Urban Decay Afterglow Glide-on Cheek Tint review

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I am what some people would conservatively describe as a cream blush aficionado. Others may call me an obsessive blush whore. Okay, that’s usually how I describe myself. I love the stuff. The first blush I ever owned was a cream blush because that’s what my mother used and because she said it was harder to mess up. Being as pale as I am, blush is a necessity and one product I just shouldn’t go without.

I am constantly on the look out for the latest cream blush formulations and whenever I find a new one to add to my arsenal, I am like a kid on Christmas morning. New to my cream blush radar is Urban Decay’s Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tint. Now, we at wht are no strangers to this fabulous brand and we have made our love of them known time and time again. I’m adding this product to the list of lust-worthy cosmetics from Urban Decay.

The Afterglow Cheek Tint ($24) is packaged in a sleek, clear plastic compact with a golden snake on the lid (Look closely, the “snake” is actually a flower chain!) Tucked inside is a generously sized mirror that is perfect for touch-ups. But it’s the Afterglow formula that’s worthy of a big “oh”!

Urban Decay’s Afterglow Glide-on Cheek Tint does just that…it glides. It applies smoothly, the consistency of a thin balm with zero stickiness. It feels like weightless silk on your cheeks. I know that sounds slightly melodramatic, but I kid you not. After the color set on my face, I ran my hand over my cheek and couldn’t feel the product at all, just soft skin.

The color applies more sheer than the pan would imply, so for those of you fearful of looking like an employee of the Ringling Brothers Circus, I dare say this cream blush is for you. Not only do these cream blushes look lovely and natural on, but they contain nourishing ingredients such as Vitamins E, C, and A and several shades offer vegan formulations.

These blushes come in seven face-brightening shades and the wht team had the chance to check out six Afterglow hues:

Bangbright orange (vegan formula); Quickie light pink (vegan formula)

Score pink-peach with gold shift; Fetishrose pink

Greedyberry (vegan formula); Indecentpeach

I received the shade Greedy, which is a deep plum berry shade in the pan. It applies as a light wash of plum with a hint of red. It took about three swipes per cheek to get a good flush going.

Fetish, Greedy, Indecent

Bonus! I even slicked some on my lips and was happy to discover that it felt like a light balm and lasted for a couple of hours (no food or drink during this time). Alone, on my oily skin, the cheek tint lasted between one to two hours before I needed to reapply. Once I set it with a translucent loose powder, it lasted about five hours, however, it still started to fade after about two hours and at five there was nothing left.

Bang, Quickie, Score

Nearly impossible to over-apply
Closely resembles a natural flush
Blends flawlessly
Can be used on lips
Vitamins in the formulation
Some shades are vegan
No breakouts for this tester (I have sensitive/oily skin and if a product will make someone break out, that person will be me.)

Shades apply very sheer as opposed to how they look in pan, so keep that in mind when viewing swatches online. (I checked out some of these at my local Sephora and noted that in person, they almost didn’t resemble the computer swatches due to how very sheer they were.)
Lasts longer than some, but fades a little faster than I’d prefer. I don’t mind re-applying cream blush, but since most require the use of your fingers to accomplish this, you really need to sanitize your hands before you can do this or else you contaminate the product.
I can’t help but wish they had more shades. Most are of the pink or peach variety. I would love to see a cherry red shade and a deep brown/bronze shade in this blush.

Overall, I think the Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tint is a welcome addition to my cream blush collection and I’m giving it 4 stars, one point deducted because the color didn’t last as long as I would have liked. I definitely feel that those of you who have been afraid to try cream formulas in the past will be pleasantly surprised with this Urban Decay newbie.

we heartsters – Am I the only person who is slightly biased towards cream blush? Testers – How did the other shades of this cheek tint pan out? (Ha! Puns!)

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  1. I didn’t get to see an up-close picture of “Bang” in person before this post, but that one is definitely being added to my wish list–it looks like a great Summer color!

