Urban Decay Street Style Brow Collection Review + Swatches

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I saw the brow craze coming a long time ago…

Back in 2013, my British niece came over from London for a visit. I took her to an LA industry makeup event, and as you do, you chat about beauty.

I asked her what the current craze in British makeup was. Brows, she told me.

“Brows, as in eyebrows?” I asked, thinking I had heard her wrong.

(Because brows? How boring!)

But I heard her right.

As usual, Europe led the trend. Long before we started forever fussing about brows here, British makeup fiends felt they were the MOST important part in any look. She said she wouldn’t even think of leaving the house without having her brows done.

As someone whose eyebrows barely survived the pencil-thin 90s, hearing about this oncoming craze was not good news.

But there was nothing I could do to stop the brow train from coming. And as we all know, it didn’t just pull into the station, it flattened every other makeup trend on its way.

Sephora shows 158 brow products currently on sale. Ulta has 219. From pencil to pomade, liquid to loose powder; brows are big business.

Well, there’s a new car in the brow train; the Urban Decay Street Style Brow Collection. And choo choo, you’re going to want to get onboard.

Urban Decay Street Style Brow Collection Review

The collection has five products which help you enhance what you have or invent what you don’t, all to build beautiful brows. If you’re confused as to where to start, UD’s got you.

There are guides to help you shop by brow concern if you have issues (like overplucking) or brow goal (easier if you listened to your mother and went easy on the tweezing).

We got to check out four of the new products (the fifth is a Brow Guide Stencil Set). Let’s take a closer look…

Five products which help you enhance what you have or invent what you don’t, all to build beautiful brows

Close up product of Brow Blade Ink Stain Pen (Brow Blade Ink Stain Pen)

Urban Decay Brow Blade Ink Stain Pen

I’m going to start with the product I have the biggest crush on; Brow Blade ($26). For me, this is the product that brow dreams are made of. It looks like a traditional double-ended brow product. You expect a pencil on one side and a brush on the other. But, nope.

One end has a thin waterproof eyebrow pencil in a twist up applicator. The other end has an ink stain eyebrow pen with the finest tip imaginable. Use the pencil to fill in sparse areas and create the overall shape. Then, use the pen to draw in hair-like strokes.

Close up product of Brow Blade Ink Waterproof Pencil(Brow Blade Ink Waterproof Pencil)

I find the pencil to be a tad waxy. But the trade off is incredible long wear time. 10 hours later and my brows are still on strong. The ink stain pen is perfect along the edge of the brows to break up a solid shape and give you a more realistic brow.

Think microblading with a much smaller price tag.

Brow Blade comes in seven shades (as do Double Down Brow and Brow Finish):

  • Taupe Trap – universally flattering light taupe
  • Gingersnap – auburn
  • Brown Sugar – soft medium brown
  • Cafe Kitty – warm medium brown
  • Brunette Betty – warm brown
  • Neutral Nana – neutral brown (note: we did not receive this shade)
  • Dark Drapes – dark brown

Keep scrolling for Brow Blade swatches…

Close up product of Urban Decay Double Down Brow palette

Urban Decay Double Down Brow

Next up is Double Down Brow ($29).

This replaces Urban Decay’s previous Brow Box.

To me, it feels like they took that product’s powder and wax and married them into an aptly named brow putty.

So, what looks to be a mere powder is so much more.

It’s buildable, smudge-proof and waterproof. And best of all, it gives your brows a plush look; not quite full-on volume, but not a flat powder look either.

The formula, and the two similar colors in each product, add depth and dimension to your brows. Plus, it’s packaged with dual-ended tool; a flat-angled brush and a spoolie brush.

Oddly, if you read the description of these (both at Urban Decay and Sephora), it seems like one color is putty and the other is powder. But they feel like two putties to me. Which is good because the formula is beyond great.

