Who Wants Cake? (Answer: We ALL Want Cake!)

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 Pixi Beauty Pixiglow Cake in a blurred lights backgroundpress sample affiliate link

Pixi Beauty Review: Pixiglow Cake

I’ve never said “no” to cake IN MY LIFE. So, it’s only fitting that I am saying a loud “YES!” to the new Pixi Beauty Pixiglow Cake. This enormous pan of light-diffusing blush is bringing me some serious joy, y’all.

It’s one part blush, one part highlighter, one part contour color, and all parts gorgeous. If you suffer from dull skin or prefer a beauty look that makes you look like you’re lit from within, then you’ll be saying “YES!” to cake, too!

 Pixi Beauty Pixiglow Cake product and packaging in a blurred lights background

 Pixi Beauty Pixiglow Cake in a blurred lights background

Pixi’s latest palettes are offered in two shades (.85 oz/$28):
PinkChampagne Glow–pearly pink highlighter, luminous light pink blush, warm bronze glow
GildedBare Glow–pearly nude highlighter, luminous light peach blush, warm bronze glow

The palettes are housed in a massive 2″ x 5.5″ compact with gold lettering. The powder is embossed with the same lettering, so it looks like a shadow. I usually prefer a palette with a mirror for applications on the go, but I can understand why they left the lid clear–this pan is too pretty to hide. Both shades look like Instagram-worthy sunsets in a pan. Oh, yeah, they’re that good…

 Pixi Beauty Pixiglow Cake product and packaging in a blurred lights background

 Pixi Beauty Pixiglow Cake in a blurred lights background

Each Pixiglow Cake palette is designed so that the shades within the pan can be used individually or blended together. All shades are multi-purpose; you can wear it on your eyes, you can wear it on your cheeks, you can use it as a blush, or you can use it as a highlight/contour/booster color.

You can get a lot of shade variation with these too. There’s three distinct shades in each, with two more shade variations where those overlap AND another shade if you blend them all together. That’s six shades in each pan; a lot of color for your bucks!

It looks great solo or swept on top of cream blush for more impact (my preferred method of wear). The color payoff is fairly sheer and easily buildable. The shimmer imparts radiance that keeps you glowing without looking like a glitter bomb went off. These are extremely user-friendly, folks.

Besides helping you get your glow on, these cakes contain peptides (restores the skin’s moisture barrier), ceramides (plumps and firms) and antioxidants such as grapeseed extract (promotes skin elasticity) that are good for your skin. I feel like the added skin plumping/moisturizing ingredients possibly help these powders go on smoother, too.

 Two different shades of Pixi Beauty Pixiglow Cake on a black backgroundleft: PinkChampagne Glow right: GildedBare Glow

 Pixi Beauty Pixiglow Cake PinkChampagne Glow Blended Text Swatch

 Pixi Beauty Pixiglow Cake GildedBare Glow Blended Text Swatch

These silky palettes are just what my beauty routine needed right now. Since it’s STILL winter and I haven’t seen the sun in what feels like forever; I am definitely lacking a glow. With just a few sweeps of these Pixiglow Cakes, I manage to look natural and radiant at the same time.

Have you tried Pixiglow Cakes yet? What’s your go-to product for radiance boosting? Inquiring minds want to know…

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  1. These Pixiglow cakes have grabbed my attention the way real cake does! They look and sound scrumptious, and I love that they’re oversized!

    1. I don’t think it’s possible to run out of this–the pan is just SO ginormous and a little goes a long way! :)

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