Weleda Skin Food – a Green Monday review

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Stuff yourself with natural skin care…

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While we certainly post our fair share of recipes on Green Mondays, today we’ve got a review about stuffing your face and body with good for you nutrients. Weleda Skin Food will have any and all skin starving for moisture ‘full’ after just one meal – uh, application.

Named after the Celtic goddess of wisdom and healing, Weleda has been a pioneer in green bath and body since 1921 following a philosophy that believes “using natural ingredients …can holistically work with and support our own body’s healing tendencies.” All Weleda products, including Skin Food, contain absolutely no synthetic preservatives, fragrances or chemicals. Even better, all of the ingredients that make it into Weleda products are 100% Certified Natural. Finally, Weleda promises that they “do not test our skin care products or their ingredients on animals and neither do (Weleda) suppliers”

The wht review team received a beloved and popular favorite from these natural bath & beauty icons to put to the test. Skin Food ($13.99) contains a meadow full of natural botanicals including organic pansy extract (for calming and healing of skin with issues from eczema to acne), rosemary leaf extract (a natural antiseptic), organic calendula flower extract (to tone and nourish skin) plus a mix of essential oils with lavender, rosemary and sweet orange.

Skin Food is packaged in a simple, metal tube (great for squeezing out every last drop) and I can say this super thick, semi sticky and extra effective moisturizer is one multi-tasker! It’s heavy enough to tackle your (and your man’s) driest, flakiest, itchiest spots, yet still gentle enough to use over the entire face.

Weleda Skin Food One warning: this heavy cream takes a bit of work to apply (it’s not a rub it in and go type of lotion) and leaves a faint sheen behind. On the plus side; a little dab goes a looong way, it sinks into skin surprisingly fast and it smells divine, like a fresh, herbally bouquet of wild flowers and citrus with a hint of calendula. The scent is fresh and subtle enough to be used by all – men, women and kids.

Because getting back to that multi-tasker remark, this lotion will be used by everybody in your home! It calms and helps cure stubborn areas from hands and elbows to feet and knees. Plus this salve-like creme works wonders on ragged cuticles, chapped lips, even minor scrapes, burns and irritations.

I’ve been applying Skin Food to my Sahara-like elbows and feet and have been noticing an marked improvement in the moisture level and flakiness of these areas. And I was impressed with it from my first use. I immediately loved the bright scent, and adored the long lasting dewy glow (that lasted for hours) this lotion left behind.

As far as using this on my face, my oily skin has had quite enough moisture (and shine) so far this summer. But I imagine Skin Food will be a life saver when my face is suffering from wind burn and irritated during the dry winter season.

If you have dry facial skin that needs some extra healing and moisturizing qualities in a lotion, I would highly recommend Skin Food. Just make sure to use sparingly. And since this creme takes a bit of work, dab it into your palm first and rub to emulsify it a bit for a smoother application.

Testers and we heartsters – have you stuffed your face or body with Skin Food? Please, share your favorite Weleda products in the comments.

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  1. I love this stuff @tyna!
    I received a sample at Whole Foods a while a ago and the little tube has lasted and lasted. I too love the fresh scent and it is super moisturizing!
    I am also leery to put it on my oily face, but have been known to put the cream on some dry patches. It’s great stuff and a great review!

  2. I’ve never even heard of Weleda, so your review made me so happy, @tyna. I’m always on the lookout for natural skincare options, and Skin Food is so reasonably priced, too! My dry knees and elbows thank you already!

  3. I am always trying to find natural products like this. I love the fact that this is concentrated. Sometimes when my skin is itchy and dry I feel like I have to put ¼ of the bottle on my body it makes me feel like I am being wasteful. I am headed to Whole Foods on my lunch hour to check this out.

  4. Yes, I’m, FULL with love for WELEDA! I received and gladly tested, Weleda Skin Food for dry and rough skin and let me just say, Great goog-a-li-moog-a-li, this is good stuff! Good things often come in small packages, and this is one of them. This product is a great all around -all-purpose moisturizer but I mainly love it for its effectiveness in calming down any irritations and dry patches I get on my face. I love how it quickly nourishes, restores and lasts all day long working its natural magic. I was also glad to learn about their use of organic pansy, chamomile and calendula in this. I never knew that the pansy possesses healing and calming claims for skin with issues from eczema to acne. @Tyna I am with you, I enjoy the fresh scent –indeed, and it’s just like a bouquet of wild flowers. Nine times out of ten, I sparingly apply this to my face- it is perfect for my dry skin. I actually like the look of a light protective sheen it offers. You only need a small amount, but I’d still like to have this by the gallon! I give this a ten! Okay, so we only rate up to FIVE stars! Good to the last drop!

  5. I’ve been looking for a concentrated lotion…sometimes the natural ones are thin. Great review!

  6. This stuff is certainly very potent. You truly only need a dab of it. A little goes a long way. So I agree that you should only use it on your driest bits. It is very moisturizing and calming. I really like it. But not so much for my oily face. I give it a solid 4 stars.

  7. @glamazon56 – It is pretty awesome isn’t it?
    I haven’t been to Whole Foods in ages – they give samples?!

    Check your local Targets, ULTA (and drugstores too) – Weleda is carried by both on their websites, so you may find it on the shelves.

    This is a total five star for me – great ingredients, a trusted name, multi-functional, effective and a great scent.

  8. I got a tube of Skin Food to try out and let me tell you what, my cuticles are LOVING it! Just a dab will do ya, and it is a little greasy feeling for awhile but it’s seriously awesome and healing. I’ve used it around my eyes just a bit on the days when I’ve gotten a little too much sun/wind and the next morning my eyes feel fresh but a little bit too greasy. I would recommend it for fingers, toes, elbows, etc but maybe not so much for the face. 4 stars, for sure!

  9. I love Skin Food, but I could never (ever, EVER!) use it on my face. It’s really more like a salve than a cream, and nowhere near a lotion. I’d say only really dry gals could even think about putting this on their faces. Oily girls, this is not for your face.

    But it is just about perfect on every other body part. I’ve been using this on my hands before I go to bed and it’s fabulous. It smells really fresh and herby, and I wake up in the AM to baby soft hands. It’s a bit medicinal too, I had a papercut that was practically healed by the morning.

    It does take awhile to soak in. Like @tyna said, def. not a apply and go sort of product. But if you are desperately in search of some healing moisture, this is your product.

    SkinFood aside, Weleda makes amazing homeopathic products for whatever ails you. I bought a set of 4 of their creams once:
    wound and burn care, calendula and arnica ointment. I pull these out all the time, and I constantly amaze people who I use them on. No one can ever believe how quickly and how well they work.

    I heart Weleda! 5 stars.

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