Yu-Be Skin Care – Japan’s Best Kept Skin Secret

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Until now! The wht team tests the Japanese beauty staple.

Yu-Be Skin Care Collectionphotos: we heart this

I think almost everyone has that one friend who always seems to be ‘in the know’. Maybe she was the first one you knew to pick up the Urban Decay Naked palette, or maybe he was the first one to tell you about the cool new internet radio station. Today I feel like I get to be that person for everyone, now that I can tell you all about Yu-Be Skin Care.

Yu-Be is a Japanese line that was developed in the 50s by a pharmacist, with the help of a chemist. Their original glycerin based moisturizer is the longest selling skin product in Japanese history, and after a few weeks of use I can see why.

These products were designed to be used from head to toe, by men, women and children. This is an easy to use, easy to love, skin care line that will work its way into your heart as quickly as it has mine.

Recently, the wht team had a chance to take a closer look at a few of Yu-Be’s most beloved products:

A closer look of Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream (2.5 oz, $25 – 1.25 oz, $16)
The product that started it all, a glycerin based vitamin enriched cream that’s heaven on dry heels, elbows, and even lips. I’ve used this almost every night since I got it and the flakes on my elbows are gone, and my feet feel smooth.

It’s so soothing, I started putting it on my lips a couple of weeks ago as well. Its as thick as Vaseline, but absorbs almost instantly. A teeny tiny amount is enough for both feet and my knees. This jar of Yu-Be Skin Cream will easily last me for months. It’s also available in a smaller size in a handy, portable tube.

A closer look of Moisturizing Body Lotion

Moisturizing Body Lotion ($29)
A thinner version of the cream; this is a light weight lotion that’s easy to apply. I think of this as a summer version of the cream, a small amount was enough for both of my legs, and applying it straight out of the shower my skin was soft and smooth all day. The website says this is great on sunburns too, while I hope I don’t have to use it for that I would certainly reach for it if I had one.

Foaming Skin Polish ($18)
This one was the real winner for me. I didn’t get a lot of foaming out of it, but oh boy did I get clean. The rice bran and bamboo really scrubbed my skin clean of dirt and dry skin without irritation.

But where this product really shines is its versatility. Not only is it fab on the BODY, it is easily one of the better exfoliating FACE washes I’ve used in ages. After using this all of my skin feels shiny and new – without the irritation that comes with some scrubs. I step out of the showering glowing and fresh.

Closer look of Lip Therapy

Lip Therapy ($5)
And finally the product that hasn’t left my pocket in a month. One of the best lip balms I’ve used in a long time. Enriched with vitamin E and Camphor this makes for happy lips. A smooth, lightweight, but seriously effective lip balm. Great for any type of weather, light enough for summer wear, moisturizing enough to keep my lips happy in the transition to winter. And for just 5 bucks one of the best values I’ve seen in ages.

All of the products can be used from head to toe, and a little goes a long way. When my friends ask me what I’m using on my happy healthy skin this winter I will be telling them its Yu-Be.

we heartsters and Testers – Have you discovered Japan’s secret to soft skin? Meet me in the comments to talk all things Yu-Be!

Check out the Yu-Be site for a free 3 pack sample of Yu-be products (you pay $5 shipping and handling but I think its well worth it). Click here to get yours – Yu-Be Samples

Or click here to shop Yu-Be at beauty.com!

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  1. Great review, @pinkshaya !

    I got to try the fabulous Lip Therapy as well as samples of the Moisturizing Skin Cream, and found both products to be wonderful! The lip balm is a no-nonsense, effective, slightly medicinal cure for dry winter lips. The camphor really packs a punch, but I don’t mind. I’ve been reaching for it before bed and my lips are much healthier and smoother than they usually are at this time of year.

    The skin cream is also soothing and remarkably effective; I used it on my hands, especially my dry cuticles. I liked it so much, I’m planning to treat myself to a big tube (as well as another lip balm). 5 stars for Yu-Be!

  2. I received YU BE Lotion! I firstly admit to NEVER hearing about this line and thank We Heart This for enlightening me! I work in an International environment, so you’d think I’d be more up on what’s loved abroad!

