Welcome to the wonderful world of Smell Bent

Welcome to the wonderful world of Smell Bent

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Over the years, I’ve become quite the perfume connoisseur. Back in the day, my Exclamation wearing self would have rolled her heavily lined eyes at what I am today, a fragrance snob. There I said it. Rambling on about notes and fragrance families, who do I think I am, Henry Creed? So, when I came across Smell Bent, the LA niche perfume line that doesn’t take itself too seriously, I happily remember perfume doesn’t have to be hoity toity.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love me some hoit right along with the toit. A gorgeous architectural glass bottle, a fancy label, preferably with something in French; I’m all over it. But here’s what it comes down to, if it doesn’t smell good, it doesn’t matter whose house it’s from. Besides, I also love me some fun! I’m young (ish) and I’m relatively hip. Why not play to that side? Which is exactly what Smell Bent does while smelling good. Very good.

They are a graphic designer/perfume lover’s dream (that would be me and turns out, that’s also Brent “the chairman of smell goods”). One look at the quirky illustrations and funny, but totally spot on descriptions and it’s obvious this is not your Granny’s stuffy, old perfume.

But while you know you’re in for something fun, there is nothing flip about the scents. These are serious scents, hand blended with high quality ingredients. Basically, about as far from a novelty scent as you can get. Best of all? What a steal! Only $20 for an 8 ml bottle of fragrance oil in either of their two categories.

You can choose to take a Leisure Cruise, a journey around the world, scent style! I instantly loved the sultry Bollywood or Bust (red rose absolute, robust sandalwood and rich, savory spices) and the tropical St. Tropez Dispenser (jasmine absolute, fresh coconut, aloe vera and a light breeze over a vintage musk).

Or, introduce yourself to one of their Classic Characters. Stand outs for me were the sweet Little Miss Panda (pikake flower, fresh soil, a bit of pink pepper and a twist of key lime) and the sassy Mama Cassis (juicy black currents muddled with refreshing peppermint and a delicate vanilla musk). But I fell, and fell hard, for Sunshine

Sunshine is sun warmed blood oranges over rich sandalwood, vanilla-drenched resins and a golden musk base. Imagine that a creamsicle had a hip, older and slightly slutty cousin. That’s Sunshine. I am forever looking for an orange based perfume. One that truly smells like oranges, not synthetic citrus. With the addition of all the warm notes, it’s a delicious burst of perfect. I love this.

Oils not your thing? They’ve recently released EDT’s as well ($45). Plus, you can order samples of any scent (how much do you love that?) $3.75 for oils $6.50 for sprays. So, what are you waiting for? Get Bent!

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13 thoughts on “Welcome to the wonderful world of Smell Bent”

  1. AHHH! These are fun, adorable AND you can get samples? (I’m a sample fiend.) I’m so sold AND I’m on my way to their website.

    And I totally want to grow up to be Chairman of Smell Goods. That’s right up there with astronaut for me….

  2. I used the last of my Sunshine sample this morning. I’m ordering a bottle ASAP. So, so good. For 20 bucks, I don’t even feel guilty! If you are a fan of citrus, and of warm notes, you are going to flip for this combo.

    And yeah, don’t you love a company that you can order samples from? I think it’s the companies that truly believe in their products. They know they’re good and that you’ll be back for more! Plus, it really is a necessity for an internet company (especially a perfume co!) You think it would be a given, but it’s not.

    You can get Smell Bent at luckyscent.com too. Which is how I learned about them (and most of my new perfume obsessions!)

  3. Such adorable packaging and without any extra fluff – no tissues and boxes within boxes.

    And how does one get to be the Chairman of Smell Goods? Is there a course I should be taking to prepare myself? Seeing as stunt person didn’t work out (my 10 year old dream job).

    Finally, hooray for samples! I’m with @stef, almost every company I know that’s liberal with samples, knows their products more than pass the test and shoppers like me will come back for more. Sunshine sounds divine, I may have to sample it in both forms.

  4. I like the packaging. Really cute and fun. Sunshine sounds wonderful! I’m going to have get some samples and see what one i should purchase!

  5. I’ve had the joy of sniffing/trying a few of these and the word that came to mind for all of them was “yum!” The combo of ingredients are all straight up yummy. My personal fav is Mama Cassis. When you first put it on, it’s full on mint (really nice, but a bit overpowering). But as it dries down, out comes the currents and the faintest waft of the vanilla musk. Oh wow, it’s divine! And I’ve never had a perfume do such a transformation on me.

    Fans of BPAL (like me) will love that the 8ml bottles have an applicator attached to the lid (a wand that you can put the oil on with). Love that!

    And seriously, how cute is Brent?!

    I can’t wait to start collecting these with a frenzy! Very impressed.

  6. Hey, these look really cool! I trust Stef,
    Tyna and Veronica when they say this stuff is divine, like Mr. Brent! He’s just a living doll! I don’t want to smell bad either! Just keep bringing it on, Mr. Smell Bent! Keep up the good work, it’s going to pay off! :)

  7. As a confessed perfume oil addict I was soooo excited to try a few samples. WOW What a great company, adorable site! And scents that last and are amazing!
    First up I tried Incensed.. they describe as “omani frankincense and kenyan myrrh smoldering atop a pile of vanilla soaked woods’ I would say it’s spot on.. it’s like a warm incense but prettier..thus it’s a perfume. I adore this one !

    Next up Horny Little Devil described as “golden amber, black pepper, filthy musk and a touch of cinnamon” this one again lives up to the description.. a little on the peppery side for me but I think in colder weather it would be a sassy warming scent.

    I also got lucky enough to try Brussels Sprouted and it is the perfect Summer scent.. very fresh and green almost vetiver-ish but not. Again totally good with their description “sprouted greens, himalayan cedar, and deep green musk growing in fresh, wet earth” A earthy gal’s dream scent!

    Last up Thai’d Down “sparkling kumquat, fresh mushroom & sooting budder wood spiced with crushed pink pepper, clove & a splash of rum” another goodie but a little extreme for me.. I can’t pin the scent down that didn’t work, but this one just didn’t mesh with me.

    The other three I’d easily get a $20 bottle of and I’m sure I will! So reasonable, and the scents LAAAAST!

    Thank you WHT and @stef for introducing me to such a creative and sweet smelling company!!
    If I could rate it it would be five plus STARS!!! :)

  8. @stef, your description of Sunshine totally sealed the deal for me. Thank you so much for this post–there are so many brands I see on luckyscent that make me so curious, but since I don’t know enough about them, I tend to pass them over. So I really appreciate all the info about this company–they sound absolutely fantastic with adorable packaging to boot. And I totally agree that easily accessible samples say A LOT about a company. If you can’t get samples, it’s sort of a red flag these days with a lot of etailers.

    @christy: I loved your fragrance reviews and thanks so much for confirming the staying power of these scents. That’s awesome!

    Oh and a quick question: lately I’ve been really into my BPAL Snake Oil. Did any of you encounter a smell bent fragrance that is sort of in the same family? I’m always on the hunt for other powdery, sweet, almondish scents. Thanks!

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  10. @nouveaucheap Sorry delayed reaction :) You know.. I think the Incensed would be closest to Snake Oil, but it’s still different.. I have yet to find anything like Snake Oil.. it’s really one of the most perfect Oils in my book!! But the Incensed has that hypnotic sweet goodness, just more on the heavy side where snake oil is a bit sweeter. Hope that helps!!

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