Urban Decay Liquid Moondust Eyehadow swatches and review

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Urban Decay Is the Gold Standard for Other-Earthly Sparkle

If you feel like you’ve outgrown Urban Decay and all their decadent sparkle, raise your hand. Ok, now put it down while I tell you why you’re wrong. I can sum it up in one word: MOONDUST.

Urban Decay is the gold standard of glitter, and Moondust is their superstar. I first sang praises of UD sparkle when I reviewed the Stardust eye shadows. These contained all that requisite UD glitter, but were given to us in a grown-up, finely milled, buttery powder. From the ashes of Stardust came Moondust in the same powder form.


It’s been said that nothing gold can stay. With respects to Pony Boy and David Frost, I’ll need to amend that statement. Gold can stay, but only if it takes on new and glorious forms.

“Moondust, FORM OF A LIQUID!”

The command was harkened down from the powers that be, and the resultant formula is, simply put, phenomenal. The liquid is more like a cool, lightweight gel-cream that is buildable, blendable, quick drying and long lasting.

I liken the Urban Decay Liquid Moondust Eyeshadow ($22) to the original powder ones when the powder is applied wet. But really, that’s an injustice to the liquid version—they are much more versatile!

The Liquid Moondust comes in .17 oz clear tubes with a very small brush, suitable for precise lining. In the bright light of day, in my conservative palette of browns and nudes, I can absolutely get away with a thin stripe of iridescence on my lash line. What a way to wake up tired eyes like mine.

But there’s more. This light liquid can be applied on the whole of the lid for a subtle wash of color. There is about 30 seconds of working time where, after applying a bit of color to the lid, you can smudge it across the whole of the lid, for a really understated sheer eye stain with minimal glittery impact, either alone or on top of your favorite shadow.


But the holidays are upon us, and I’m not just referring to Halloween here, folks! Please don’t feel that as a post-collegiate professional, glitter is verboten—or simply intended for sneaky minimalist usage on tired eyes and earthy palettes. Please! With Santa Clause pushing Jack Skellington clear past Tom Turkey, holiday parties will be assaulting us shortly, and using Liquid Moondust in their full-fledged glittery glory will be not only accepted, but urged.

As mentioned, the Liquid Moondust is buildable. After applying to the entire lid using the brush provided (which, when using the whole side of the brush rather than just the tip, is quite effective in covering the whole lid in just a few swipes), wait the 30 seconds to dry, blending in the corners and creases, before adding a second layer. This provides an opaque color with intense, multi-faceted sparkle and shine. Using these liquids together allows for an amazing degree of seamless blendability that lends itself to all sorts of artistic eye creations.

urban-decay-liquid-moondust-eyeshadow-spacetime-swatchesSpacetime applied heavy and blended

Not for nothing, primer is not necessary for these Moondust incarnations. Because of the form there is no fallout (huge for any shimmer/glitter fiend), and they stay put until you take them off (I fell asleep in mine and they only thing that wore or smudged was my mascara)! Also, this being a liquid means that there’s no sparkle to settle in wrinkles, creases and fine lines…it’s practically designed for us more mature folk!

Urban Decay Liquid Moondust Shadow swatches

urban-decay-liquid-moondust-eyeshadow-4Chem Trail, Recharged, Zap, Spacetime


Chem Trail -iridescent white
Recharged — rose gold with pink sparkle
Zap – dirty gold
Spacetime – bronzey chocolate brown


urban-decay-liquid-moondust-eyeshadow-7Solstice, Magnetic, Vega, Zodiac


Solstice — mauve base with blue-green 3-D sparkle
Magnetic — purple with a TON of iridescent sparkle
Vega – bright denim blue
Zodiac — black-based green with green 3-D sparkle (very marine-like)


Zodiac is going to get a LOT of party time this season. Meanwhile, Recharged is responsible for doing the same for my tired eyes. Solstice is my go-to wash of color (I frequently use it by itself, or as a wash on top of an everyday auburn shadow of mine). Magnetic is for when I feel like getting all Purple Rain-ed out in my rock-n-roll party dress.

Now come on, I can’t be the only one. Are you DYING to sparkle up a storm?


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  1. Oh wow the golds look fabulous! And I am so excited that they are liquid because I have a hard time with glitter powders and these look much more usable and versatile.

    1. These are def user friendly…and practical (I don’t use that word much with UD, but seriously)!

  2. Typically I don’t wear eyeshadow, or not very much; that has all changed with Moondust!I can’t wait to try Chem Trail and Recharged! Thanks for the review….it totally changed how i feel about e.s.

  3. I got to try Vega, the bright denim blue, and wow! Everything you say is true, @sherrishera ! This is a grown-up, easy, no-fallout way to wear glitter. The brush is so sharp, it’s easy to use the product as a sparkly liner. And the formula is so sheer and quick-drying, it’s equally easy to wear a wash of glittery color on my entire lid. I’m going to buy Zodiac for the holidays. Beautiful!

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