  2. I have Score in a powder blush, I’d love to try the cream. These look like a great product.
    @krista Do you always apply cream blushs with you fingers or have you ever used a brush? I’m starting to see “cream blush” brushes pop up and I’m wondering if they’re worth it.

  3. Great post @krista! I am a fan of cream blush too, but sometimes forget to apply it beneath my mineral foundation- dagit! Because of you I will make a serious effort to remember- cream looks so much more natural and lasts longer too!
    Score and Fetish look like winners for me!

  4. You really nailed this product @krista – its consistency, sheerness, ease of use. I tested the super bright Bang, which I first thought was a lip product. When I realized it was cream blush, my heart sank a little, because it’s winter and I am very pale! I couldn’t imagine how this bright orange would work on my skin.

    But this is Urban Decay, and their products always work a little magic, don’t they? Bang is beautiful even on my winter pale skin– just a sheer wash of color that blends perfectly. I can’t imagine how beautiful Bang will be on top of a faux tan this summer!

    I love that this particular color is vegan, and I’m equally excited about the cute little compact with its nice mirror. And it can double as lip color, too! With no hesitation, I’m giving Bang 5 bright stars.

  5. These look great! I think what I like the most is that they have a large surface area, I’ve seen cream blushes that were in pots or tubes that made it hard to get to the product as it went down. This looks like you’ll be every to get every tiny bit of product without trying to dig it out with your fingernail!
    I’ll have to look at these next time I’m in my beauty store!

  6. I didn’t try this but I wish I had. I LOVE cream blushes. Even though I’m oily I find that if I also find the right product it is infinitely more natural looking that the powder variety.
    Are these oil based? That’s one type of cream blush I can’t do. It sounds as though you ( @krista) wouldn’t be able to do that either, though, so I’m guessing not.
    Cream or stick blushes I love are Jane (drugstore brand), Smashbox and Make Up For Ever. I can’t do Stila convertible colors (love the color but too oily and I break out). Have you tried any of these for comparison?

  7. @pinkshaya – I’ve tried cream blush brushes, but I ALWAYS go back to my fingers. They use up less product and I feel give me a more natural result. One thing to keep in mind ANY time you use your fingers as an applicator: be sure to wash your hands first! I know that seems like a no-brainer, but I’ve known people who will apply things with their bare hands, don’t wash their hands first, and then WONDER why they are breaking out…It’s like, you just smeared bacteria all over yourself…
    @sherrishera – I looked at the ingredient list and it seems like most of the ingredients are different types of silicone, which would account for the feel/texture. If you are silicone-sensitive, you may have troubles. I have no problem using silicone-based products on my cheeks, but I know if I use it on my “T” zone, I’m breakout city. It depends on how sensitive your skin is. Hope that helps!
    As for comparing this to another cream blush, there really ISN’T one. Surprising, huh? Nothing else really has this much silicone in it–most cream blushes are either lipstick consistency, or almost greasy. This one is really different from the rest of the pack. Stila’s One Step Makeup Primecolor feels close once applied, though that is in a tube and the color payoff is greater.
    If you really like cream blushes and are as breakout-prone as I am, check out Julie Hewett’s Cheekies & Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges—I’ve had a lot of luck with them. Revlon’s cream blush and CoverGirl/Olay cream blushes are also excellent :)
    Avoid Hard Candy’s cream blush duos carried at Walmart—they are a hot, greasy mess.
    Hope that helps!

  8. I haven’t tried a lot of cream blushes, but these come in so many great colors I may have to get a couple!

  9. I love the colors, but the packaging just seems easily breakable. I’d probably break it the first time I drop it like I did my Cargo palette (the hinge broke…yep).

    @krista – Wait, they contain a lot of silicones? Yikes….I think I should check these off my list. I think I better stick with my Stila Convertible Colors!

  10. @krista Great Review. I have not used a lot of creme blushes either. However, reading this review, I really want a few.

