Urban Decay Vice lipstick swatches, review and looks

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My VICE? Collecting all of the new Urban Decay Vice lipstick!


I’m still a little 5 year old artist/hoarder at heart–please give me ALL of the crayons to color with! YES, the big box please, with 128 Crayolas. Now that I’m a grown-up (well, older than the legal age of adulthood), I don’t collect crayons anymore, but I sure do collect makeup.


I recently meticulously organized all of my makeup so that I could easily find what I’m looking for, and it’s in neat little rows just like a freshly opened box of crayons. I love a beauty brand that carries a huge array of colors because it always looks especially nice to have a collection of matching packaging. When Urban Decay recently announced that they would be coming out with 100 shades of their VICE lipstick, I have to admit that I may have squealed with delight and started envisioning how lovely all 100 shades would look in my makeup vanity.

The shades include beloved classics and new additions inspired by other UD products (lip products, of course, but eye products too!)

Urban-Decay-Vice-lipstick-3front row: Menace, Firebird, Big Bang, 714, Rock Steady; back row: Pandemonium, Disturbed, Conspiracy, Backtalk, Naked

It’s practically intoxicating how intense these colors are.

We had the opportunity to test Wende Zomnir’s (founder of Urban Decay) top 10 picks of the 100 shades of Urban Decay VICE Lipstick ($17) which come in six formulas–Comfort Matte, Mega Matte, Metallized, Sheer, Cream and Sheer Shimmer.

Pandemonium – bright violet (Mega Matte)
Disturbed – vampy dark burgundy (Comfort Matte)
Conspiracy – red plum bronze (Metallized)
Backtalk – gorgeous mauve nude (Comfort Matte)
Naked pinky nude (Cream)
Menace – hot pink (Comfort Matte)
Firebird – plummy fuchsia (Cream)
Big Bang – translucent hot pink with a crazy amount of pink sparkle (Metallized)
714 – bright, cool red (Mega Matte)
Rocky Steady – deep wine red (Cream)

Urban Decay Vice lipstick swatches

Urban-Decay-Vice-lipstick-swatches-8Pandemonium, Disturbed, Conspiracy, Backtalk, Naked

Urban-Decay-Vice-lipstick-swatches-9Menace, Firebird, Big Bang, 714, Rock Steady

Big Bang was my favorite, and probably the most unique of the bunch. It’s bold, glam and FUN. Even though there is a crazy amount of glitter, my lips never felt gritty or uncomfortable–I actually forgot I was still wearing it!

All of matte shades were incredibly pigmented and RICH. I did have a little trouble getting Disturbed to apply evenly, but all of the other shades were a dream. As a color junkie, it’s practically intoxicating how intense these colors are.



Honestly, one of my favorite parts about the packaging–which is a throwback to UD’s roots–including their classic bullet casing design for the packaging! It’s actual metal, and has a nice weight to it. The gold base of the lipstick tube and the darkened metal cap are reminiscent of a shotgun shell, with “Urban Decay” and “UD” delicately imprinted onto it. Classy and edgy at the same time. Each tube is labeled on the bottom with a color coded label, which is SO handy when you’re a makeup collector!


I’m not quite as obsessed with lipliner as I am with lipstick, but lipliner is a key product for creating a gorgeous, long lasting lip. It’s like that saying, “Behind every great man is a great woman”–well, behind every great lipstick is a great lip pencil!


Skip liner because you find them dry? Not these! The Urban Decay 24/7 Lip Pencil ($20) is moisturizing, thanks to ingredients like Vitamin E, jojoba oil and cottonseed oil, so it actually primes your lips. Their lipliner pencils are color coded on the outside, which makes it incredibly easy to reach into your collection and pull out the one you’re looking for.


There are 50 pencils in the lineup, so you’re sure to find a match for your Vice.

Pandemonium – bright violet
Gash – warm, deep red
Hex – deep plum
Jilted – shimmery hot pink
Naked – pink nude
Anarchy – hot pink
Big Bang – glittery hot pink
Conspiracy – deep coppery brown
Rush – shimmery mauve
714 – bright, cool red

Urban-Decay-247-lip-pencil-swatches-4Pandemonium, Gash, Hex, Jilted, Naked

Urban-Decay-247-lip-pencil-swatches-5Anarchy, Big Bang, Conspiracy, Rush, 714

The 24/7 lip pencils are really a fantastic base for the lipsticks, but they also work on their own as well. I would suggest using a light pressure to apply the pencil evenly across your lips, both for ease of application and for increased comfort of wear. These lipliners definitely have some serious lasting power, while still being very comfortable to wear–I actually forgot that I was wearing it!

Let’s see all this color in action…

Urban-Decay-Vice-714-swatchUrban Decay VICE lipstick 714 (mega matte) with matching 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil

Urban-Decay-Vice-backtalk-swatchUrban Decay VICE lipstick in Backtalk (comfort matte)

Urban-Decay-Vice-Big-Bang-swatchUrban Decay VICE lipstick in Big Bang (metallized) and 24/7 Glide-On lip pencil in Anarchy

Urban-Decay-Vice-Disturbed-swatchUrban Decay VICE lipstick in Disturbed (comfort matte)

Urban-Decay-Vice-Pandemonium-swatchUrban Decay VICE lipstick in Pandemonium (mega matte) with matching 24/7 Glide-On lip pencil

I love the new colors from Urban Decay, and I hope they continue to add some really bold (and glittery!) shades to their collection–how gorgeous would a sparkly pastel teal be?!

If you’re also loving the look of these lippies, but trying out one hundred shades of lipstick seems overwhelming, try out the new Urban Decay “Vice Lipstick” app, which will allow you to “try on” each of the shades.

I am definitely adding a few more shades of VICE to my collection very soon. How about you, we heartsters?

Marilyn is a makeup maniac and slow but stubborn runner. She loves color coding her day planner, reading celebrity gossip and drinking good wine. Marilyn blogs about makeup and fitness over at her blog, Lipgloss and Spandex.
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  • Marilyn

    Marilyn is a makeup maniac and slow but stubborn runner. She loves color coding her day planner, reading celebrity gossip and drinking good wine. skin tone: NC25 Skin type: oily, acne-prone Favorite beauty product: eyeshadow


  1. @lipglossandspandex — Great review. I know how you do love your color. I am so glad to hear that the lip pencils have been re-formulated. I found the old formulation drying. I totally want to check out Rush.

  2. Definitely had an “oooo!” moment when I saw the cover image! Did you notice a difference between the length of wear on the Comfort Matte & Mega Matte?

  3. @lipglossandspandex, your post made my heart beat a little faster. What a beautiful collection of products. I love UD, and I totally relate to your desire for a “crayon box” of these colors!
    Your hair is gorgeous, by the way!

  4. Sigh, l just can’t get enough lipsticks ever!! Naked looks amazing as I always have THE hardest time trying to find the perfect pink for me. I like ones that’s have a warmer tone to them, almost like a nude, but then enough pop to it, to brighten up my face… It’s a mission I’m always on, still haven’t found the perfect one, but Naked looks close!!

  5. Great post, @lipglossandspandex! I’m digging Urban Decay’s Vice lipsticks. I’ve been wearing Sheer Shame (sheer, deep plum) almost exclusively lately, but I’m thinking I need to add Conspiracy to my collection. *swoons*

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