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a review of UD’s new palette, plus lip junkie lip gloss

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In the extremely unlikely event that Urban Decay is not on your beauty radar, there’s one thing you need to know: this is not a line for wimps. These are products designed for women who can make a statement, take a stand, make choices that might be a little risky– just like the line itself.

So this exciting news should be no surprise: besides releasing a bold fall line that has me swooning, Urban Decay is participating in Raffle for the Rescues, generously providing Vegan Palettes for the celebrity hosts and eyeshadow singles for the gift bags! I can’t think of a more fitting statement from a company known for its cruelty-free business practices as well as its frankly earthshaking products.

All of Urban Decay’s cosmetics are manufactured without animal testing, but their new Vegan Palette ($34), created in honor of PETA’s 30th anniversary, goes above and beyond. It’s produced without using any animal by-products at all. Even the packaging is vegan, and adorable, too! It’s covered with the most precious animal illustrations printed on recycled stock. In fact, it’s so beautiful, I would have to own this palette just for the design even if I wasn’t crazy about what was inside.

But this is Urban Decay, so no chance of that! This is a standout collection of shadows. No glum fall neutrals; we’re talking bright, sparkling, but still totally wearable color. The palette includes shadows in Minx (turquoise, shown above), Urb (light green), Gunmetal (metallic gray), Twice Baked (dark coffee brown), Smog (medium golden brown), and Half-Baked (light gold).

Additionally, the Vegan Palette includes a travel-sized 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero (blackest black) and an Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Sin (metallic champagne nude).

The shadows are super-blendable and full of pigment and, in most cases, glitter. I first used a fluffy eyeshadow brush and ended up with glitter all over my cheeks. More careful application with a smaller brush kept the glitter fallout under control. I’m crazy about the eye pencil, which is so black and so soft, it looks like liquid liner on my lid and is a whole lot easier to apply.

And if this isn’t enough excitement for fall, Urban Decay has also brought us a brand new lip gloss line! Lip Junkie Lip gloss ($19) is available in eleven shades, some creamy, some shimmery. These glosses are packaged in soft tubes with a cool metal Gothic-inspired top that twists off for easy squeeze-on gloss application.


I tested Runaway, a frosty coral with tiny iridescent glitter. This gloss, which looks very bright in the tube, turned out to be both sheer and pigment-packed on my lips. I was surprised at how long the color lasted; even when the non-sticky glossiness was gone, I still saw pretty, slightly sparkly coral. It has a cool mint flavor that made my lips feel tingly and plump and my breath feel fresh. I’m now trying to decide which Lip Junkie Lip Gloss will be my next.

Melissa, we suggest Perversion, check out that color! ~wht

Urban Decay doesn’t just offer lip service when it comes to creating products an animal lover– even a vegan– can support in good conscience. In so many ways, they walk the walk, which is just one more reason I feel good about supporting their cool, captivating company.

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  1. Great post @turboterp!
    I think I may get this Vegan Palette for the cover art alone! I love the illustrations and 100% animal friendly!? Count me in!
    Urban Decay has seemed a bit too ‘young and glittery” for me, but these shadow colors look so pretty and fall like, they are hard to resist! I am a sucker for a coral gloss and the black one!? What is that all about?
    Thanks for peaking my curiosity!

  2. It goes without saying, those first 5 stars are from me!

    @glamazon56, even though the black one looks so goth in the tube, I bet it’s sheer and gorgeous (and minty– yum)! Check out all eleven colors and you’ll lose your mind like I have.

  3. I have got to check this out.. It is super cool looking and what a great post @turboterp!
    This is a real eye catcher..Didn’t know you were a lip junkie too!

  4. I’ll definitely be checking this one out. The eye pencil and primer potion are worth it alone!

  5. Awesome review @turboterp! I received this palette as well and I am absolutely in love. I own a few Urban palettes (a couple Book of Shadows, Naked Palette) but they are all great for home and not so much for travel. I know they have a few palettes in this convenient size but I’ve never owned one til now!

    This is definitely a palette that you can take away with you and you will be set for a day and night look! Having both Minx and Urb in the palette is enough color for me while the browns can be sheered out for a daytime look or fancied up for nighttime since they are not exactly flat shades. Gunmetal is probably the shade that I am most excited about for a very easy smokey eye. I put a lot of trust into my Urban Decay eyeshadows because they do last and look great, especially when paired with their Primer Potion (a must for me).

