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Art and alchemy have united in the new prestige organic line Vapour Organic Beauty. In a green market filled with thousands of products, Vapour stands alone in its delivery system – not a powder, liquid or cream, but a unique formulation that imparts a light-as-air texture while providing skin treatment benefits and rich mineral color.

The magic began when Eric Sakas, a top makeup professional who worked side by side with the famed Kevyn Aucoin, and later, helped Philosophy develop their color line, was looking for perfect beauty products. Products not only beautiful, but good for you and the earth. His frustrating search found natural products that lacked performance or performance products that contained toxic ingredients.

His exhaustive search finally led him to a remote New Mexico-based lab and a group of people who pushed the limits of green chemistry by pioneering healthy, non-toxic cosmetics that refused to compromise. Not only did he find a product with excellent performance and unique texture, but it was also made of certified organic ingredients and pure mineral pigments. With this company and Erik’s impressive 15-year career in the beauty industry, the perfect marriage of health and beauty was born.

Vapour has developed their incredible products to be 100 percent natural and chemical free with a minimum of 70 percent certified organic ingredients. From the raw materials to the final packaging (all but the gloss packaged in a handy stick form), each step in the process adheres to responsible practices, including utilizing wind power and sourcing recyclable and renewable packaging materials.

And the delivery system that sets them apart? The Vapour difference begins with its signature therapeutic treatment base of non-comedogenic plant oils. To that, botanical infusions are added that provide deep moisture and anti-oxidant protection. Pure mineral pigments are dispersed next, which create a breathable layer that moves with the skin instead of lying flat on top of it like liquid foundations and dry mineral powders tend to do. This movement allows for a play of light, which heightens the natural radiance of the skin. Thus, Vapour provides the next generation of mineral cosmetics.

Vapour sent our lucky review team four of their most popular items to test:

Aura Multi-Use Blush Stick for lips, cheeks, and eyes in Spark: This warm peach colored stick provides a quick and easy way to impart a healthy glow. Includes face-specific nourishing botanical blend of anti-inflammatory Frankincense, anti-oxidant Tulsi and moisturizing Lotus flowers.

Elixir Sheer Lip Gloss in Hush (pink) and Hypnotic (warm brown-plum): These luxurious glosses are petroleum-free and contain healing Lemon Balm, hydrating Myrrh, anti-oxidant Green Tea and anti-microbial Iceland Moss.

Mesmerize Eye Color in Trance: This dramatic brown-plum eye color is infused with nourishing, eye-specific anti-inflammatory Chrysanthemum and Eyebright, and circulation enhancing Horsetail.

Review team, what are your thoughts? Have science and art crossed the curriculum successfully with Vapour Organic Beauty?

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. I tested the Aura Multi-Use Blush Stick in Spark. The color gives you a beautiful peachy-glow very reminiscent of the cult fave Nars Orgasm! Not quite as much shimmer as Orgasm, more natural glow. The stick is so convenient – it has found it’s permanent residence in my purse. Reapplying later in the day after my skin has had time to collect dirt, does give me the heebies sometimes, though. I just feel the need to wipe off the stick occasionally – I guess it’s the same as any product for keeping clean – whether its a brush you’re cleaning or the actual product. The smell of the stick is “scent-sational”! Per the site, the scent is a mix of green herbs, ripe orchard fruit, and the rich woody base of trees and fresh earth (spring rain shower, or garden scent). That sums it up – it’s not overpowering, but so fresh and pretty and natural. I feel good wearing it. The texture is like nothing I’ve ever used either. It really is as they say, light as air.

    I’m so excited to hear about their other products we tested and to see if they live up to the hype. You can definitely tell from what I tested that the product is good for you and the earth. I feel like if I was the type to put makeup on my 5 month old baby girl (no, I’m not!) but if I was, I’d feel safe putting this on her. But, I’d like to see if the color holds up, ie, performance of the other products. While the stick gives a wonderful color to the cheeks, lips (very moisturizing there, too and longer lasting than cheeks, actually) and eyes (although this isn’t a good eye color for me and I only used once there), I do have to reapply to my cheeks after a couple hours. Very curious to find if the other products hold up longer. Four stars from me – I want to give it 5 so badly because I’m so impressed with everything else about it – but for the price, I need it to last just a little longer on my cheeks.