Three Urban Decay Double Down Brow palettes(Clockwise from top left: Taupe Trap, Cafe Kitty, Gingersnap)Three Urban Decay Double Down Brow palettes(Clockwise from top left: Brown Sugar, Brunette Betty, Dark Drapes)

Urban Decay Street Style Brow Collection Swatches

I decided to swatch all of these together. For each you’ll see, from left, the two shades in Double Down Brow, the Ink Stain and Pencil of Brow Blade, and the tint side of Brow Endowed (applied with an eyeliner brush). Taupe Trap seems to be the most consistent in shade across all three products, followed by Brunette Betty. While Dark Drapes is visibly all over the place.

Urban Decay Street Style Brow Collection: Taupe Trap

Urban Decay Street Style Brow Collection Taupe Trap Swatches

Urban Decay Street Style Brow Collection: Cafe KittyUrban Decay Street Style Brow Collection Cafe Kitty Swatches


Urban Decay Street Style Brow Collection: Ginger Snap

Urban Decay Street Style Brow Collection GingerSnap Swatches

Urban Decay Street Style Brow Collection: Brown Sugar

Urban Decay Street Style Brow Collection Brown Sugar Swatches

Urban Decay Street Style Brow Collection: Brunette Betty

Urban Decay Street Style Brow Collection Brunette Betty Swatches

Urban Decay Street Style Brow Collection: Dark Drapes

Urban Decay Street Style Brow Collection Dark Drapes Swatches

Close up picture of Urban Decay Brow Endowed brush with a hand in the background

Urban Decay Brow Endowed

If volume is what you craze, you may want to try Brow Endowed ($28). Here you have another dual-ended product; one side is a colorless primer to fluff, the other adds a tint. The gel formula of each sets and locks brows in place.

I’ll be honest, I got less of a thrill from Brow Endowed than I did from Double Down Brow or Brow Blade. I see it for someone who has existing brows that just need a bit of oompf.

Not for me, who needs to fake all new brows.

Two Urban Decay Brow Finish Gel with packaging in a colorful background

Urban Decay Brow Finish Gel

Finally, once you’re done fussing your brows to desired fussiness, use Brow Finish Gel ($21) to hold them in place. (Obvs you don’t need this with Brow Endowed).

The gel formula, delivered via a spoolie brush, comes in two shades: Ozone (clear) and Midnight Cowboy (fine gold shimmer).

Close up photo of Brow Finish Gel in Midnight Cowboy(Brow Finish Gel in Midnight Cowboy)

If you read nothing else within this review; read this. I have tried every brow product on the market in an attempt to mimic the full, pre 90s brows of my youth. The Urban Decay Street Style Brow Collection has brought me the closest.

Have you tried the Urban Decay Street Style Brow Collection?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Urban Decay Street Style Brow Collection in a colorful background

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  1. I’m somebody who didn’t need a brow pencil until a few years ago–I’ve always had full, dark brows that needed little help besides clear setting gel. But I’m getting older and I’m getting some white hairs and some sparse patches and my brows need help, y’all. And Urban Decay has a product for every brow need, so I know it can get overwhelming trying to figure out what will give you the best result, so I’m going to break it down for you:
    I tested the Dark Drapes shade in all 3 of these products and it was a perfect match for my nearly black brows. I did notice that if I had any of my skincare (Proactiv) near my brows, it changed the color of the Brow Blade pen side and the Brow Endowed brow mascara to an orangey tint, so do not apply your skincare anywhere near your brows when using these for best results!!!
    Double Down Brow: This worked great when I needed a natural boost to my brows. It filled in sparse areas without looking like I was wearing makeup. This is a great everyday look for those of you who don’t need much help.
    Brow Blade: This is such a cool product. For those of us who are too chicken to get our brows bladed like our fearless leader, Stef, we have this pen alternative. One side is a pen and one side is a pencil and if you use small strokes, both sides duplicate your natural hairs. I get a more dramatic result using this product, but it’s great for filling in my sparse areas that need a little more help than a powder product can provide.
    Brow Endowed: This is going to be a holy grail for you ladies with fine, sparse brows. My brows are a little bushy for this product (I looked like Joan Crawford and not in a good way), but the primer side gives body to babyfine hairs and the mascara wand coats the primer beautifully. This will be a game changer for the ladies who have almost nonexistent brows.

