Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass eye shadow palette and lipstick – swatches and review (PIC HEAVY)

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Grab a cup of tea and join us on an adventure down the rabbit hole, won’t you? Because Urban Decay has teamed up with Disney to celebrate the release of Alice Through the Looking Glass. And they’re celebrating in the best way possible: with a limited edition eye shadow palette and five lipsticks (all new shades!)


I got a chance to peek at the collection last week at a release party at Disneyland (which in itself felt like some sort of beautiful psychedelic trip). And now, I get to send all of you on a trip too!

Check out this picture heavy post and see for yourself if you need to set your clocks so you won’t be late for a very important date(s): it releases April 28 at Ulta and May 2 everywhere else.




The Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass eye shadow palette ($60) is beyond gorgeous. I’m not one for excess packaging (A pop-up room for your primer? Please.) But this really got me with its kaleidoscope print, 3D butterfly and beautiful script quotes. It’s just so fantastical.







Luckily, the shadows are just as pretty as the packaging. It’s a primarily warm palette (hooray!) in an array of textures.


Each vertical row is an ode to a character. From left to right they are: Alice, Mad Hatter, Mirana, Iracebeth and Time. But as you’ll see from my swatches (which I did horizontally since I was obviously mesmerized) the whole palette works together. Really, there isn’t a shade that you can’t pair up!


Urban-Decay-Alice-Through-the-Looking-Glass-eye-shadow-palette-swatches Looking Glass Hatter Lily Heads Will Roll Time DisneyLooking Glass, Hatter, Lily, Heads Will Roll and Time

Looking Glass – pale pink satin
Hatter – emerald green with micro glitter
Lily – light pink iridescent
Heads Will Roll – aqua with gold micro glitter
Time – purple-tinged dark blue charcoal shimmer

Urban-Decay-Alice-Through-the-Looking-Glass-eye-shadow-palette-swatches Refelction Gone Mad Duchess Bandersnatch Dream On DisneyRefelction, Gone Mad, Duchess, Bandersnatch and Dream On

Reflection – pale apricot matte
Gone Mad – dark purple, micro glitter in the pan but looks matte on
Duchess – duochrome of peach and pink shimmer
Bandersnatch – deep ocean blue matte
Dream On – dirty plum, moondust finish (apply wet for the most color payoff)

Urban-Decay-Alice-Through-the-Looking-Glass-eye-shadow-palette-swatches Dormouse Paradox Kingdom Salazen Grum Chronosphere DisneyDormouse, Paradox, Kingdom, Salazen Grum and Chronosphere

Dormouse – medium caramel brown, micro glitter in the pan but looks matte on
Paradox – orange metallic shimmer
Kingdom – dark rose gold shimmer
Salazen Grum – light red metallic shimmer
Chronosphere – dark chocolate shimmer

Urban-Decay-Alice-Through-the-Looking-Glass-eye-shadow-palette-swatches Metamorphosis Cake Chessboard Royal Flush Mirror DisneyMetamorphosis, Cake, Chessboard, Royal Flush and Mirror

Metamorphosis – cornflower blue, micro glitter in the pan but looks matte on
Cake – bright hot pink with micro glitter
Chessboard – milk chocolate matte
Royal Flush – silvery white, moondust finish (apply wet for the most color payoff)
Mirror – charcoal shimmer

Horizontal row three (Dormouse through Chronosphere) absolutely SLAYS me. It will make the prettiest warm eye. I also really love the blues (Bandersnatch, in particular) and greens in the palette (Heads Will Roll is divine).


Not to be outdone, in march the five lipsticks all in a pretty row…



Mirana – dark garnet berry, metallized (we’ll see what UD says about this new finish, but to me it means micro glitter)
Alice – uber pale peach nude with pink iridescent, sheer shimmer (this remind me a lot of the Duchess eye shadow)
Time – semi sheer blue grey with silver shimmer, metallized
Mad Hatter – bright fuchsia purple, metallized
Iracebeth – bright red, comfort matte



There’s something for everyone in this line up. I’ll wear Mirana and Iracbeth a lot. But I do wish Alice had more pigment, it’s very hard to see. More adventurous folks will look incredible in Time and Mad Hatter. And of course, the packaging is a thing of pure beauty.

So we heartsters, has Urban Decay made you go mad with the Alice Through the Looking Glass collection?

Buy the collection here: Ulta

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  1. Your pics of this collection literally made me gasp, @stef! I don’t think I’ve ever seen prettier packaging. The array of shadow colors is so intriguing, and I even love the not-too-practical lippies! Time looks like a color I would have loved in my younger, wilder days. Maybe it’s time to give blue lips another try.

  2. I love looking at all of these so much but I’m not sure I’d ever wear most of the colors. But dang, they sure outdid themselves with the packaging! Totally gorgeous. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I am pretty much dead over here–cannot get over how beautiful that palette is! I am a sucker for Alice-themed stuff anyway, but this collection is above and beyond.

  4. I have been freaking out about this collection. I love that Urban Decay decided to go with the artsy packaging for this palette–it is beautiful! I can’t wait for it to be released tomorrow. I’m a little disappointed by the swatches of the lipsticks, because I was hoping for opaque shades.

  5. @stef seriously that packaging is amazing! Love the Mirana colors the most…wish the lip colors were more wearable for me.

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