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The wht team faces off with YBF – reviews of Boost, Prep, Balance, Restore, Quench and more!

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It’s a fact – a good moisturizer is one of the most important parts of your daily beauty routine. Not only can it give you the perfect base for the rest of your makeup, but it can also protect against signs of aging and maintain the health of your skin. Moisturizer has the propensity to become a “holy grail” product, and for good reason!

As for me, with pesky combination skin, finding the right moisturizer can be tricky. Light enough to avoid a grease slick but emollient enough to ward off those flaky cheeks? That’s a big order, but one that Your Best Face and their Boost Moisturizer delivers.

Haven’t heard of Your Best Face (YBF) yet? Take notes – we think this line could be the next big thing! YBF is the brainchild of Kimberly Fristed and Darrell Owens; friends for two decades (they met at work) who dreamed of branching out in business together. Kimberly and Darrell want YOU to look YOUR best, not your sister’s best or some celebrity’s best.

With that in mind they took their time formulating, testing, and perfecting the YBF line to create the best products possible. The carefully edited line contains 13 core products (and a few seasonal specialities) and the wht team had the chance to test five of YBF’s top-notch formulas.

I tested the Boost daily moisturizer. Kimberly and Darrell are coffee lovers, so it’s no surprise that this lotion (and other YBF products) contains caffeine. That’s good news for oily and combo skinned ladies as this ingredient, along with a healthy dose of antioxidants, vitamins, and botanicals works to tone, tighten, and protect skin all while moisturizing, discouraging breakouts and excess oiliness. Yes, all that!

While using Boost ($65) I noticed a significant drop in breakouts. My skin looks clearer and brighter, and I swear that even the bags under my eyes have tightened up a bit.

That said, it’s not quite moisturizing enough for the cold climate of New England (I started testing this moisturizer during the chilly days of spring), leaving my skin feeling a little tight. I imagine it will be perfect for the summer.

YBF Skincare knows that not all faces are created equally; that’s why they’ve developed a number of products to address all types of facial needs. Our team put a handful of YBF products to the test.

Prep, a brightening exfolliant Starting from the beginning, there’s Prep, a brightening exfolliant. A great alternative to expensive spa treatments, Prep ($80) is a gentle home microdermabrasion treatment. Full of peptides, vitamins and botanical ingredients, Prep not only smooths wrinkles but protects skin and helps prevent new wrinkles from forming! Use up to 3 times a week for glowing skin with better texture.

Next there’s Balance, the “dream cream for calmer skin that feels matte.” This product is designed for the younger crowd or anyone with excess oil and shine. Regular use not only keeps shine down to a minimum, it also helps promote clear, blemish-free skin. And guess what? YBF purposely made Balance ($45) as an inexpensive addition to your skin care routine, making it more affordable for the college crowd.

If oily skin isn’t your problem, there’s Restore serum ($120), a powerful skin-brightening product packed with vitamin C to help lighten age spots and give the face a natural glow. This formula helps even pigmentation, diminish dark spots and reduce inflammation for ageless skin.

And the beauty scientists out there will love the Antioxidants Concentrate ($55). This powerful complex is designed to be used on its own or mixed in with a product you already own (masks, lotions, serums, etc) and love. Antioxidants Concentrate helps fight the free radicals that damage cells, making it useful on neck, hands, knees, and everywhere in between. Who doesn’t love a multitasking workhorse like that?

Quench lip treatment

Finally, we have two lip products. First up; Define, an anti-aging lip cream. While I never considered myself as someone with aged lips there is a definite difference in the skin of my lips – it’s softer and fuller – since I began using Define ($70). Additionally, one side of my lips has an awkwardly defined vermilion border, but with regular use of this lip cream I’ve noticed that my lipstick application is much more precise, perhaps due to the subtle plumping nature of Define.

Quench ($15) has now become my favorite lip balm, and the favorite of a few friends! Spiked with peppermint and clementine and full of good ingredients, this super creamy balm is a gem. I use it so much I’m nearly finished with the tube! After sharing my discovery, I now find myself needing to protect my Quench balm while out with friends, lest I lose it to a pal.

Review team, has YBF Skincare brought you YOUR best face?

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. @mandaleem – this is the first I’ve heard of ybf, and your review has me intrigued! I’ve been reading a lot about caffeine as a skincare ingredient, so Boost daily moisturizer has my full attention. One question: does it contain spf?

    I also love a good serum and can’t wait to read what the Restore Serum tester has to say. Great post!

    1. There doesn’t appear to be and SPF in Boost. It’s not a concern for me because all my other facial products contain SPF, but it is something to keep in mind for “moisturizer only” days!

    2. Darrell tweeted you an answer @Turboterp ! But, um, I think they’re a bit confused about our use of “@” here, LOL. Anyway, he says (paraphrasing here, forgive me!) their products don’t contain SPF because they choose to focus on packing in as much antioxident power as possible. Hope that helps!

  2. I got to try Prep, the microdermabrasion product and I LOVE it. The grit in it is so fine that the first time I used it I doubted it was doing anything. But once I washed it off I saw it did something, quite a lot actually! It visible smooths skin, removing surface yuck (dry, dead skin) and cleaning pores so you’re left with bright, baby bottom soft skin. AND, it does so gently, so I can use this and not have to worry about any downtime.

    It reminds me a lot of Dr. Brandt’s microdermabrasion product, which is a big compliment because that one is aces.

    I’ve been treating it like gold, only saving it for special occasions. Which is another compliment because I totally hoard my favorite products!

    My only complaint? It’s expensive – $80 for 1.7 oz is a tough purchase. The good thing is that you don’t use it daily, so it will last for awhile. But it’s a really, really great product, so if you’ve been looking for a good exfoliant, it’s worth the investment. 4 stars from me (only one of for price).

