Vita Liberata Brings Scent-Free Color to Your Sunless Body

Vita Liberata Brings Scent-Free Color to Your Sunless Body

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Vita Liberata pHenomenal self tanner review

Summer is winding down and we’re about to enter the seasons when my husband begins to refer to me as “pasty”…thanks honey! But it’s true, during the fall and winter, my skin gets so dull and pale, I start to look ghostly. Bronzer only gets me so far and it’s hard to find a self tanner I’m willing to use. So many are stinky, orange and difficult to apply… they’re more trouble than they’re worth. But Vita Liberta is a game changer you’ll want to hear about.

Vita Liberta became a leader in high quality self tanning products after they revolutionized the at home tan. In 2007, they were the first to create a odorless tanner, with their ‘OdorRemove technology’ now present in all their tanners, and in 2011 they became the first completely non toxic tanner.

No smell, SIGN ME UP, because there’s nothing worse than that gross lingering smell of a self tanner and the fact that Vita Liberta’s ingredients are non toxic, was an added bonus!


As if these two advancements weren’t enough to peak your curiosity, their latest innovation is bound to tip the scale. The Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan ($54), is the world’s longest lasting tan, and claims to hold its color up four times longer than regular tans.

So with my ‘pasty’ legs willing and ready, I lathered on VL’s latest formula, pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse in medium (it is also available in fair and dark) and waited for the magic to happen.


Some initial observations, it’s a super fast drying mousse, which was great. It soaked right in and dries almost on contact. The first ingredient is organic Aloe Vera, and the mousse also contains cucumber extract, witch hazel, papaya and raspberry fruit extracts, and grape seed extract. So you’re getting some good hydration along with a beautiful tan.

Also? THERE REALLY IS NO SMELL…let me repeat that…NO SMELL!! This was seriously the biggest pro ever for a self tanner and sets Vita Liberata apart from all other tanners I’ve used.


Tips for a Smooth Application: Wash and exfoliate first, making sure your skin is clean and smooth. DO not use moisturizer before tanning and use a tanning mitt (you’ll thank us later.)

For the longest lasting effect, Vita Liberata recommends 3 total applications, letting each one set for 3 to 24 hours before applying the next. With this being my first experience, I only did one application to start. Ignore the horrible picture of my chicken legs, but do notice the shade is spot on, not orange, not too dark, and very natural. I was really impressed with the ease of application, and with how subtle it was.


Fast drying and easy to apply
Natural Ingredients and natural tan



The verdict: wow this stuff is pretty amazing! I LOVE that there’s no smell, it was easy to apply, and dries really fast. While it’s only been a week, my legs are still looking pretty good, and it’s fading very naturally. The folks at Vita Liberata truly are tanning experts – and I think I just found my new “go-to tanner”.

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  1. ooh so tanned! I’ve heard great things about the brand. It’s nice seeing a review for it…will definitely recommend when I’m tired of being pasty after this coming fall/winter :)

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