Urban Decay Lip Love Honey-Infused Lip Therapy review

Urban Decay Lip Love Honey-Infused Lip Therapy review

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We’ve found a lot to love about these summery glosses!

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I don’t know about you but I can never have enough lip balms and lip therapies. My never ending quest to have smooth lips that don’t peel has made me an avid user of a variety of treatments. With that said, any new, exciting balms or glosses that hit the market I want to try! And one of the most consistently exciting brands out there, Urban Decay has a real winner in their Summer 2011 collection with the Lip Love Honey-Infused Lip Therapy.

When two of these little tubes landed in my lap for a wht review, I eagerly slathered them on and have been using them everyday since. These are one of Urban Decay’s latest creation – part lip therapy, they are infused with honey – and part gloss, offering a variety of soft, summery tints.

Lip Love in Taunt, Stung and Lolita

I tried out Taunt, which is a classic nude, and Stung, which is a deep plum tint. Now, when I say tint, we’re talking just a hint of color, so even the deep plum only added a very slight hue to my lips.

These are thick, liquid glosses and felt extremely rich when I put them on. I could see why when I checked out the ingredients. They are packed with Vitamin C, which boosts collagen, and Millet, Jojoba and Apricot Kernel Seed Oils, ALL which attack dry lips with what Urban Decay describes as a “powerful lip healing trifecta.”

Let me tell you, I felt the trifecta and was instantly impressed with the consistency and richness these glosses had. They felt great and like they were doing my lips a lot of good! I also immediately tasted the infused honey, which added a nice, subtle flavor, without being too overpowering.

My favorite part about these Lip Love tubes though is the packaging. They come in a sweet little glam squeeze tube and gold cap, and the best part is the soft angled tip that is just the PERFECT size to run over your lips. Too often lip glosses and therapies come in big, fat tubes with giant applicators, making them hard to apply. These tubes are just the right size.. small and compact. Easy to stash them in pockets and purses and way easier to use!

But don’t let their small size fool you, a little goes a long way, so they will last for a while. I’ve barely made a dent in mine, which I’ve been using for a couple weeks now.

So, wrapping it up, let’s take a look at some pro’s and con’s:

Variety of fun tints.
Thick, rich lip therapy.
Come in a perfectly portable sized tube.
Honey scent and nourishing formula.

If you aren’t a honey fan, you might not like the flavor.

Finally, some may feel $16 is a bit steep for a tiny tube of gloss. I didn’t see the price as too much of an issue, if you’re looking for a high quality lip therapy that works.

So, needless to say, I am definitely feeling the love for Urban Decay’s Lip Love! we heartsters – are you head over heels for Urban Decay’s new Lip Loves?

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16 thoughts on “Urban Decay Lip Love Honey-Infused Lip Therapy review”

  1. Oooo! These glosses sound divine! They are just up my alley. I love a gloss with a slanted plastic tip versus a doe foot, or the dreaded brush applicator – so easy and much neater! I also love a rich thick gloss that lasts and lasts. I am a honey fan and don’t need much color from my gloss, so this sounds like a gloss match made in heaven! Great post @spitfire77

  2. These sound perfect. My poor lips need some love because they’re all dry and feel like they’ll crack :( I’ve been trying to resist going to SophiSephora to check them out, because I need more glosses like I need a hole the head.

  3. I LOVE this gloss. Love, love love! The honey scent is absolutely divine. They are on the heavy side, it’s a dense feeling gloss (which I like). But they’re not sticky. It’s just feels like you’re putting this this thick, moisturizing layer of pure yumminess on your lips. Yum, I actually had to go grab mine and apply some after talking about it!

    They are sheer. I’d love to see a version that has a bit more pigment. But for a grab and go kind of gloss, these are perfect.

    I took taunt and lolita (the nude and bright pink) and was supposed to give one to @tyna. I don’t wanna give either up…

    A 5 star gloss, says this lover of lipgloss.

  4. Melissa means honey bee in Greek, and I am true to my name… I LOVE honey! And I love Urban Decay, too. How did I not know about this product? I have to have Taunt. Today! Thanks, @spitfire77 , for a great review!

  5. Uuuuuungh, I just set a personal ban on new lip gloss purchases. (My collection is becoming obscene.) None of these glosses are LE, right? I think this needs to go on my Christmas wish list! (For those paying attention- there are a few more days in July, and I’m not opposed to Christmas in July presents! Hahaha!)

  6. I am a huge fan of Urban Decay products! I can not wait to give this gloss a try. The honey sounds amazing!! I am pretty sure that stung would be my color. I love plums. Great review!

  7. I got Lolita and besides absolutely loving the color in the tube, it has a nice subtle color on. And it looks great over lipstick! I definitely felt the trifecta too – so great. I wear it all the time. 5 stars!

  8. I am a huge honey fan! Honey scented things, honey in general..oh my…I think I might love these! I love this side to Urban Decay. Sometimes I need a break from their crazy colors :)

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