Urban Decay – Glinda and Theodora Oz Palettes – review, photos and swatches

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Oz inspired palettes packed with great and powerful color


It’s always a wonderful, wonderful time when Urban Decayicon releases a shiny new eyeshadow palette. That usually means two things: 1) gorgeously packaged eye candy and 2) new, never before seen colors.

As if the world could not make any more sense, Urban Decay released two Limited Edition Palettes for Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful, inspired by Glindaicon (The Good Witch of the South) and Theodoraicon (The Wicked Witch of the West). I’m sure you can see where they are going here: everyone has a good side and a bad side. With both palettes you can embrace both!

Urban Decay has gone a long way with their eyeshadow palette packaging and I must say, I am in love. These sleek tins with huge mirrors are simply perfect. Each Oz palette includes four brand new eyeshadows and two never before seen “duo-shades” which are two colors split in one pan. If you’ve been following along correctly, that’s EIGHT new shades per palette.

It gets better: each palette also comes with a complimentary 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil (a wht favorite) and Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color (…and another wht fave) plus step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the look. Now let’s move onto what’s most important – the colors!

The Glinda Palette icon ($49) is ethereal, girly, feminine and everything you would imagine it to be. With Michelle Williams as Glinda in Oz, who would not want to get this look? Although this palette is tamer than Theodora, do not underestimate the beauty of these special shades.

Eyeshadows: (left to right, by row)

Tornado – medium grape shimmer
Aura (duo-shade) – opalescent white with a blue/violet shift and a rose shift
Magic – medium pink with a slight gold sheen
Illusion – peach shimmer
Oz (duo-shade) – gold shimmer with chunky gold glitter and silver shimmer with silver glitter
South – taupe shimmer with silver micro-glitter


Rockstar 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil – dark purple
Glinda Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color – shiny medium nude

Shadows – Tornado, Aura (rose), Aura (white), Magic, Illusion, Oz (gold), Oz (silver), South; Rockstar Eye Pencil; Glinda Lip Color

After swatching each one of these colors, I am completely blown away. Each color can work with each other and that’s what I love about it. Plus the shades are nicely pigmented and wear flawlessly.

A closer look at Tornado, Aura (rose), Aura (white), Magic and Illusion (with a bit of Oz in gold and silver)

How cool is Aura, one of the two duo-shades? I could not believe the blue and red shifts when swatched. That’s some Urban Decay magic right there.

Magic, Illusion, Oz (gold), Oz (silver), South

Oz (silver), South, Rockstar Eye Pencil, Glinda Lip Color

The Rockstar 24/7 Eye Pencil will work perfectly with Tornado. For me, the Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Glinda is a my-lips-but-better shade that didn’t overwhelm the look, but kept it angelic.

Looking for something a bit more wicked? Check out the Theodora Paletteicon ($49).

Eyeshadows: (left to right, by row)

Broken – light nude with a slight shimmer
Beware – medium matte brown with a slight red tone
Bewitch – cocoa brown shimmer
West – dark chocolate shimmer
Spell (duo-shade) – pure gold metallic and charcoal with gold micro glitter
Jealous (duo-shade) – medium and light golden green


Theodora Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color – pure bright red
Zero 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil – black

Shadows – Broken, Beware, Bewitch, West, Spell (gold), Spell (charcoal), Jealous (green), Jealous (light green): Zero Eye Pencil: Glinda Lip Color

The best part about these palettes is that when you are done with your Oz colors, you can pop them out and replace them with other Urban Decay eyeshadows. How’s that for reusability?

Close up with Broken, Beware, Bewitch, West

Spell (gold), Spell (charcoal), Jealous (green), Jealous (light green)

Jealous (green), Jealous (light green): Zero Eye Pencil: Glinda Lip Color

Well crafted, limited edition shades that do NOT disappoint in quality and color payoff
Eight new colors plus an eye pencil and a lip color is a serious super value
Reusable palette – hooray!

