my 2 wardrobe staples that carry me through fall until I really need to start wearing a coat every morning – but we can wait a few more weeks for that, right Mother Nature?

we heartsters, what staples do rely upon to help you transition through the seasons?

18 thoughts on “Two Key Fashion Pieces for Transitioning to Fall”

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  2. Great post @dwj1 I love scarves, and your DIY is going to come in handy for me this season. I think it will be fun and easy to make these as gifts for my girlfriends this year, cheap and cute!

    Also, where did you get that blue cardi in the first pic? It’s super cute.

  3. I love this post, @dwj1! The pictures look awesome!

    I picked up this season’s cardigan last month at Old Navy – I absolutely fell in love with it and bought it without thinking! So, of course, it doesn’t match the only two scarves I have left (I did A LOT of spring cleaning this year)! Not that it matters, the weather has been so nuts it’s been either too hot or too cold for my cardi. Womp womp.

  4. @dwj1 –I love this column. I recently bought a couple belts to help my cardi look. I tend to be more drawn to basic sweater colors. My pop of color seems to come from the camisole or whatever I am wearing underneath. I can’t wait to ready your next DIY post. Welcome to the WHT team.

  5. @DWJ1 – I think we were separated at birth! I’m a scarf addict, and my husband has to wrestle me out of my cardigans when he wants to see a little skin, LOL!
    Welcome to the team. I love your blog and I can’t wait to see more of your posts here at WHT!

  6. Hooray for DWJ!!! WELCOME to WHT! I look forward to learn so many great ideas from you. I can always use a helpful hint on what to wear and how to wear it.. I’m a real mess otherwise! One thing I have going for me, I do love to use scarfs at work and going out often. Small to oobber big ones! Great post @dwj1!

  7. Great post @dwj1! I, too, am a huge fan of boyfriend cardis. I am wearing one right now! I like the blue one that you are wearing – it looks super cozy. I have never tried a necklush on but they seem really stylish and a fun scarf alternative!

  8. Welcome @dwji!! What a great post. You are obviously a perfect match for the WHT team. I am going to adore your new column. I can already tell that I totally dig your style. Cardigans and scarves are totally my thing.

  9. I know this is an old post but I just have to say, fantastic ideas! I love the way you use key pieces to add that unique look and a bit of sparkle! I get a lot of my own key pieces from disturbia clothing, as I’m into a quite alternative look. I just love that scarf, it actually looks like a necklace! I’d like to ask if there was any way I could get my hands on one here in the uk? Thanks a lot Sally.

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