Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner review

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Nonstop loving for Urban Decay’s latest liner

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Color makes me crazy in the best possible way. As a child, I would get frantic with excitement at Back to School time because fall meant a new box of crayons. Now I’m having that same rush of color excitement, except this time, it’s color for big girls: Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Liner ($18).

I didn’t think it was possible to love Urban Decay liners more than I already did. Their 24/7 pencils are the ones I reach for automatically in almost every situation. Although I love the look of liquid liner, it can be tricky to apply for even the most practiced hand.

Leave it to UD to solve this problem in a technicolor way! The ads say their new 24/7 Liquid Liner can draw lines “so sharp they could cut glass.” But reading this didn’t prepare me for such complete control. How did they do it? The slender brush gives the most precise line I’ve ever seen, allowing me amazing agility for the perfect application every single time. No need to remove excess liner from the brush, either. It comes out of the tube with the exact amount for a flawless line. Shake, open, apply. Spectacular!

El Dorado, Smog, Perversion, Demolition, Retrograde

Siren, Sabbath, Radium, Woodstock, Revolver, Bobby Dazzle

In the unlikely case of mistakes, I found I had a minute or two for cleanup before the liner set into a waterproof marvel. And I do mean waterproof. I went to see The Help wearing full makeup and cried through the entire movie, dabbing at my eyes for over two tearjerking hours. I emerged from the theater wearing eyeliner alone, and it still looked amazing!

Now let’s talk about color. 24/7 Liquid Liner is available in 11 long-lasting matte, slick and shimmery shades, and I tested two: Radium, bright blue with a silver sparkle. Applied in a thin line, Radium is subtle enough for day. In a bolder line, it offers plenty of nighttime drama. And Demolition, a deep matte chocolaty brown, which I’ve discovered is a worthy substitute for black, giving a slightly softer, modern look.

Siren, Sabbath, Radium, Woodstock, Revolver, Bobby Dazzle and a flash of El Dorado

Woodstock, Revolver, Bobby Dazzle, El Dorado, Smog, Perversion, Demolition, Retrograde

UD claims these liners will “satisfy our color lust,” but I can’t help it. I’m greedy for color and I need more, more, more! I’m not going to be happy until I add at least a few more of these to my collection.

Bobby Dazzle – pure silver with iridescent sparkle
Demolition – deep espresso brown, practically black
El Dorado – pure yellow gold with gold sparkle
Perversion – inky blackest black
Radium – bright cobalt blue with silver and cobalt sparkle
Retrograde – blackened purple with purple and blue sparkle
Revolver – dark charcoal gray with iridescent silver sparkle
Sabbath dark matte navy
Siren – teal with a blue shift sparkle
Smog – medium brown with golden shimmer and iridescent sparkle
Woodstock– hot pink with iridescent sparkle

• Unique skinny yet firm liner brush offers precise control every time.
• The brush wand isn’t too stiff, so it’s easy to maneuver .
• Lust-worthy array of colors, ranging from subtle to outrageous.
• Stays on as long as you’d like.
• Created without animal testing, of course.

• It takes a little work to get it off, which is really a pro if you’re looking for a waterproof product.

we heartsters and testers, are you having a nonstop love affair with Urban Decay’s 24/7 Liquid Liners?

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  1. I got to test Bobby Dazzle and WHOA MAMA, does this stuff stay put! The eentsy little brush was easy to use and I was able to get good coverage with one coat. The sparkliness of Bobby Dazzle stayed bright and did not fade for hours, nor did it get muddy or dulled down. I dotted it along my lash line before a night out and although I’m not usually a sliver eyeliner type of girl, this made me look hella fancy! :-) I love it, I have absolutely no complaints; other than the fact that I don’t own Perversion or Retrograde RIGHT NOW. I need to rectify that situation…5 stars from me!

  2. I’m so happy to hear Bobby Dazzle is as pretty as it looks in the swatches, @lyssachelle ! I need to own it… as well as Siren, Revolver, Retrograde– oh, forget it, I need ALL of them!

    5 stars from the bottom of my heart!

  3. I would love to see what some of these look like on! They look pretty cool.. Especially Revolver! They would be fun to play with!

