Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color Review

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Meet your new lip obsession…

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Here’s a startling confession: I cannot remember the last time I wore lip gloss. Why, you ask? Simply put, I want the color without the goop! Unfortunately with lipstick comes the usual moans and groans of potential dryness, color fading and wearing away faster than the time I took to apply and perfect. Enter Urban Decay’s most recent genius solution to address all frustrating lipstick issues, the Sephora exclusive Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color ($19).

There are five dynamic shades available that are bound to make lip lovers very happy:
Crush – hot pink cream
F-Bomb – bright red cream (could this be the perfect red?!)
Adrenaline – medium Barbie pink with glitter
Big Bang – bright fuchsia pink with glitter
Punch Drunk – bright orange cream
While even the most tame girls want a lip color they can really rely on, as of right now the shades available are very bright and vibrant.

from left: Crush, F-Bomb, Adrenaline, Big Bang, Punch Drunk

Urban Decay is not kidding when they use the word “saturated”. Think of a sponge holding in as much pigment as humanly possible. This formula is legit, people! It’s also incredibly creamy and applies like a dream. In fact, it’s so soft that if this formula were in a lipstick container (as opposed to its pencil barrel), I don’t think it would survive. You may even want to consider popping them in the fridge prior to sharpening to harden them just a tad (a great tip from Krasey Beauty).

These pencils also moisturize your lips with nourishing plant derivatives such as Phytosterol instead of mineral oil and paraffin. Any sparkles are easily smoothed over by its buttery formula, without a trace of grittiness. The size rest somewhere between slim and chunky, making them the perfect size to hold, apply and can easily be thrown into your smallest makeup bag for touch ups.

from left: Crush, F-Bomb, Adrenaline, Big Bang, Punch Drunk

I received and tested Punch Drunk which is exactly the bright orange cream that it is described as. Initially, this color is very intimidating but I wasn’t afraid, no way. What did impress me is that the color of the pencil is the exact color of the actual product. No guessing games here – what you see is what you get.

As I bravely colored my lips, I was in awe at how one swipe with normal pressure delivered such a shocking amount of color! I actually had to tone it down a bit for my liking by sheering it out with my finger (you can also use a lip brush). As I stepped away from the mirror, I felt very, dare I say, fierce. This is that runway orange lip color that I didn’t think would look cool on me, but does! The fact that you need minimal product to get maximum color payoff sealed the deal for me. I’m in love and I want more!

check out the subtle sparkle of Adrenaline and Big Bang (from left)

we heartsters and reviewers: did these new shades by Urban Decay officially brighten your day?

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  1. These look so pretty, but they’re SO BRIGHT! haha, I’m more of a subtle lip color kind of gal, so I’m hoping they come out with more shades sometime soon.

    1. Ooh, I’d love a “my lips but better” type shade. or a coral!

  2. I got to try Adrenaline and I was INTIMIDTED. The color does not play around, it is bold and you have to wear it before it wears you! While this isn’t my go-to color, the formula on these are lovely. I am a gloss freak and this held up to my rigorous standards. The glitter in this is so subtle and you don’t feel it at all, it just give you a hint of sparkle.
    Like I said, the color is nothing to fool with, but I found that if I applied just the lightest coating, I got a subtle wash that was perfect for daytime.

    F-Bomb and Punch Drunk are on my Want List now…. 5 stars from me, I’m a fan!

    1. I was intimidated too! I love that a subtle wash = still enough color for me. I’m so impressed that all of this pigment is packed into that pencil.

