Youngblood In Bloom for spring 2013 – review, photos and swatches

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We dive into the cult of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics


I can’t help it, I’m walking around singing a song from the Oldies channel under my breath: “Young blood, I can’t get you out of my mind!” My nonstop humming started when In Bloom, the spring launch from Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, arrived in my mailbox. I don’t think I’ll stop channeling this catchy tune anytime soon, because now that I’ve discovered Youngblood’s products, I realize how unforgettable they are.

Founded over 15 years ago by former medical aesthetician Pauline Youngblood, the company was started with the goal of helping women conceal and correct imperfect complexions. Pauline was not satisfied with the available makeup options for patients with long recovery times ahead of them, so she set out to find her own solution. Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics was born, bringing natural, realistic colors and finishes to the world of mineral cosmetics. Now, the line has expanded to include way more than its initial mineral foundations.

The spring collection In Bloom from Youngblood consists of four exciting new products that I really can’t get out of my mind:

Incredible Wear Gel Liner in Lagoon ($21) – This little tub is now my go-to liner for a dash of bright color: teal with iridescent, golden sheen in the tub, pure teal on the skin. Formulated with Vitamin E, the rich gel goes on so smoothly, it’s easy to create the perfect line.

And when they say long-wearing, they’re not kidding! I applied Lagoon in the morning before a busy day that included a sweaty gym workout, and the liner did not budge. Even washing my face did not remove it. Lagoon didn’t come off until I used makeup remover, then it whisked away easily.

Lipstick in Debalicious ($19) – named after Youngblood’s longtime Sales Manager (cute!), this lipstick is billed as a “sheer baby doll pink” that is perfect for sun-kissed skin of any tone.

In fact, it’s not sheer at all, but richly pigmented and super long-lasting without a hint of dryness. Even with my still-pale complexion, Debalicious is a perfect Malibu Barbie pink — flattering, summery, mood-lifting.

Gel Liner in Lagoon, Lipstick in Debalicious

Anti-Shine Mattifier ($36) – If your face tends to get shiny, this modest looking compact of oil control solution will be your new best friend. Applied with the included sponge, or with fingers (which is how I did it), the Mattifier, which contains Nigella and Pumpkin Seed oils that act to purify and balance the skin, works to absorb excess surface oil.

Youngblood suggests you use it under makeup in lieu of primer or on top of makeup for touch-ups when needed. I gave it the “gym test” by applying it on my t-zone before a grueling cardio workout, and was amazed to find I wasn’t shiny at all afterwards!

Minerals in the Mist: Relax ($24) – Check the comments to find out what Stef thought of this product that she “couldn’t resist” -a rich blend of botanicals (like vanilla, lotus and ginger) that helps hydrate and increase smoothness of skin. Other ingredients include Lavender oil, which attacks dryness, and liquid green clay, which acts to remove toxins and firm pores.

Now that I’ve dipped my toe into the pool of Youngblood products, I’m anxious to try more from this coveted line. And if you have yet to experience the brand, I recommend you check out the In Bloom collection to taste what Youngblood has to offer.

we heartsters – help me out! What Youngblood product(s) must I sample next?

Melissa loves road trips, bargain shopping, drive-in movies, lip gloss and rock ‘n’ roll. She lives in Baltimore with her precious pup Zeus.

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    Melissa loves road trips, bargain shopping, drive-in movies, lip gloss and rock 'n' roll. She lives in Baltimore with her precious pup Bellarina. skin tone: NC20 skin type: dry to normal favorite beauty product: skincare


  1. I want Minerals in the Mist! I am such a sucker for this sort of product! Sucker is an understatement! If @stef “couldn’t resist” this, I know I wouldn’t be able to either! I’m all for a rich blend of botanicals for my face to hydrate it!

  2. Forgive me if this is a silly question, but how do you apply the gel eyeliner? Really fabulous color. Sounds like an awesome line.

    1. Not at all, @rachelshay ! It was silly of ME not to mention that I applied the gel liner with a brush (MAC’s 263 angle brush worked like a charm).

  3. Like @irene and @stef, I WANT “Minerals in the Mist!” Lavender and green clay? Who can resist? The “Lagoon” eyeliner is a must-have shade as well. I haven’t used many Youngblood products, but I see them being advertised quite often. Thanks for giving these gems a gym workout–I generally choose only long-lasting products, as I don’t have time for touch-ups.

  4. I really surprised myself by wanting to keep Minerals in the Mist in relax. I’m not usually a fan of these types of products OR a fan of most lavender scents. But one spray of this and I was hooked. The combo of lavender (a true, herb-y lavender, not a soapy floral) vanilla and ginger is incredible. And I started to have visions of spraying it on my face before I went to bed, and being lulled into a relaxing sleep. And that’s EXACTLY what is does. And because of the benefits of the ingredients (natural oils and clays) I know it’s not just smelling good – it’s doing something for me too.

    Love this!

  5. Wow, must get the Minerals in the Mist because the scent combination sounds divine! I am all about aromatherapy at bedtime, especially if it has added benefits…

  6. Wow Minerals in the Mist looks like my type of product! I don’t wipe toner on my face, but instead just mist it on. It feels better that way too :) I use a LUSH one but I’d totally consider this gem once I’m out.

  7. Debalicious is making me crave summer like nothing else! What a lovely pink. It’s rare to find a pink that creamy that is fully opaque without looking like a grandma lipstick, but Youngblood pulls it off perfectly!

  8. ReaderRita says:

    That mattifier looks really promising! And even though my face has plenty of it’s own “moisture” (sure, I’ll call it that…), the Minerals in the Mist sounds kind great. I love actual herbal scents and the green clay is so intriguing! Who carries Youngblood?

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