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Another Green Monday beauty review

Vapour Organic Beauty Siren lipstickphoto: we heart this

If you are a victim of dry lips, sick of lip color resulting in flaking skin, or have a hard time finding a lipstick that won’t cause your pucker to peel; we have an answer! Vapour Organic Beauty has created a line of lipsticks with such a stellar amount of moisturizing, quality ingredients, you’re sure to notice the moment you try it. Vapour, as readers may remember from the wht overview of the line, stems from the vision of Eric Sakas, whose 15 year career in the beauty industry has included co-founding Kevin Aucoin Beauty and serving as Director of Color for Philosophy.

As their full name implies, Vapour has always been committed to using organic ingredients and sustainable practices. All of their products are developed to be 100% natural and contain a minimum of 70% certified organic ingredients. Furthermore, from their raw materials all the way to the final packaging, Vapour utilizes responsible practices, from using wind power to sourcing recyclable and renewable packaging. What’s good for you is also good for the environment.

The wht review team received Siren Lipstick ($19) which sticks to those green ideals and are made with a unique botanical blend of ingredients including lemon balm, hydrating myrrh, anti-oxidant green tea, anti-microbial Iceland moss and mineral rich colorants. This formula creates not only a long lasting, rich yet sheer lip color, it also has some nice benefits for your lips.

My first impression of Siren is that it has amazing sticking power. While it feels like a balm on the lips, it creates such a deep amount of pigment, it truly comes out looking like a gorgeous, hydrating lip color. The balmy consistency comes from a natural, chemical free co-polymer, made of plant oils, instead of the petroleum and poly-butane based ingredients (found in many lip products) which often create a non-breathable barrier on the lips.

Vapour Siren lipsticks are available in five shades and we got to check them all out! Make sure to read the comments for the details on these alluring hues: (shown above, from left)

Desire – A cool, sophisticated rosy mauve
Hint – a warm, golden pink with rich gold tones
Knockout – A rich plum with brown tones
Ravish – A sheer, rich, red with golden highlights
Tempt – A classic wearable mauve

I soon discovered Tempt, a beautiful, soft deep pink that worked well with my skin tone, seamlessly blending right into my daily makeup routine. Vapour claims this color is universally flattering and I have to agree. I also found the shade to be subtle and warm, and that it looked even prettier with a gloss on top of it.

I’ve never been a big fan of red (not so great with my coloring), Ravish, however, truly ravished me. I found it to be such a warm and soft red, it worked with my skin and not against it. I happily received many compliments each time I dared to wear it. Now I apply my Ravish regularly and I highly recommend it to anyone who has been fearful of red in the past. This ravishing red shade is both wearable and flattering.

Finally, I want to mention how much I liked the consistency of these lipsticks. You can tell they are made with care and filled with good-for-you ingredients just by the way they feel; soft, smooth, supple. Plus, they have great staying power and have no overpowering scent or distracting flavor, which was surprisingly refreshing. The packaging, while simple, was functional. And I appreciate how they manage to get a lot of product in a small little stick, as opposed to the big and bulky packaging of some of my other lipsticks and glosses.

All in all, I think Vapour Organic Beauty is the company to turn to when you want to add some stand out colors to your style while staying green. we heartsters and testers: what do you think of Vapour’s organic take on lip color? Could you feel the love?

Erin is a secondary science teacher who adores makeup and fashion. She spends her free time pursuing her other passions which include cooking, antiquing, and decorating.

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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    Erin is a secondary science teacher who adores makeup and fashion. She spends her free time pursuing her other passions which include cooking, antiquing, and decorating. skin tone: NC30 skin type: oily to normal favorite beauty product: lipglosses and bronzers

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  1. Wow, these colors look amazing and it sounds like a good company. Certainly something I will check out, especially Ravish!