    I think I’m the only tester of the stick – so if anyone else out there has tried it, PLEASE comment! So interested to hear other thoughts on this – I think this line is going to be huge and I’d love to try more!!

  2. Now, I didn’t receive the product to try but the review is making me wish that I did. If the colors go on as beautifully as they’re shown in the picture, I’m a sucker for Vapour already.

  3. Alert the media! Hello!!! There’s such a thing as organic lip gloss! I received a tube of Vapour Organic Elixir Gloss in Hush to test and review. I love lip-gloss and lipstick- I dare say, there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not applying a favorite or searching for a new kid on the block, such as Vapour’s Organic Gloss.. Hush, is faint in color. Its light, very. Just as it’s named– It is super sheer yet definitely fashion forward in color. This also is more fluid-like so I have to remember to be careful when applying. It is not like your typical lip-gloss, as you know it. What’s even more impressive about this line is how the ingredients have an immediate benefit to my lips and the shine was indeed all it was touted about for a long-lasting healthy and pretty pout It’s main ingredient is castor oil, It has no petroleum like so many out there, it also has beeswax. It has lemon balm, myrrh, Iceland moss, green tea, essential oils, natural fruit essences and natural vitamin E, just to name a few of the ingredients.
    One comment I have about its packaging. I would suggest that that color font used be darkened so it’s easier to read the label. That’s my only beef!

  4. Cream anything like this, but ESPECIALLY eyeshadows make me so nervous about the contamination dangers! It just doesn’t seem clean to me :( However, organic and with some great color?! I may have to try it anyway!

  5. Oh, I want to try both the Cream Blush stick and the lip gloss!The blush because I love the idea of a creamy, less intensity Orgasm color. And the moisturizing gloss, just because!

    Amanda – I hear you about the germ thing – but I really like cream blushes, eye shadows, etc. They should produce cream colors in tubes more often.
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..Etsy 4 for Friday – Blue Christmas edition =-.

  6. I got to check out the Mesmerize Eye Color in Trance. I was intrigued by the eye specific ingredients it had. Only problem was the shade looked awful on me. I tried, I really did. But the plummy brown reminded me of lipstick and made me look like I was punched. But I got to thinking…lipstick…hmmm. So I used it on my lips! It was creamy, wore well and for a long time (like a cross between a stain and a lipstick) and was very pretty.

    It’s hard for me to rate this, as I didn’t use it as directed (rebel that I am). The price is good for a natural brand ($16), but I see they only have 5 shades, which is super limiting. And if I’m being 100% honest (which I have to be!) I wasn’t particularly blown away personally. But, if organic products and green living are important to you, I think this brand is worth a look. Someone who worked with Kevyn Aucoin wouldn’t put out junk, you can be sure of that!
    .-= stef´s last blog ..Gifts for the Martha Stewart wannabe =-.

  7. I tried the Elixir Gloss in Hypnotic. The scent is kind of candy-like; not very natural (unlike the product), but not unpleasant either. Looking at the color in the tube, I didn’t try this for the longest time–it appears dark and sparkly. When I finally did break open the tube, the color was anything but dark and sparkly. I really like the subtleness of the color and the high shine of the gloss. The sparkle almost dissappeared on my lips, only serving to add dimension. It feels smooth and healing on winter-dry lips, like a balm. This is all good.

    The product does carry a $20 price tag which seems a little much for a glorified lip balm. That’s the same price point as the Julie Hewett Camillia Balm in Ruby that I use every day for cheeks and lips. I’m not made of money, so if I gotta choose I’m going to pick Julie. Sorry Vapour–you are good, just not THAT good.

    Four stars from me (losing one for price/likelihood of my not buying on my own, and, in comparison to the Julie Hewett product, it lacks versatility).

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