    1. I’d like to see them, too, @irene !

      The beauty of this liner is the brush, which allows you to draw as thin a line as you’d like, so even the really dramatic colors can be extremely wearable. I wouldn’t have thought the bright blue of Radium would work on me, but I ended up loving it!

  4. I know this is weird but I love it when an eyeliner’s con is “hard to get off” because that’s what I seriously need! Oily asian lids right here. I’m so glad Urban Decay made these. I believe in their eye products and I’m using Kat Von D eyeliner right now but I’m using it down to the bottom and I know exactly what I’m getting next! I’m so excited. Great review @turboterp :)

  5. Just yesterday I was asking Melissa what liquid liner she recommends, and poof! A 5 – star review! Must be fate.
    I would love to see a picture of the brush to see what I am getting myself into. Now if only I could decide what color to choose!?

  6. Oh, wow, I really want to try Retrograde *whines*–that purple is gorgeous! Yowsa!
    The red one—Woodstock—I don’t know who that would work on–it looks like it may work for Halloween and all those potential slutty devils and vampires out there (What’s up with every costume for the ladies being some variation of slut?). I’d probably look like I had ebola if I wore that. Yikes!

  7. I feel the same way about eyeliner :)

    Sorry to be late to the review party–my internet has been down and I’m now typing this from a coffee shop around the corner!

    I received one of these new 24/7 liquid liners in El Dorado to test out. I. LOVE. IT. It’s amazing. The color is gorgeous. It’s a lovely golden yellow with lots of shimmer. To get maximum pigmentation, make sure to shake it a bit before applying. Great for summer, and gorgeous on the lower lashline for a bit of glam without going overboard! I swiped a little bit on my hand and it lasted all day even with thorough hand washing! I had to take a makeup remover wipe to it to get it off. Same with application on my eyes. These REALLY stay on. $18 is pretty reasonable for Urban Decay and higher end eyeliners. The brush applicator is quite easy to use (although newbies to liquid liner might prefer the felt/foam applicator type). I love that the packaging is color coordinated with the color of the product–especially since I can see myself buying more of these in the future! Definitely a 5 star product.

  8. Wow those colors are crazy beautiful. But what else should I expect from Urban Decay? I’ve been thinking of picking up a new dark but colorful liner soon and I think I’ve found just the right one, Siren here I come. Great review!

  9. I’m the lucky tester of Retrograde, and man is it beautiful! It’s a nice twist on a basic, not too much and not too little; I can wear it to work or a meeting and not feel too showy. The formula goes on smooth with no clumping of the glitter (a HUGE plus, as I’ve had trouble with glittery liquid liners bunching in the past). And what everyone else has been saying about the staying power? I second that! Even used without a primer, Urban Decay’s 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner stays on allllll day with no smudging, fading, or straying.
    I only have one complaint, and that’s with the application. While the brush itself is great (perfect length) the product can be a little patchy as it goes on. I’m not sure if it’s just because it’s a darker shade, but I need to do at least 1 initial pass and 1 touch up pass to get an evenly saturated color. Still, this is super minor, as I normally use a few layers to get my eyeliner good and dark.
    Overall, I give UD’s 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner in Retrograde 4 stars. Fingers crossed that they come out with a killer holiday set including a few of these!!

  10. I’m in love with this liner and I want to shout it from the rooftop! I got to try Siren, a beautiful sparkling teal, and Smog, the sparkling medium brown that leans towards khaki (just an ideal shade all around, works with brown, works with army greens). Both just absolutely shine, the fine micro glitter is a dream. The tiny lil’ slip of brush allows for a super fine line. And once these dry – they’re not budging without some serious rubbing. When they do come off, it kind of balls up and rolls up in a latex-y kind of way.

    What a great array of colors too, huh? I could have played with them all day.

    5 stars, without a doubt. Well played Urban Decay, well played!

  11. Urban Decay in my mind is almost always #1 in the eyeliner department. The quality is always top notch. And the color choices are vast and gorgeous!! I am not surprised to hear that they have developed another great line! Yay for UD!!

  12. I’ve heard of these, and wanted to try them out, so I was excited to try Perversion – the black one. It really lasts all day…maybe a little too long, if that’s possible! I had use a little extra eye make up remover to get the last of it off after a long day. It’s very dark and bold, which is everything a black liquid liner should have. 5 stars from me!

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