Dealing with Vacation Skin: Pre, Post and During

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I’m off to the city that never sleeps this week. That’s right, ol’ NYC! And while I’m ecstatic for some time off, I know vacation always does a number on my skin. So this time, I’m doing some strategic planning to deal with it. Check out my pre, during and post vacation skin care tips to deal with every stressor I will be subjecting my skin to.


Pre Vacation: Phytoceane Dermo-Softness Fluid ($50). Prior to leaving, I’m always a ball of stress and my skin shows it. What should I pack? I have nothing to pack! That sort of thing. So I want a gentle product that’s not going to freak out my skin (I’m doing enough freaking out on my own.)

From the same folks that bring you Phytomer, Phytoceane Dermo-Softness Fluid describes itself as a “comforting” formula, and it’s really true. It reduces redness and protects skin against irritants like pollution, wind, sun, STRESS and more. With marine extracts and the scent of rose and orange blossom, this uber-light, almost serum-like lotion feels like a big dose of “ahhhhh!” on my skin.


During Vacation: AlureVĂ© Targeted Treatment Patches ($125.95 for eight pairs). These differ greatly from other eye patches I’ve previously used. First, they’re meant to be used overnight. And unlike the typical wet/slimy eye patches, these are more like a sticker, with a dry layer of ingredients that penetrates skin while you sleep.

I’ll be honest, I don’t quite love the feeling of these patches, which lack the coolness of a wet patch. But I quickly put that aside when I saw the results. These prevent your eyes from puffing overnight. You know when you may have overindulged in food or drink, like say, on vacation, and you wake up looking like you went a few rounds with a prize fighter? It doesn’t happen with these. In fact, you wake up puff-free, no frozen spoons or bags of peas needed! Straight in my suitcase they go.


Post Vacation: Mario Badescu Healing and Soothing Mask ($20). The first thing I do when I get home from vacation (skin-wise, at least) is deal with the round of pimples I’m sure to have. And while that’s usually a pretty quick fix, my pimple free skin is also left pretty dry and irritated. Enter the Healing and Soothing Mask!

This is a creamy, non-harding mask that calms skin with oatmeal, while natural minerals absorb excess oil. (Because as anyone with acne knows, skin can be dry and oily – aren’t we lucky?) My skin feels soothed and nicely moisturized afterwards. It’s kind of skin care equivalent to a baby’s binky! My skin will be happy to see it.

we heartsters – what are your vacation skin must-haves? Share in the comments!


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  1. Take it from a pro, our Ms.@stef has the regime down. Gotta take care of your skin, it’s your face! These products sound great! I know how much I love Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum, so this with out doubt must be great stuff too! Let’s see a picture of your bright eyes after the eye treatments!

  2. These three products are a vacay triple threat. I love Mario products, and that mask looks divine. I always like to have a spray essence or toner to quickly add moisture back into the skin, and the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater (in the mini size) is perfect.

  3. Whatever it is— you look gorgeous in the pics I’m seeing! Mario Badescu is a true skin saver and I love all their products. I’ve been hooked on Phytoceane since We Heart This introduced me to this amazing skincare line! All of the products are so soothing and just wonderful feeling on your skin. Not to mention I just adore the fragrance! I like how you plan the skin Caroline you’re taking with you on vacation. Usually I just pack the same products that I use at home but I think you’re onto something– it makes more sense to plan for what you’re going to do and what you usually do!

  4. The only real changes that I make are more sunscreen. But after reading this I will for sure rethink my vacation skin regime. Great ideas!!

  5. I just did an East Coast trip myself, and with my super splotchy, rosacea prone skin, I really had to double down. For me that means Eucerin everything (for my face). Seriously, this drug store brand is really effective for me. I had stress hives on my face and neck before leaving and this did the trick. Hot to cold weather? this did the trick. Yep, Eucerin is my travel buddy for sure.

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