  2. “Choo choo motherf*ckers, better get on board.” I actually laughed out loud at this!!!

    I tried out three products and AM OBSESSED. These are all replacing my current brow routine (which is saying a lot, because I’m pretty particular about my brows)! I tested these out in Brunette Betty.

    BROW BLADE–Total. Game. Changer. As someone who likes their brows perfect down to the faux-drawn-on-hair, I love a really precise brow pencil or brush.

    DOUBLE DOWN BROW–I’m obsessed with this little magic box. The texture of the ‘putty’ is perfect, and it’s richly pigmented. The little cute brush/spoolie tool is perfect for applying onto my brows, and giving me a precise fine line. It’s soooo much better than brow powder. I agree @Stef, both shades seemed like putty to me?

    BROW ENDOWED–I loved the concept of this, but for my brows, it’s only something I would use occasionally. The reason is that I have thick dark brow hairs that don’t need volume, it’s more of an issue of just getting an overall polished look to my brows.

  3. My brows are dark and fairly thick, but they can be unruly and I’m starting to see a sparse patch or two. My usual routine is a few swipes of pencil and a clear brow gel.
    I tested three of these fab UD brow products in the color Brown Sugar (soft medium brown). Even though my brows are almost black, Brown Sugar gave me a very natural look and I’m rethinking the color I usually choose for my brow products– thanks for the enlightenment, wht!
    Double Down Brow is exactly what I need for fast everyday touch-ups. The powder-to-putty formula goes on smoothly and keeps my brows in place as well as gel does. I love the double-sided spoolie/angle brush. I can apply DD in seconds and be on my way.
    Brow Blade takes a little more work for me, but the results are worth it. As Stef noted, the pencil side is a little waxy, but I found the right pressure to make it work. The ink stain “blade” is amazing! And this product sets fast and does not budge.
    Brow Endowed is just too much product for my brows, but it would be perfect for someone with sparse brows. If you need serious oomph, the primer plus color combo might be just what you need.
    I think this release has something for everyone. UD really does rule the brow world now!

  4. I’m with you, Stef! I loved the blading pencil best by far. My brows aren’t overplucked but they are definitely sparse. I usually use a powder/putty duo like the Double Down Brow, and this one is certainly among the best I’ve used (the color selections are fantastic, and Cafe Kitty is a most-perfect shade of brown with an oh-so-subtle reddish tint). But here’s the thing: since my brows are so sparse, the powder-filled brown CAN look a little mask-y. I know UD isn’t exactly a subtle makeup brand, but I tend to lean more to a real-life look. That said, powder brow fillers like this have been my go-to.
    But, like Stef, I find the Brow Blade waterproof pencil/ink stain combo to be BEYOND stellar. Basically, I outline and fill in my brow shape. This by itself doesn’t look super natural (and the reason why I don’t generally use a pencil on its own). BUT, the second step of “sketching” brow hairs over top of the pencil makes it look like you were born with full brows. The effect is amazing.
    You can (I did) use the Brow Endowed primer and color applied to just the hair (after Brow Blade) to enhance the fullness of the brow if desired. Brow Endowed was also great for my “no makeup” days where I wanted a little natural but groomed look. For a less full look, Brow Finish sets Brow Blade or Double Down Brow nicely, too.
    Brow Finish is a great end touch to make sure all that grooming stays put—like hair gel for your brow. I love that my favorite UD shadow, Midnight Cowboy, has a glittery Brow Finish to set the look with a bit of sparkle.

  5. I loved UD’s brow products! I have always used a soft brown powder formula from Clinique of all places, because it just worked for me. But the Double Down Brow is my new fave too and I love the two sided wand and fine brush, I felt like I got a lot more control with it and got my brows all facing where they should. I tested out Gingersnap, which worked pretty well for me, as I do have some red in my hair. I actually liked the Brow Endowed formula too because again it helped me control my existing brows better, so I found myself using that and Double Down the most. The Brow Blade is amazing, that you can add a little more to your existing brows and have it look so natural on top of the pencil. I just really like having all of the different options to up my brow game. As a fellow over plucker, these products are life savers!

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