Urban Decay NAKED Reloaded Palette Swatches and Review

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Will this killer palette bring the same firepower as the original?

Before I talk about the Urban Decay NAKED Reloaded palette ($44), I have to give you an idea of *exactly* how much I revered the original NAKED palette.

Urban Decay NAKED Reloaded Palette packaging

Birthed in 2010, the Urban Decay NAKED palette quickly became a cult classic, and for good reason. It was unlike anything else on the market in terms of wearability, quality and price point with its beautifully curated selection of one dozen richly pigmented neutral shades in a velvet case. It also included a dual-ended brush and either a deluxe mini of Primer Potion or a double-ended 24/7 eye pencil (depending on when you purchased it).

This made the original NAKED palette intensely appealing to both makeup aficionados as well as those newer to eye makeup. It was so appealing, that at its peak, one NAKED palette was sold every six seconds. It was arguably one of the most perfect eyeshadow palettes ever made, and countless copycat and spinoff palettes were spawned.

Urban Decay NAKED Reloaded Palette Swatches

When UD announced that they were discontinuing the original Naked palette, I went into shock. Urban Decay’s NAKED palette ‘funeral’ video featuring Nicole Richey did very little to soothe my breaking heart. As a makeup blogger, and an eyeshadow fiend, I’ve tried and loved a lot of eyeshadow palettes. But nearly a decade later, the original NAKED palette continues to my absolute favorite.

So, when I heard about the new NAKED Reloaded palette, I was initially skeptical. Would the formula and colors really be better than the original? Would it even be true nude shades, or would it be more like a tangent (similar to NAKED Heat or NAKED Cherry)?

The Urban Decay NAKED Reloaded palette is intended to be a replacement, featuring 12 all-new neutral and versatile shades, They’re housed in a compact, satin-wrapped palette with a generously sized mirror inside. The fabric has beautiful orchids, and is gold-embossed with the name of the palette. It’s truly a lovely palette casing.

Urban Decay NAKED Reloaded Palette

Within the palette are 12 eyeshadow pans, the four outermost pans are the largest because you’ll use them the most. The colors are an updated take on neutrals–they lean warmer, with slight golden, coral, orange and reddish undertones. The shades do work beautifully together, and can be used for more natural or more dramatic looks. My favorite shades are Angel Fire, a gorgeous sheer sparkly peach-gold shade, and Burn, a rich deep metallic copper–these two colors have me SWOONING.

Also, at just $44 it’s the lowest priced of the NAKED palette family upon release.

Let’s take a look at the swatches…

Urban Decay NAKED Reloaded Palette Swatches

Closer look of Urban Decay NAKED Reloaded Palette

Urban Decay NAKED Reloaded Palette Light Swatches

Urban Decay NAKED Reloaded Palette

Urban Decay NAKED Reloaded Palette Dark Swatches

Because the Reloaded palette is being hailed a replacement, it’s important to note a few key differences (the fine print, if you will). This palette does not include a brush or any other bonus product. I personally prefer palettes that are strictly powder products, instead of taking up space within the palette for a brush. Quite a few of the shadows felt more powdery and/or were less pigmented than the other shades. Lastly, this palette contains less product than the original palette (0.492oz compared to 0.60oz) but are nearly identical in terms of price per oz ($89.43 vs $90.00 per oz).

And now, for the looks…

Urban Decay NAKED Reloaded Palette Looks

Urban Decay NAKED Reloaded Palette LooksLook One

Urban Decay NAKED Reloaded Palette LooksLook One

Killer Neutrals: Look One
Eyelid—Angel Fire
Crease—Bucked, Boundaries
Outer corner—End Game

Urban Decay NAKED Reloaded Palette LooksLook Two

Urban Decay NAKED Reloaded Palette LooksLook Two

Warmer/Brighter: Look Two
Browbone—Blur, Angel Fire
Eyelid—Barely Baked
Crease—Retro, Reputation
Outer corner—Endgame
Lower lash line—Burn

Urban Decay set the bar so incredibly high with their first NAKED palette, which I will treasure forever. They did a lovely job with this palette, which is more like a sister than a twin to the original NAKED palette. The NAKED Reloaded palette beautifully rounds out the overall UD NAKED palette collection, and is worth taking a look at in person.

Tell us we heartsters, what’s your favorite Urban Decay palette so far? Share in the comments…

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  1. I LOVE this palette! The colors are definitely a lot warmer, but it is a welcome change! I too adore all of my UD Naked Palettes, so it’s really hard to pick one, but the original will forever be on my all time faves list. I am pleased that they continue to put together new combos, that are still very wearable on a regular basis.

    1. Absolutely! The warmer shades in the Reloaded palette are much more flattering than I had expected, and it’s very wearable.

  2. This is a beautiful update, and I love about 3/4 of the colors– the red-leaning shades will not work on me at all, but otherwise, all winners! I’ve never met a UD NAKED palette I didn’t love, but the original will always have my heart.

    1. The great thing about their palettes is that even loving 3/4 of the shades still makes it a worthwhile purchase in terms of usable oz per product compared to buying some singles ($20 for 0.05 oz)—you’d only have to use 1/4 of the palette in terms of product weight to come out ahead!

  3. Urban Decay’s palettes are always almost too pretty to use. I collected most of the Naked palettes, but I think my favorite is Naked3–the one with all of the rose gold shades. It’s a little warmer than I’d usually favor, but it creates such lovely, soft looks. I’m with @turboterp, about 3/4 of this palette would work for me, but the 3 super warm/reddish shades just aren’t doable with my coloring. I’d love for them to do a very cool toned Naked palette *fingers crossed*.

  4. I agree with @krista, UD palettes are often toooooooo pretty to use and I just hate taking that first swipe across the palettes, like you know it’s been used! But that says a lot about their AMAZING pallets.. i love mine and i have a couple to say that! NAKED Reloaded looks just as cool and love the width of some that are used more often.. :) Gonna have to try it out in person to see what i think and will let you know!
    The GOT chair is going to be at my work, South Coast Plaza this weekend, and it may be the purchase to help me get a seat in the chair!

  5. Those looks look super great on you! I love the palette!

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