  3. This is one of those awesome lip colors that you can wear when you slack on the eye makeup + blush. It instantly perks up your whole face and it’s so effortless. I have been using Punch Drunk occasionally since I received it and I use this light swiping motion to lighten it up…Today it still looks like I haven’t made a dent in it. I highly recommend this shade to anyone who is considering an entryway into orange lip colors. It’s fantastic. I would love to try F-Bomb and Adrenaline next! 5 stars from me :)

  4. I had the pleasure of trying Crush and I will say it does go on the exact color of the pencil. It is a pretty bright fuchsia, so a little goes a long way, but I was really impressed with the saturation of pigment, the texture, it’s lasting ability and ease of use! I would love to see more in some everyday colors because I really like the precision the pencil gives you and the amount of color. Four solid stars from me, only because the color was a little intense for me but otherwise I really love this pencil!

  5. Ooh, these look nice, @mandabear … really, really nice! Crush and Punch Drunk look especially pretty. I can’t wait to check them out in person! Great post!

  6. Once again I find myself wishing I could pull off a bold red lip – F-Bomb looks amazing (and I can’t help but giggle at the name). Love the vividness of all these shades and hope UD comes out with more colors (maybe a few nude hues, hmm?) soon.

  7. Ugh, I want Punch Drunk and Adrenaline so bad. These are on my shopping list for sure. The fact that it’s such a pigmented gloss in a crayon form just amazes me. Great review @mandabear I can’t wait to buy these!

  8. Big Bang and Adrenaline look awesome!! Goodness I love Urban Decay!!!

  9. Adrenaline and Big Bang look the most wearable to me but they are all gorgeous! Perfect for summer with just a swipe of mascara and light blush. I will check these out next time I’m in Sephora for sure!

  10. These are so pretty! Bold lips!

    For all of those who say you can’t wear bold lips, try pairing them with a soft brown smoky eye or a cat eye. Believe it or not, wearing a bold lip with a bare face washes out your face! I never thought I could carry off bright bold lips (considering how pale I am!) either until I heard those two tips.

    By the way, do these have the standard creme brulee scent like the rest of UD’s lip line or are these scentless?

    1. I don’t think these smell like anything, and I’m pretty sensitive to smells. YMMV, of course.

  11. I got to test out “Big Bang” and I must say- this color doesn’t mess around!
    I love how easy to apply it is, and the wear time is pretty great, somewhere between your standard gloss and lipstick. With very little product you still get an amazing color payoff. The glitter in Big Bang is noticeable, but not in a “Toddlers in Tiaras” sort of way. While it’s probably not office appropriate for most it’s certainly a fun addition to any makeup bag. One complaint- as the color wears off the glitter tends to stay and congregate around the edges of my lips. It’s not terrible but annoying to me.
    Overall I give Urban Decay’s Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Big Bang a bangin’ 4 stars, one only removed for glitter congregation.

    1. I love that you rate glitter noticeability by Toddlers in Tiaras. So it’s not “high glitz” but it’s more glitter than “natural beauty”.

  12. WOWWWWW! These are amazing. I love Crush, F-Bomb & Punch Drunk. These kind of remind me of Milani’s Lip Flash Pencils. I like these colors better though. Looks like Punch Drunk is the orange I’ve been looking for.

  13. F-Bomb looks like a winner to me! I am always on the hunt for that new ‘perfect red’!
    One question @mandabear…do you need a separate lip liner to corral these saturated colors? I fear the chubby tip may leave me looking like Baby Jane??

    1. I personally don’t usually ever use lip liner ever (although sometimes I like using that clear universaal liner by Too Faced on a blue moon). I didn’t with this product and Urban Decay markets it so you have a gloss, color and liner all in one. It doesn’t hurt to use one for extra assurance though!

  14. Well ladies, your inclination is true – FBomb is f*ckn’ fabulous! Despite owning 2 hand fulls full of other reds (ok, maybe 7 handfuls), once I swatched this I had to have it. It’s a pure blue based red that is just so shiny and perfect. It’s like 80s album cover red. And I love the formula; creamy and moisturizing. It really is a lipstick/gloss hybrid. These are fun, beautiful and all together fabulous. I too would love to see some neutral variations of these. The thought of a gloss nude with some gold shine to it is making me all hot and bothered.

    Love, love, LOVE – 5 stars!

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