  3. I tried the Antioxidant Concentrate- after reading that it is so versatile; I started using it with my serums and other skincare creams, on my chicken skin neck and even on my chest. I’m constantly looking for what’s new in the skincare world. Just the damage from free radicals alone causes me to shutter. Thanks to this formula I can actually see its benefits. It really blends well with many products. I like that it’s concentrated, but found it is really lightweight and soaks in quickly. It has an almond fragrance- which to some may be a concern but I’m fine with it, it doesn’t’ linger. Our skin is important for obvious reasons and to find a friend for it is even more so. YBF- skincare has got a friend for you, indeed. You know, it’s easy not to take care of you skin, but you’ll pay for it later. This product is pretty pricey at $55.00 but I’d buy it and it’s worth it. I give it four solid stars.

  4. YBF is a brand worth your serious consideration! The products are pricey, yes, but IMHO it’s a wonderful way to treat yourself. You’re worth an expensive lip balm, really! I’ll certainly be purchasing Boost again, and I’ve already repurchased Quench. 4 Stars from me, with one only for the price.

    1. Ahh you’re killing me @mandaleem! I soo wanted to snag that Quench Lip Balm. I love a nice one and your review and repurchase have me determined to get one for my own.

  5. The lip balm is the only product I would consider buying, because the other items are so expensive! Yikes… the products sound like they work wonders though.

  6. I was lucky enough to get Quench, Define and Balance. First off, I love the simple names. Each product does exactly what it’s called! I was hesitant on the Define because my lips tend to be a little sensitive (as evidenced by the Sun-Ripened Raspberry lip balm incident of 1999.) Glosses I tend to be okay with, but a lip cream that absorbs in? I was nervous. However, I can say I didn’t have any kind of adverse effects at all, just positive one! Despite being a former smoker, I don’t have fine lines around my lips (yet) but I did notice that they felt a little more full and smooth after using this for a few weeks.

    Quench is just a lovely balm, very smooth and not at all greasy! It has a slight mint smell but no tingle. It’s become my new bedside balm, I love it! Smooth and creamy but not waxy or sticky at all.

    Balance was nice, but not something that I think I would purchase again. It mattified without being drying, but it didn’t do much else and it wasn’t as amazing as I wanted for it being $45. A little goes a long way, but for the price I wanted it to do something more. However, I do love that YBF recognizes that you might need anti-aging AND blemish fighting. It’s excellent to have that both in one product line!

    Overall, I’m impressed with YBF, especially after this review and the other comments. I think it’s a line that might be a bit more luxury than my normal products, but it’s be worth it!

    1. I forgot to leave my stars! This gets 4 stars from me, overall!

  7. I felt like I hit the skincare lottery when I got to try Restore, Define and Quench. I found these products to deliver all that they promised me.

    First, I feel in love with Restore. It is a bit pricey at $120 for one ounce. It smells like vitamin C sunshine and is very concentrated. It did brighten my skin and decreased redness. The decrease in redness is a huge one for me. I wanted to make this product last so I used it at night only. This way I did not have to worry about sun protection or how it may react being mixed with a sunscreen. I read on the website that this product also can be used as an eye cream alternative. I was a bit scared at first because I have sensitive skin and allergies. However, my eyes loved it. I love that this product can do double duty for eyes and face if necessary.

    Second, I tried my first lip crème when I tried Define. You know a product is good when it fulfils a need you did not even know you had. Yes, I have battled with dry lips before and tried every known product under the sun. My lips were not even dry when I first got this tube. I thought I do not need this product but, I am going to test it. Define quickly became part of my ‘must have’ evening routine. Even if I am already in bed for the evening with the TV off I will get out of bed and put it on. I do not want to go to sleep with out it. It makes my lips feel good, look good – almost like a spa treatment. (I know that sounds silly but, it is that good.)

    Third, Quench became part of my every day where ever I may go life. I take it everywhere with me. It gives my lips a little pick me up when they are feeling like they could be on the brink of dry.

    I loved all of these luxury products. I would give them a 5 starts for performance but, I am deducting a star for price. I hope that YBF will consider making a bundled set of products a special price for those of us who are in love with their products and want to share the love with other.

    Over all —4 stars

  8. I haven’t tried any products from this brand yet, but there are several I want to try, after reading some rave reviews about the line on another blog. I just haven’t bought any yet because I’ve been in a frugal mode lately and haven’t been buying much of anything:(

  9. I needed to chime in on the two lip products. I also got try a generous sample of Define and the very popular lip balm, Quench. If at all possible you should get these to be a pair since they go really well together. Once you put define on, you immediately feel it because of the cool affect it provides. I like the pump feature of this product. It’s easy to apply and a drop does go a long way and coats your lips well for hours.. It also gives a fullness and brightens your lip area- or is sure seems to! The only detractions is it’s price tag.. Holy smokes, $70 bucks is a lot! Oh, if only I was not watching my pennies! I give it four stars for the step price.
    Now Quench on the other hand is worth at least $15.00 or more! I would stock up on this product without even thinking twice. I love a good lip balm and am picky as they come. I love the taste of the peppermint and the cooling sensation it offers.. I love the beeswax, clementine, along with the rest of it’s ingredients like, vitamin C & E. I think this could be put in a bigger stick, because you go thru it so fast! I give this 5 stars..

  10. I want the boost moisturizer! My skin has been troublesome lately and it’s always tired…I think you’ve convinced me well @mandaleem! And that Quench lip balm is calling my name. I have never heard of this line before and I’m so intrigued. Thank you for the lovely review.

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