  2. Created by the co-founder of Kevin Aucoin Beauty? I’m already sold. I’d love to try Tempt! In fact, all the colors are beautiful. It will be hard to choose just one…

  3. I received Desire. It is a very pretty color. But I see it as substantial more pale than it’s rosy description. It is more of a light pink on me. While I normally would go for something a bit darker it is a very flattering and soft shade.

    I do think that they have created a nice formula here. I agree that it has a nice and long staying power while retaining a comfortable and pleasant balm like consistency.

    The only flaw that I found was with the packaging. And maybe I received a flawed lipstick. What is it with me and packaging? I have a lot of difficulty getting my stick to raise up or go down. And when it does work I am losing product along the edges. It gunks up. Did this just happen with mine?

    Overall, I give this a solid 4 stars. It is very pretty lipstick. It feels great on. And how can you go wrong with a green product of this quality?

  4. oooh, I’ve got my eye on Ravish now! And I love that they use wind power!

  5. Wow, I really love the looks of Tempt!

    I’ve always been more of a lipgloss girl because admittedly, lipstick is a little intimidating! There are so many ways to go wrong. But a lipstick that seems more like a balm? I’m there! This may be just what it takes to tip the scales from gloss to a more grownup pout. Great review @Spitfire77 ! (Does your username have anything to do with the car? We had a 67 Spitfire in the garage for awhile until hubs gave up on the project!)

  6. I received Vapour organic beauty’s Siren lipstick in Tempt. It really comes across as a lovely color on my lips. It’s nude lip color applies easily and even though it is sheer it holds up most of the day. I also like the way if feels on – The texture is not sticky but rather creamy and smooth. I don’t have many organic lipsticks, probably because there just are not many available. I love that this is out there and they colors are pretty! It’s hard to believe this was made with food grade ingredients. It’s not that I intentionally eat my lipstick but you know we ingest what’s on them no matter what we do. I really feel better knowing that nothing unnatural is going into my body. I also enjoyed the conditioning properties in the lipstick. What I don’t’ care for is the packaging. It reminded me of when I was a child and had my first makeup kit…This would do well with a better functioning container. I had trouble getting the lipstick to go back down into it’s container and had to gently force it back into position. On the upside, it’s a great product and gladly offer it a four star rating.

  7. Uh oh, I’m sensing a trend…
    I had even worse trouble with my packaging then @irene or @kellie76 did. I twisted and twisted and twisted, trying to get the lipstick to come up, heard a snap and that was it; it was broke. It’s a shame, it looked pretty. And I was excited at the thought of an organic lipstick. But it seems like they need to go back to the drawing board with the packaging. 1 sad little star.

  8. I tested Siren Knock Out and the tube worked fine, but definitely @irene is right in saying it’s kind of like a kids lipstick, it doesn’t look or work in a very grown up fashion.. it totally reminded me of the cover girl winding lip gloss I used when I was 14. BUT, I do love that this is organic, and the color is great. It’s pretty long wearing too. Definitely has the flavor of organic, kind of earthy and sweet. The color goes on muted, so if your looking for a major punch with color, I suggest using a potent lip liner to emphasize the color. But if you want a subtle color this is perfect.

    Four stars from me, mainly because it is a nice product.. if I was grading packaging I’d say two stars but product wise I’m going with 4.

  9. Yes, I will say, my one and only problem with the lipstick was the packaging. While I really liked how small and simple the tubes were, I did also have issues with the turning and the lipstick getting stuck. The lipstick is so supple and I loved the colors and consistency so much though, I was willing to overlook the packaging. I give it a solid four stars because of the tube issues!

  10. Ooh I want Desire and Ravish! I bet the consistency of these is so nice. I didn’t test them but did test the blush stick and that had the smoothest feel to it -I bet very similar to these. I wonder if a lipstick brush would still work for those people who had a problem with the product being permanently stuck – like if you’d get the same light and almost “fresh ” feeling of putting it on or if the brush would make it too heavy feeling. I’m not saying the packaging problem is forgivable just that it’s a shame to waste such a nice product!