Limited Edition. Run, don’t walk

Based on their Limited Edition status, you really cannot sleep on these palettes. In fact, a ‘wicked’ witchh is whispering in my ear suggesting you just get both because you will have many eye looks between the two!

we heartsters – is your good side or bad side itching for one (or both) of these palettes?

All photos: we heart this

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  1. Looks like I am the wicked witch Theodora! Those colors appeal to my inner bad girl! The Glinda palette looks super gorgeous on Michelle Williams though. Fun post. looking forward to the flick.

    1. Ah, I have not seen the movie either! I would like to very soon. I, too, feel like I channel the Theodora color palette but the Glinda palette helps me to feel even more girly! Both are amazing.

  2. I usually gravitate toward the darker colors but lately I’ve been loving more subdued shades. Also I love the lip crayon in Glinda’s palette more than the red. The only complaint I have is that UD’s shadows with glitter tend to have a lot of fallout, which can get a little annoying, but the shades are always gorgeous!

    1. I’m with you, I usually go towards darker shades, but I think Glinda is more up my alley. I have a lot of Theodora’s colors already and they aren’t as varied as Glinda’s are. Plus, Tornado? GORGEOUS.

    2. Totally agree with you and @lyssachelle! I have nudes upon nudes of eyeshadows so Glinda was a nice breath of fresh air. I do love the red with the Theodora palette…I would even wear it with the eyeshadow colors of the Glinda palette!

  3. Both palettes appeal to me, but Theodora’s colors are irresistible… oh, those greens! You’re right, nobody does palettes like UD. Thanks for the temptations, @mandabear !

    1. I agree – both are so tempting. Leave it to Urban Decay to offer two totally different palettes and make you want both just the same!

  4. Oh, I love greens as well, but the pinks win again (“Tornado” and “Oz” and “Rockstar”–oh, my!). Thanks for dishing on these two new palettes. I hadn’t seen them closely until now. I love the fact that you can pop other UD shadows in the palette–works for me!

    1. I LOVE how you can reuse the palettes as well! I know that Urban Decay has their own permanent version but these limited edition ones are so so pretty and well worth it.

  5. Oh Theodora, I am feeling wicked! Those greens are to die for. And what great coverage Theodora the lip pencil appears to have!
    It’s not so bad being wicked, just watch out for buckets of water…

    1. Those Super-Saturated lip glosses are no joke! They apply so well and were a very nice addition to the palette.

  6. I bought both during Urban Decay’s Friends & Family sale… I’ve been underwhelmed by some UD palettes in the past (too many glitter bombs, too expensive, too many repeat shades), and I almost didn’t buy these because it didn’t seem like it was as good of a value compared to the Naked palettes (the Naked palettes have 12 full sized shadows for about $50, the Oz palettes have 6 for the same price). But I’m a total sucker for limited edition UD palettes and just HAD to get them. I actually haven’t even used them yet… I’ve only gotten around to testing the Glinda lip pencil, which I love love love love love. It’s a gorgeous my lips but better shade, nicely moisturizing. It’s been living in my purse :)

    1. Ah yes, the Glinda lip color is so amazing right? It goes with EVERYTHING! I’m a sucker for Limited Edition to. Maybe that’s why I have 2 unused Book of Shadows palettes tucked away haha!

  7. Love the Glinda Palette! Those colors together are really pretty and of course South is a color I always gravitate to. They look like they have a solid amount of pigment. The lip color looks awesome next to the colors too!!

    1. Glad you like the Glinda palette! I was so impressed by it :) It’s shimmery and girly which is what I like on my eyes lately. It opens them up a bit more on sleepy days!

  8. I’ll continue to echo the love for the Glinda palette – and I also usually gravitate toward the darker Theodora colors. It’s simply gorgeous – especially the Tornado, South, and the lip color!

    1. Yes I love those colors too! I love both but Glinda’s a special little palette :)

  9. The Theodora palette hooked me with its green shadows. I cannot walk away from a green eye shadow. It’s like I want to give every shade of green shadow a good home. I can’t help myself. The red lip is also too gorgeous for words.

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