Ursa Major Face Wash and Toner – for product loving girls and product fearing boys

Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash and Essential Face Toner review

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I am married to probably the most low maintenance man on the planet. After seven years of being a beauty reviewer, I’m very close to giving up on trying to get him excited about products. He’s so rarely interested, no matter the fab packaging, fancy ingredient or promised result.

There was one exception. He stepped out of the shower one day and said “feel my beard, isn’t it soft?” I said wow, yeah – what did you use? He said “that stuff in the white tube you were raving about” That stuff in the white tube? My $75 conditioner. I promptly hid it. And made a promise to kept my gushing to myself. Until now.

Ursa Major sent us their brand new Fantastic Face Wash ($26) and Essential Face Toner ($24). The line makes “super natural skincare for men” but since ladies need to wash their faces too…could it be? Did I actually find products he might not only like, but that we can share? I was excited at the thought. But first, I needed to give it a try.

One sniff of each and I was a fan, these smell GOOD. Manly, but not so much so that they wouldn’t work for me too. One wash and the fan status was confirmed. I love that the first ingredient in both products is Aloe Vera juice. It’s a nice touch over the usual first ingredient; water.

The wash is gentle, but powerful, packed with fruit extracts and sugar cane for some gentle exfoliating. And being a toner lover already, theirs was an easy sell. Witch Hazel gives it a clean smell and makes it “combat blemishes, razor bumps and ingrown hairs” (that’s for the hub, thankfully I don’t have to shave my face!)

So, off to the hubby it went, with my fingers crossed. I asked him to share his thoughts…

HE says:
I’m a great believer that doing nothing sometimes has great benefits. For example I have never used deodorant and (as far as I know) I don’t stink. I’ve never cut my four year old dog’s nails and they don’t grow. And up until now I have rarely used any product on my face. This is where my theory runs out of steam, my skin is dreadful; wrinkly, loose and dull. Then along comes super natural Ursa Major face wash and toner.

Boy let me tell you, I applied the cedar, spearmint and lime smelling face wash, left it on for 30 seconds as instructed and could feel the natural healing as I rinsed it off. Then I splashed on the face toner, with the fantastic smell of aloe, bamboo and lemon and traveled back in time to when my face was fresh, supple and smooth as silk. I’m not kidding, this stuff makes your face feel brand new and the feeling lasts all day.

So, there you have it. A face wash and toner he actually likes and that we can share. Thanks Ursa Major for the near miracle! I might even give him a squirt of that $75 conditioner to celebrate…

we heartsters, do you share any products with your man?

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7 thoughts on “Ursa Major Face Wash and Toner – for product loving girls and product fearing boys”

  1. lyssachelle

    Spearmint, cedar and lime?? *swoon* My favorite hand soap of all time is the B&BW Eucalyptus Spearmint AND one of my favorite candles is Cedar Lavender, so I know I’d love this. Cedar adds a crazy warmth and spearmint just perks up a scent…plus lime?? This sounds like something I need to buy “for my husband” and then pretend I have no idea why the bottle is gone so fast… :-)

  2. irene

    This line sounds AMAZING!! And yes, I always try to share products with my man.. He is picky about what he uses and I am always smiling to myself as his shower/bathroom gets to look more and more like mine- full of products! If your better half liked this than it’s a given that mine will too! LOL! They are really a funny bread, indeed!

  3. tyna

    I got a sniff of these before they went to Derwood for testing – yum! They are the perfect unisex scent in that on a guy it goes sort of manly woodsy – but for the ladies it seems more green and sporty. And yay for men getting a quality, all natural line!

  4. mandaleem

    I keep trying to convince my hubby that he should start using some face product (he only uses water, not even soap! And damn him he’s never had a problem with acne, etc). If he wants his boy-ish good looks to last he’s going to have to work for it! Knowing that we could *share* these products makes it all the more tempting, just in case he still refuses to jump on the skincare bandwagon.

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