  11. Can I just say, we have the best testers on the planet? You ladies have covered every point I wanted to make (but I’ll reiterate it, because…that’s our job!)

    I got to try Ravish, which like @spitfire77 said, is a warm and soft red. It has a brown base to it, so it is very wearable. This is a good every day red for me. I love reds (from soft to shocking). It’s got a sort of “bitten” look to it, instead of a Cruella Deville garishness. Love the shade.

    I also love the texture and smell. @christy nailed it when she said “earthy and sweet”. You definitely know this is good for you, but it’s not so over-the-top hippie that it kind of stinks (do you know what I mean?) It’s sweet, warm and really nice. And smooth as a baby’s bottom, with no dryness at all.

    While I wasn’t bowled over with the packaging (I found the cap a bit sticky to get on and off), luckily I didn’t have any problems getting the product out. But I will say, a product as high quality as this (and at this price) deserves to be in something that fits it. It should work when you ask it to. I think this is a relatively young company, that will only work out the kinks and get better with age (kind of like me, ha!)

    4 stars from me!

  12. I tested Tempt. I fell in love with this gorgeous mauve color. I also agree that this color would be flattering for all women. I love the texture of this lip color. It almost has a powdery feel to it without being dry. It kept my lips full of color and most importantly soft and moist. I had no trouble with the packaging on my tube and would buy this product again in a heartbeat. 5 stars from me!

  13. I tried Siren in Knockout, a brownish red with a little shimmer that looks kind of dark in the tube. On me the color was the same, but sheerer than anticipated–nice buildable color. One coat actually looks pretty natural and not too shimmery.
    I’ll agree with everyone that the packaging isn’t worthy of such a nice product (@christy nailed it when she said Cover Girl), but, oddly this didn’t distract me as it usually does.
    What I did find underwhelming was the lack of smoothness in its application.The product seemed to drag and pull across my lips. The end result felt as though I had applied a lot of matte product to my lips. It didn’t necessarily dry my lips out, and it DID seem as though the color wouldn’t budge, but I didn’t care much for the drag-n-pull sensation.
    All in all, I don’t know that I would want this product in my arsenal. It’s nice that it’s organic–and that’s a definite plus–but the texture was not-so-great and the packaging was not-so-pretty. I may have liked another color better in this kind of natural lipstick/tint (Hint looks pretty). So, I’ll give this 4 stars (minus 2 for drag-n-pull and packaging, + 1 for making me still want to try this in a different color before giving up on it).

  14. I’m with Sherri. I wasn’t sure that Hint was going to be a great color for me, but after application I saw that it worked great. (I broke the cardinal rule, don’t judge a lip color by its tube color!) It seems like one of those chameleon colors, it’ll work on everybody.
    BUT, I had packing issues too. I hate the drag and pull-type application; but maybe I’m just so used to glosses that I’ve gotten spoiled. But even setting that aside, I don’t think such a high-end product should have such a dollar-store packaging.
    But I did notice what looked like tiny little dark specks in my tube; did anyone else notice that? After digging one out, I think it’s just pigment that possibly isn’t mixed in and adds to the color but I was still all, “EW!” when I saw them at first. Slightly startling.. :-)

    I give this 4 stars, anything this organic deserves an extra star for effort. If they fix the packaging, I’m sold.

  15. These look so awesome! I actually like the look of the packaging myself…

  16. Like @kellie76, I also had trouble with my packaging. It’s difficult to get the lipstick in and out to use, and I think that the tube is a bit juvenile looking.

    I do think that it was very true to color for me – and a very pretty color at that, but I couldn’t stand the consistency of it. It felt thick and sticky, and I had to layer gloss over it, which killed its staying power. I gave it a few tries with an open mind, but this one’s going to the back of my makeup case.

    Unfortunately, only two stars, and that’s just because it really is a pretty color.

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