Another French Line to Love - Vichy Idealia review

Another French Line to Love – Vichy Idealia review

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I am French so I have a natural bias toward French beauty products. I scour the para pharmacies when I’m there for the latest and greatest serums, creams and masks. But many Americans also love French products. Is it the quality? The classy packaging? The Je ne sais quoi of all things French? I know one of the reasons why I love them so much – the fragrance.

I am very sensitive to scent, and French products have scents that I love. Face serums and creams smell fresh, light and never overwhelming. Just like the two Vichy products I was asked to test; Idealia Life Serum and Idealia Eyes.


The Idealia line by Vichy is the first product to “transform skin quality, no matter what lifestyle and behaviors it is up against.” Vichy claims that factors such as smoking, poor diet or environmental stressors will not impact skin while using the Idealia Serum ($39). In just 8 days, the quality of the skin is transformed to a smoother, brighter and more youthful appearance.


I have been enjoying this serum very much. It was love at first pump. The serum is light yet gives me all the moisture I need at night. My skin felt plump and moisturized from day one.

The scent is so fresh and pleasant that I said it out loud (to myself) the first time I used it. You know you like a product when it makes you talk to yourself! The bottle exudes quality and has a nice weight. And it’s pretty too. I have been using the serum for a few days and my skin feels more hydrated and looks brighter already.


I use the serum in tandem with the Idealia eye treatment ($31). I was confused when I first opened the tube. It has a clear plastic tab at the end of the tube…do I pull it off? No, you don’t. The company explains that the plastic applicator is made to replicate the shape of a finger and provides a soft touch to the delicate eye area. Smart!


I am very sensitive in the eye area and this cream feels great, making me feel moisturized and plumped. The Idealia eye treatment features caffeine, glycerine and shea butter to reduce dark circles and smooth fine lines. Mother of pearl pigments provide an immediate brightness to illuminate the under eye area.

Vichy-Idealia-serum-swatches-6Idealia Serum and Eye Treatment – both have a pearlized look to them

I am very happy with this Vichy Idealia line. Give it a try and I think you’ll find another French product to love!

Stephanie was born in France and travels there every year to visit her mom and relatives. She now lives Stateside with her two kitties, Winston and Pippa. Makeup is her passion (she worked as a makeup artist for Laura Mercier), she also loves to cook, do artsy stuff and garden.



Stephanie was born in France and travels there every year. Makeup is her passion (she worked as a makeup artist for Laura Mercier). She also loves to cook and do artsy stuff and garden.

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5 thoughts on “Another French Line to Love – Vichy Idealia review”

  1. stef

    I was confused by the eye cream applicator too @glamazon56 – I pulled and pulled! I guess that just goes to show how innovative it is. I love eye creams with reflective properties to them, great for brightening dark circles. I think these are really reasonably priced too, especially for a French product (which I always imagine are totally expensive and they’re really not!)

  2. vyrleeblake

    I have always been a huge fan of Vichy. Every product does what it claims & at a more than amazing price. I love that it’s readily available at my local drugstore, meaning you can also get them with coupons! What a wonderful review I will definitely be on the lookout for both of these products

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