Video Debut: Tyna’s John Frieda Makeover

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Break out the popcorn and bite size chewy chocolates! The big moment has arrived – it’s the video debut of our John Frieda Makeovers featuring their new and ingenious Precision Foam Colour.

I can officially cross “get a tv-worthy makeover” off of my Lifetime To Do List. Even better, thanks to Glam Media, I get to share my head-to-toe-makeover from start to finish right here with the readers of we heart this! We were thrilled to find our readers (and our writing team) were almost as excited for our NYC trip and makeovers as we were…and we were jump up and down, squeeing, excited.

That excitement level never dropped as Stef and I touched down in the city and began three whirlwind days of shopping and dining like high style, in-the-know, NYC natives. With the guidance of one dynamic duo, Glam Fashion Editor Nola Weinstein and Glam Beauty Editor India-Jewel Jackson, we took NYC by storm and I learned that yes! – I could wear red.

But all of those amazing things take second billing, because this makeover experience was in the end, all about my hair. Thanks to the work of John Frieda’s International Creative Consultant Harry Josh, his amazing team of hair stylists, and of course the Precision Foam Colour, my hair has NEVER looked better.

As evidenced in my makeover video, a subtle (yet so much better) haircut more suited to both my hair texture and face shape (much thicker, slightly tapered bangs, a less severe part, a few inches off the bottom) plus one quick application of Precision Foam Colour made a dramatic difference.

In fact, during the last two months, I have loved hearing from friends, family, my neighbors, even the young hispter at the wht mailbox that “Your hair looks really great.” Trust me, this is not a compliment I am used to receiving. But, for once, it’s true! My hair has volume, swing and shine like never before…and those pesky stray grays are gone.

Speaking of color, as a former boycotter of at-home hair dyes (too messy, too smelly and prone to patchiness), I am happy to report that the Precision Foam Colour has changed my tune. After I saw the results of my first application in 4BG Brilliant Brunette, a glossy, totally natural, deep chocolatey brown, I knew I would do anything to keep that color and shine.

Luckily, applying this foamy color is truly as simple as what you see and as Harry describes in my video, “if you can shampoo your hair and create suds, you can color your hair yourself” with John Frieda’s Precision Foam.

And the videotape doesn’t lie – the beauty behind the foam texture is that this dye stays put and doesn’t drip. Your bathroom and your clothes are now safe from stains. Plus, the workable foam easily suds into your roots and adheres around each and every strand for an all over color without patches or tell-tale roots.

I’ve refreshed my color at home just one time since my makeover (which is one more time than the 5 years before that) and to naturally fabulous looking results. And thanks to a handful of John Frieda goodies, I’ve been able to stretch out the life of my hair color.

The one-two-punch of my regular use of the Brilliant Brunette Multi-Tone Revealing Moisturizing Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner has been keeping my hair in great condition as the winter sets in. Normally color strips my hair of moisture and life, but these products have it hydrated, frizz-free and shiny while helping the color from fading. Bonus points for the subtle sweet scent of almond oil and hint of coconut as well as the great metallic packaging.

With the holidays almost here, I plan on adding some extra oomph to my hair with the Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine Luminous Color Glaze. This glaze (applied in the shower) enhances color and adds shine after just one use. And you can apply it a few times a week to keep hair rich and at it’s absolute glossiest. I’ll keep you all updated on the results!

For now, here’s one last look at Stef and I rocking our incredible new hair. On this day, just one week after our NYC makeovers, we were both going for that super sleek and straight, flat iron happy look. And I’ve got to say, we’re looking pretty fab, no?

A final shout out and thanks to everyone at Glam Media and John Frieda International for giving us this one in a lifetime experience as well as my new “my hair but better” style and color. And if you’re looking to refresh your shade and/or cover those grays, check out Precision Foam Colour for simple, seemingly goof-proof at home hair color.

Precision Foam Colour is the first ever premium permanent home hair colour from the John Frieda® Hair Care Experts that uses foam technology to deliver a luxurious at-home colouring experience. Demand gorgeous, salon-quality results — 100% grey coverage and vibrant shine. With 20 flattering shades to choose from, achieving natural-looking hair colour perfection is in your hands.