  11. I loooove Urban Decay. It’s one of my favorite cosmetic companies, and I was super excited to receive an Afterglow Glide-on Cheek Tint to review! I usually prefer to use powder blush, but I occasionally use other types of blush as well. I was sent “Fetish” which is a cool toned rose pink/mauve shade, with silver supermicroglitter. (Too big to be called shimmer/frost, too small to be called microglitter). I applied it two different ways, with my fingers, and with a foundation brush. This blush can be easily applied and built up either way, but I prefer using a foundation brush, and patting the flat side of the brush onto my cheeks, over my foundation. Clean hands, no mess!

    -Awesome, edgy packaging with a mirror inside. Artistic, but functional. I totally consider it drool-worthy.
    -Buildable color, easily blended.
    -No breakouts.
    -Very little residue/stickiness.
    -Looked good on my lips.

    -The silver shimmer in this particular shade is frosty looking on my cheeks. Maybe it’s because I have yellow undertones, or maybe it’s just that silver shimmer isn’t very flattering in a blush?
    -The color isn’t very long lasting. Fades significantly by the end of the workday.
    -$24 seems a bit spendy for the amount of product, given that the cheek tint will probably have to be reapplied if you’ll be out and about all day.

    Overall, I’d give UD’s Afterglow Glide-on Cheek Tint 4/5.

    @katezena, I’ve had the same problem with my Cargo palettes and Bluray powder! I looove their products, and while the case seems fairly sturdy, the hinges are easily broken. I haven’t had any problems with my UD cheek tint yet.

  12. @lipglossandspandex – Doesn’t it suck? I got so angry when mine broke since those things are so darn expensive.

    What makes me angrier is that I’ve had my Stila Convertible Color in Petunia JUST as long and it’s fallen from the ironing board to the concrete basement floor (it accidentally got in my hamper somehow) and that sucker was still COMPLETELY INTACT. COMPLETELY. The product didn’t even budge. I’ve lost a Pyrex measuring cup AND two irons from doing the exact same thing, but my Stila was still intact. Why can’t Cargo take a lesson from Stila (and the iron companies)?

    That’s for letting me know about the UD packaging, but I don’t think they’re right for me. Too many silicones in one product tend to make my hypersensitive combination skin go haywire.

  13. I was lucky enough to receive Indecent to test. It it is a very lovely and understated creamy peach. It was so understated that I had to apply quite a few layers to get much of an impact. But that’s ok. I really do love Urban Decay. And while this cream blush isn’t my favorite UD product it is still pretty great!

    I love the packaging! But I always love UD packaging. It is almost always beautiful and unique. I have extremely oily and sensitive skin. But this blush did not irritate me at all. And it certainly had more staying power once I set it with my Mineral Veil.

    Here is my tip for packing more of a punch with this blush. Layer a powder blush overtop! I almost always do this with any cream or gel blush. If I use a contrasting color it creates more of a multi-dimensional look. And it helps my oily skin to maintain the color longer.

    I would really like to try the rose and berry colors. I think that they look great! But my peach will be very nice come Spring, if it ever comes! :)

    4 stars from me!!

  14. I played with these a bunch last trip to Sepora–though they didn’t make she short list in my basket that day. But I love how sheer and blendable they are…they are so easy to apply and they don’t have that sticky feel that a lot of cream blushes have. And even though the colors look scary-bright they blend into sheer, beautiful colors. But I’m with @krista on the con that they don’t stay on too long…but maybe layer a sheer powder blush over them and I think you’d do OK…

  15. Yeah, I’m thinking Bang needs to be mine in the very near future…

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  17. I would like to give these a try. I think I would lean towards trying Score. But I think Bang looks quite perfect for summer!!!

  18. Great post @krista. I’m eyeing Indecent and Fetish! I’ve actually never even tried cream blush, but I might have to do so soon.

  19. Oooh, thanks for the awesome review and swatches. I neeeed one of these. Period!

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