We’re Head over Heels for this Drugstore Moisturizer…

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Cococare 100% Natural Argan Oilsponsored post

Cococare 100% Natural Argan Oil

I’m having an all-consuming summer romance. I didn’t see it coming, but now that we’ve been introduced, I’m head over heels. Actually, I’m using it from my head TO my heels…

My crush is Cococare 100% Natural Argan Oil ($5.75 2 fl. oz.), aka “Liquid Gold.” After many years as a we heart this beauty blogger, I know that some products look luxurious and cost a bundle, yet do nothing. While others are so inexpensive and simple that I’m shocked by their results. Cococare 100% Natural Argan Oil is a stunning example of the latter.

The oil is light and clear, with no scent at all. It amazes me that something that appears so simple can perform brilliantly in so many ways. This bottle of potent 100% expeller pressed Moroccan Argan Oil packs loads of Vitamin E and fatty acids into a multitasking powerhouse. It’s streamlined my summer beauty routine, and I’m absolutely smitten.

When I say head to heels, I’m not kidding. Let’s start with the head.

Cococare Argan Oil is light enough to use as a daily conditioner for hair and scalp. Besides adding tons of shine, it keeps frizz at bay and even improves the look of my pesky split ends. I used a small drop of oil as a leave-in conditioner on the ends of my long hair before blow-drying, and was so pleased with the silky smoothness of my results.

After a trip into the humid outdoors undid my hair’s sleekness, Cococare Argan Oil came to the rescue again. I just used the teeniest drop of oil, rubbed it between my hands then smoothed it over my dry hair for taming. My frizzies were banished just like that! Extremely dry hair would benefit from an overnight of scalp-to-ends oil treatment (I’m going to try this under a soft shower cap).

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I would love Cococare 100% Natural Argan Oil for its hair benefits alone, but as a body oil, it’s even better. In fact, it’s my new favorite summer skincare product. I know, the idea of applying oil to summer skin seems a little scary. But trust me– this oil is so concentrated and light, it sinks right in and makes my skin look healthy and feel so soft.

Of course we’re all trying to protect our skin from sun damage, but sometimes sunburn happens despite our best efforts. If you happen to get too much sun, Cococare Argan Oil can help speed your skin’s healing process.

And if you’re like me, relying on faux-tan products to fake a summer glow, you’ll want to hear about this. Cococare Argan Oil is the best tan-extending moisturizer I’ve ever used. Just a few drops of oil, rubbed into my skin post-shower, extends my tan by days. It gives my skin an extra glow, and no one would guess this “tan” isn’t real!

The oil even soothes skin irritation like unsightly razor bumps.

Seriously, where has this stuff been all my life?

Cococare 100% Natural Argan Oil

Cococare 100% Natural Argan Oil can be used in so many ways, I’m going to be toting my bottle of “Liquid Gold” to the beach all summer long. And unlike fleeting summer romances, I plan to keep Cococare by my side long after summer is through.

Special Offer for we heart this readers: Use code FREEWHT to get free shipping at cococare.com (US orders, valid through 9/14/18. Cannot be combined with other offers.)

we heartsters, have you tried Cococare 100% Natural Argan Oil yet? Tell me your favorite use for it in the comments below!



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  1. Rose Strotman says:

    Is this just 10p% Aragon Oil? I already have 4 different bottles/different manufactures Aragon Oils. I jumped right on this bandwagon early on. But my hairdresser recently said to only go with the 100% as all those others additives could actually dry out my already dry hair. I live in Alabama. The heart of heat & humidity. And I work outside all day. Desperate need for some dryness loving.

  2. Cynthia Nolan says:

    I loved your post on Cococare. Went to the site and ordered 5 items, but it wouldn’t accept the code ” FREEWHT “. Perhaps it’s a typo?

    1. Hello and glad you liked the post! I reached out to Cococare and this is the correct code. They said the code doesn’t go through until you fill out the “Calculate Shipping” section. Did you try that? Sorry you had an issue!

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