The product reviewed in this post was provided gratis by the John Frieda® Hair Care team. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of the John Frieda® Hair Care


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  1. Hey super GLAM @tyna, you look great on video! I loved watching this.. You shot really well on film and do wear RED so well! Really beautiful! Great hair cut and love bangs! They did a great job with the video too! John Frieda’s makeover and hair color looks super on you! I love they show the viewer how easy the color is to apply! :)

  2. I have to say, I really love this makeover more now that I’ve seen the video. The color makes your eyes just pop, and the red looks great! You look like you’re glowing! (from happiness, or artfully applied makeup? :-) )
    I used the same color after I saw your review (although I didn’t know it at the time) and even though I have completely different coloring than you, it work for me too! I like that the colors are versatile, you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong shade and messing up your hair. Weeks later, my color is still goin’! I’m so glad y’all did this, I got to benefit too!

    Also? I love that the makeover montage! It’s tasteful and cool, but I can’t see a makeover montage without thinking of an eighties movie where the girl gets made over by her sassy friends. All you need is some Duran Duran and a few shots of you guys trying on crazy hats and feather boas in the video. :-)

    1. Ha – love it @lyssachelle Alyssa! And adding Duran Duran to anything just makes it that much better!

  3. I love John Frieda’s foam. I used one recently and although foam color is hard to get used to when applying it turned out beautiful. I plan to use it again to go a little darker and now I want that glaze as well.

    1. I’m glad you tried and liked the Precision Foam Color @lucylemonade – the foam is odd at first, but I always loved playing with hair mousse so I liked it! Did you go with a medium brown shade too? I’m temted to go darker for the winter too!

  4. @tyna , you have great camera presence! And now only does your hair look amazing, your eyes are incredible in the after footage!

    Like you, I’m starting to get a few grays, but I’ve been too chicken to attempt resort to home coloring. After seeing this video, though, I am convinced I’m ready to color my own hair. John Frieda makes it look so easy!

  5. @tyna, that red really is you. You ought to wear that color all o’ the time (and it is the holidays, you know)! The hair color is super, reflecting the light in a really natural way. I think that color might look good on me. I must give it a try; I bought this product right after your initial post and it looked good. Maybe I used the same one? Anywho, it’s time for a tune-up for me.
    P.S. You even sound firey in this video…see what red will do!

    1. Firey!! Awesome. Because I must admit I was petrified – I think my voice was shaking the first few shoots of the day!

  6. @tyna – Awwwwwww, you look so pretty after! Have I ever told you that when I look at your name, I think it should be pronounced, “Tie-nah” and not “Tee-na?” I get thrown off by the y!

    That blue-toned red really suits you!

    1. Hahah, I’m with you @katezena ! My first thought on seeing the video posted was “Finally, I’ll know how her name is pronounced!”

  7. Tyna, you look gorgeous! And you totally pull off the red :)

    I dye my hair at home all the time, and have recently found out how great glazes are! Especially if you’ve bleached your hair, they help your hair maintain color and look healthy.

  8. Ladies, thanks so much for all of your kind words.
    I sit and watch me in the video and pick apart every single flaw (real and imagined) – and then I read your sweet comments and it’s all good!

  9. Oh Tyna, your makeover was AWESOME. Love the browns in that line. And no worries, I tend to do that self judging thing when I look at myself in videos or even worse- hear my voice!

  10. You look like you had so much fun! I love this color, and I’ve shown this to a friend who was looking for coloring advice (unfortunately I’ve developed an allergy to certain hair dyes recently and have to go with professional stuff) on something natural and easy. This color looks so great on you, but I love the idea of you going a hair darker for the winter season too! You’ll have to give us some pictures if you change it.

  11. This is so much fun to watch you both – I can’t imagine how fun it was to actually be there! You really do shine on camera Tyna – gorgeous voice, hair, eyes, the whole package! They did a great job with your cut and color – so shiny, healthy and pretty. Youguys are making me want to try the at-home color for the first time in 15 years or so! I never even would have considered it until seeing this, but the video makes me think not only can I maybe actually apply it properly, but I may even be able to pick the right color, too!

  12. I absolutely love what they did with your hair–the color really brightened up your face, but it’s not a huge, dramatic change from your natural color–like you said, it’s just a little bit “better”. The thicker bang and the color also seemed to make your blue eyes pop more.
    The fur vest is just foxy, btw. I couldn’t pull that look off 1/2 as well as you did. I’d look like Conan the Barbarian with boobs. Which is really how I envision myself anyways… :)

  13. @Tyna I love love love your bangs! And your whole outfit! You look so great and they were sooo right about your blue eyes popping now! Gorgeous!

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