Venus Swirl Razor: Review and Photos

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And a look at Venus with a Touch of Olay Shave Gel.

I have a love/hate relationship with shaving my legs in the winter. Being here on the east coast, in the frozen tundra, there is really no need to shave anything.

When possible, I use the hair as an extra layer of warmth. OK, I’m exaggerating a bit; I usually do shave every other day or so – yes, even during the winter. I go to the gym and my Capri workout pants deserve a smooth leg. Right?


I admit, in a pinch I am not above using conditioner, body wash, or even…SOAP (gulp) when out of shaving cream. But I have been shaving long enough to know that it does NOT feel good. Afterwards, my legs sting and I often get red bumps.

Venus Swirl Razor Review

So I usually use a gel shave cream and a new-ish razor when I remember to bust one out (not so often). Enter the Gillette Venus Swirl Razor and Venus with a Touch of Olay Shave Gel.


I was doing ok with my shave routine before, but WOW! This has changed my usually mundane experience to a spa/toy car race! (I’ll explain the race car reference in a minute).

The Gillette Venus Swirl Razor ($9.29) looks like your run of the mill lady Razor, with a soft purple handle and a whopping 5 blades. But wait. It has a flexiball!


This flexiball lets the razor glide over knees and ankles like a race car on a track hugging the curves! And those five blades give an incredibly close shave while the MoistureGlide serum helps the razor glide over the skin with even more ease.


Beyond its performance, I’ve also got to give Gillette props for offering a lady-centric razor that is NOT blaring-hot-pink. The royal purple hue is a nice change, and the razor itself is actually kind of pretty.


For the most luxurious shave, check out the Venus with a Touch of Olay Shave Gel ($3.99). Available in three scents, Melon Splash, Luscious Lillies and Violet Swirl, this gel has all the moisturizing properties of Olay products.


This shaving gel boats “five times the moisturizers” of your standard shaving creams. Perfect for dry and sensitive skin. The lather is so rich that it clings to the skin to ensure no spots are missed. No chance of razor burn here and wow, what a flawless shave!

I cannot wait for this brutal winter to be over for many reasons, but now I am looking forward to showing off my smooth and satiny Venus swirl shaved legs.

we heartsters – Have you tried the Venus Swirl Razor? What do you think of the flexiball?

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  1. I really want to try this–it actually is a pretty style, and the flexiball part is so cool, like the Dyson of razors!

  2. I’m a huge Venus razor fan (gimme 5 blades or give me death), so I’m definitely going to try this out as soon as my current razor gives up the ghost. I feel like I’ve seen something similar in the male line of Gillette razors, so it’s nice that our lady legs get the same kind of love! Not that a lady can’t use a man’s razor handle or blades. But, as a frugal product addict, I need the blades to fit the same handle so I don’t have eight different handles and five different types of blades…

    1. Yeah, men got the flexiball ages ago!

  3. I need I new razor so I will be checking this one out, I like the roller ball too thanks!

  4. I didn’t get to try the Swirl, but I loved the feel of the rubberized handle. I did get to try the Violet Swirl shave gel though and you can absolutely feel the Olay in it!

    I need Gillette to develop a tiny little razor that will fit into the crooks of my ankles – which i can’t seem to shave without cutting.

  5. I can’t believe I’m actually admitting this on a beauty blog… but what works for me is the men’s Gilette razors from Costco (pretty standard two or three blade razors), and some quality bar soap (preferably handmade soap). Honest to goodness. Although if I could afford to buy it all the time, LUSH’s shave cream for men is the bomb.

    The fancy stuff on women’s shaving products doesn’t seem to give me as close of a shave, and tends to be more irritating to my skin then the men’s products. And I like that the plastic attachment surrounding the razor head is usually smaller on men’s razors (@stef, that might be the ticket for shaving around your ankles!) But I’m pretty tempted to try this!

  6. I’d love to try the shave gel. I admit, shave gel is the first to fall when deciding what I don and don’t need at the drugstore. Why not use my husband’s…or soap? We know why, but we scrimp anyway. I’ll pick this up…if only as a reminder to treat myself to the good stuff.
    As for razors, as long as there are triple blades, I’m good. The cheapest have but one or two. Really, hairy beasts like us women in winter need multiples. My hubs started using Dollar Shave Club and he’s so happy that I’m about ready to order a second handle for myself.I’ve used and liked Venus before, and maybe again.

  7. I think the Venus Swirl Razor and the Violet Swirl gel would be the perfect little purchases to help usher in spring. I love the color of the handle, and the gel is pretty, too!

  8. Yes ladies! The combo of the fancy schmancy razor and the pretty and moisturizing Olay gel has my legs as soft as a baby’s bottom!

  9. I saw one somewhere…they were out but had the display …now I’m convinced I need it! My hubby bought me men’s shave gel and I cant stand the smell he was trying to be “helpful” HAHA..i’ll try the voilet one prob
    xoxo Sugar

  10. Sweet N Sour says:

    I’ve never tried shaving cream or this razor before, but I am keen to now! Smooth legs here I come! Thanks for the review, it helped me a lot! :)

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