YBF Concentrates Review: 3 new products to give you Your Best Face

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Good skin takes concentration…YBF’s highly concentrated product line, that is.

YBF skincare 

We heart this favorite YBF (Your Best Face) is a groundbreaking skincare line created with a commitment to the safest, most effective ingredients, whether they be natural or synthetic. YBF stays on top of the latest technology in order to create potent combinations of antioxidants, peptides, vitamins and botanicals that aim to provide whatever care our skin needs. Recently, I took all three products in their amazing concentrates treatment series for a test drive.

YBF skincare

The concentrates, like all YBF products, are housed in unique airless pump containers that are so hygienic, the products have minimal need for preservatives – always a plus!

YBF skincare concentrate

Of course, everyone’s skincare needs are unique. My skin, for instance, is parched and flaky all winter long, yet morphs into an oily-t-zoned minefield as soon as summer hits. YBF offers formulas that effectively fight aging in skin of any type, and now YBF has reformulated its three most powerful weapons – its concentrates – to be even more effective at fighting the signs of aging.

YBF Skincare Hydrate B Concentrate

Hydrate B concentrate ($45)
This unscented, clear gel is designed to boost hydration by drawing moisture deeper into the skin, where it can make the most of active ingredients. Hydrate B includes three forms of B vitamins, and, when used in combination with other products, works to speed healing and improve tone and texture.

YBF Skincare Hydrate B Concentrate

I found it to be rich, slippery, and very effective at locking in moisture. A tiny bit goes a long way. It multitasks as a moisturizing pre and post-shave treatment, also.

YBF Skincare Antioxidant Concentrate

Antioxidants concentrate ($55)
This lightweight serum is packed full of anti-aging marvels such as ferulic acid, spin trap (the “superhero of antioxidants”) and vitamin E. This serum not only helps tone and brighten skin, it also rejuvenates and heals the skin surface. I enjoyed this serum, and noticed it has a very a distinct scent, almost like almonds. Yum.

YBF Skincare Antioxidant Concentrate

All three concentrates can be used alone or blended with other skincare products (like moisturizers and masks) to increase thier effectiveness. Besides facial skin care, this antioxidant-rich concentrate is great for use on neck, chest, hands, elbows and knees – anywhere skin can use a little help!

YBF Skincare Advanced CE Concentrate

Advanced CE concentrate (day cream) ($50/1oz/30ml)
New to the YBF line, this was my favorite of the three concentrates. The lightweight, scent-free lotion has high levels of anti-aging vitamins C and E, and contains reverse osmosis water. While some people find vitamin C products can irritate the skin, this high potency lotion is great for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin.

YBF Skincare Advanced CE Concentrate

I found that this lotion sinks in quickly and feels soothing. After a month of use, my skin looks healthy and radiant. YBF calls this “the best vitamin C product you’ll ever find,” and they just might be right!

Safe, effective ingredients in highly concentrated formulas
Concentrates can be combined with other products or used as standalone treatments – whatever is best for your skin
Products are gentle enough for sensitive skin
Clean, modern packaging functions perfectly due to airless delivery system
YBF is a cruelty free company

The antioxidants concentrate contains a fragrance that might not be for everyone

we heartsters – has YBF helped you in putting your best face forward?


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  1. Oh Boy, the Advanced CE concentrate day cream is calling, rather yelling to me to get some! I adore the airless pump too! Smart peeps over there at YBF! Antioxidants concentrate serum and Hydrate B concentrate look amazing too!! Oh lordy, this line! You know It’s easy to sing lofty loving songs about them!

  2. This line is new to me, but I know it works. B Vitamins in products make a huge difference. Right now I’m hooked on Ole Henriksen’s line of skin care, replete with glycolic acids and tons of Vitamin C. My skin was pretty good to begin with, but it now has a radiance and a clarity I haven’t seen in years. This is definitely a line worth investigating (I also noticed “Resveratrol,” which is getting a lot of note in skin care products). Thanks, @turboterp!

  3. Sounds like they’re packed full of potent ingredients! Is it added fragrance, or just that it naturally smells that way?

    1. Hi! Kimberley from Your Best Face Skincare here. The scent in these products naturally smell this way. Our products are formulated in a way that allows for no additional fragrance being necessary to mask the natural scent. The most fun we have with scent and where we have the opportunity to purposely get creative is with our Private Reserve Antioxidants Oils. In this product, we do specifically choose essential oils that offer a great stand-alone or blended scent. The key is that these essential oils also offer benefits other than smelling great. Bonus! As a matter of fact, Darrell, YBF formulating guru, steers me away from some scents that I generally like because that particular essential oil is not so good for the skin. Thanks for the opportunity to share some info with you! :)

  4. I hadn’t heard of this line until you guys introduced me to it a while back, but I really, really like it. I’ve tried a lot of things on my face and YBF seems to agree with it, and I happen to love that almond smell!

  5. I tried the Hydrate B concentrate and I loved it. I usually mixed a bit of it in with my daily moistuizer and that way I got the best of both worlds.

  6. I was lucky enough to test YBF’s Prep, Correct, Quench, & Control. Let me tell you, I am one of the biggest skeptics I know, when it comes to any skincare line that claims to reduce wrinkles. No joke, this line is the real deal. The smell is heavenly, (I too, love the almond smell). Every night, I religiously applied Correct, and every couple of days I exfoliated with Prep. There was a noticeable difference in my complexion, and my fine lines. I rate this line 5 stars, and will definitely purchase in the future.

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