    I am not a huge fan of the 24/7 liner in Zero as opposed to other 24/7 shades but it makes sense to put the most versatile shade. Though it is good to have when you’re in a pinch.

    Also you gotta give Urban Decay props for going all out with their mission against animal testing right down to the packaging adorned with cute animals.

    Oh and I’ve been itching to try those lip glosses. Nice to know they are minty! Urbay Decay always gets it right with their gloss flavors.

  6. ZOMG! This looks awesome! I love the colors and the design!!

  7. Great review!!

    I received the Lip Junkie gloss in Peroxide. I absolutely loved the mint sensation and found the gloss to be a very subtle neutral color. It also felt great, especially since my lips are starting to chap from the change in the weather. I definitely recommend this gloss too!!

  8. This palette looks awesome! I’m running low on my current eye shadow, looks like this will be my next purchase. :)

  9. I am a huge Urban Decay fan! They somehow manage to make cosmetics that are sexy and animal friendly. This is quite a feat in my humble opinion. I love the ingenuity and clever marketing of their products. I have a special place in my heart for their gorgeous palettes. I own a few. And I would love, love, love to own this one. The colors are stunning. And the packaging is so cheeky! And this new gloss looks to be equally awesome. Why don’t I have any money? Ughh!!! Great review!

  10. Urban Decay is one of my favorite brands! I have the Book of Shadows II, several eyeshadows, several 24/7 eyeliners, Primer Potion in two shades, and a couple of Pocket Rocket lipglosses. And they’re all great!

    I received one of the Vegan Palettes to review. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, and I drooled over it for a few minutes before I even opened it. Urb and Minx are glitterbombs, and I’ll have to be more careful when I apply them. But the other four shades are gorgeous, smooth and shimmery without glitter. This is a great palette!

    Now I really want to try the Lip Junkie glosses! At first, I felt like the scent was tooooo minty, but I do love the packaging, and Urban Decay has never done me wrong. :P

  11. @lipglossandspandex – I am with you and your adoration for Urban Decay! Normally I am not a lip gloss junkie– However, there was sometehing out the red -Lip Junkie gloss that really speaks to me.

  12. I love the colors of the new glosses…but the mint scent is overpowering! Oh well, I like the pocket rockets with the naked men on them anyhow! It doesn’t change my love for Urban Decay! If only I could find a “Nakeds Palette” in stock somewhere….

  13. I have heard nothing but good things about this palette. Minx is such a beautiful color, I want to get it just for that!

    I love, love, love the UD Lip Junkie Lipgloss line! With a name like that, it was made for me! I like the super minty scent, but I do worry that the amount of peppermint oil may be too drying come the dead of winter. Guess I’ll have to wait and find out!

  14. @turboterp thanks for this review & info! I love that this palette isn’t tested on animals..it’s so important. I’ll have to check it out. Great colors too :)

  15. Great review! You had me at the animal illustrations…how cool is that packaging?! I would probably buy it too, even if it didn’t have the best colors, just because it’s so darn cute!

  16. I have the Perversion color of the gloss, it’s got a bit of a dark tint to it but I like to layer it over my brighter lipsticks. It really does have great staying power.

  17. Lip junkie meet Gloss junkie.

    How could I resist this? It had me at the packaging (and I just added our packaging inspiration tag, because really; does it get much prettier than this?) That cap slays me. I selected Red Light, because I also can’t resist a good red (though I try from time to time). I am SO glad I took this. It’s a shimmer-free red, with a hint of pink. You get all the wow of a opaque, with a super glossy sheer (that still deposits a good amount of color). And I am ALL over the minty freshness. It’s the kind of gloss that makes you feel like you just brushed your teeth. I didn’t notice any plumping, but the gloss does have a certain weight to it (it’s not a wimpy gloss that disappears right away, you feel this on your lips) and the mint does tingle. So, it’s official; this junkie loves that junkie. 4 stars, only because I think the plumping claims are not needed (and not really there). But yep, I heart it.

  18. @kate2004rock – I can’t get my hands on a Naked palette either! In fact, I went to the local Sephora two weeks ago and couldn’t even see the display palette – it had been wiped clean of any and all makeup – just an empty shell. Sad. The ladies were saying how everyone is going crazy trying to get one.

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