    I fell in love with the simple packaging too.. It’s adorable and like the pump dispenser for the lotion.
    I too liked this lotion as it is a Glycerin-based lotion and very moisturizing to my skin. It has one of my favorite ingredients, Camphor. Anything with eucalyptus mints and so one are high rankers! But this also is enriched with Vitamin E, Vitamin B2. My skin needs constant attention and this helped to soothe and hydrate my skin- especially my hands, feet and body.. Absorbing well head to toe!
    My hubby really had a particular liking to this lotion and uses it every night- I keep it out in the living room. I also had a few samples of the YU BE Moisturizing Cream.. It is super thick and only needed a small amount to apply to dry areas. I would love to get my mitts on more of this!
    Also am interested in getting some lip balm, sounds wonderful. I’m giving this product 5 stars It’s a great price for a great product!

  3. Thanks ladies! Glad I am not the only one to fall under the spell of Yu-Be. I’ve still got plenty of the cream, which my feet are still loving. I can’t say enough about these products, this is true product love at first use. Five stars all around!

  4. Yu-Be’s lip balm also hasn’t left my purse. It’s one of my HG lip balms and is perfect for this NY February/March weather. Although I’ll obviously be using it all year round. 5 stars from me, definitely. I also tried samples of the body lotion, which was great as well. Definitely a high end, quality brand. I’ll definitely be repurchasing the lip balm !

  5. I tested the lotion and found it awesome for using on my arms, elbows and heels. Very rich but not greasy and seems to last on the skin well. I use the lip therapy every night before going to sleep to keep chapped lips at bay this winter though I may upgrade to using it during the day as well and replacing my current balms. The only downside is that I’m not a huge fan of the scent, but that’s not enough to sway me from giving a 5 star rating!

  6. Thanks to a Korean friend and a Japanese coworker I’ve been a fan of Yu-Be for years! I was very happy to receive a tube of the moisturizing skin cream for testing, as it can be hard to find even in the most well stocked Asian market. Call me crazy, but I love the camphor scent- if it smells like medicine it will work like medicine! Bonus- it’s GREAT for the chapped skin around a stuffy nose AND it helps unblock your nasal passages. Win/win!
    A tiny bit goes a long way, so Yu-Be is very cost effective. And wow, does it work! She may kill me for saying this, but a friend used it while breast feeding and she said it was the only thing that made her feel human again. That’s a rave review coming from a new mom! I use it for chapped facial skin (winter in New England can be rough), my cuticles, and patches of psoriasis with great success. I’m not sure there’s much Yu-Be can’t tackle!
    Yu-Be gets an easy 5 stars from me. My local Sephora had samples just a few weeks ago if you’re hesitant to take the plunge, but I promise you won’t be sorry!

  7. I got to try the moisturizing cream. YES–This is a very thick cream and is SUPER CONCENTRATED. I feel its best use is on cuticles, raw or chapped skin, lips, elbows etc. I did not fall in love with this product because of the smell.

    4 stars

    1. I agree, @hao9703. The scent really turns me off, especially at that price. I feel like the moisturizing cream is less of a cream and more of an ointment in texture and composition. It seems a little greasy, but absorbs easily and left my skin feeling great (especially on my cuticles, which are super dry during the winter!) However, I feel that there are comparable products out there for much less–Aquaphor is my holy grail. It doesn’t absorb quite as well though. I’m going to give Yu-Be three stars.

  8. I tried a sample of the cream and on first use, knew I had to save it for the cold and dry winter months here in Michigan. It has not disappointed. I’ve used it sparingly to make it last and that’s all you need is a tiny amount. I use it on my dry, cracked knuckles and it does wonders. It’s very thick, but soaks in right away and keeps my skin soft and moisturized for quite awhile. In these extremely dry conditions, I put it on once in the morning and then don’t need it again until the afternoon. I’ve tried it on my lips and while that brings the medicinal smell a little too close to my nose, it works well softening them up, too. Yeah, it’d be nice if there was a little less medicinal of a smell – I wouldn’t lather my whole body in it – but it works so well, that for the super dry parts it’s well worth it. An easy five stars from me!

  9. I received samples of the moisturizing skin cream to try. I really liked this product and have always been curious about it since seeing it widely available at Sephora (conveniently in those bins by the checkout!). Yes it does smell a bit medicinal, but it does the job! It’s awesome and I love love Japanese skincare. 5 stars from me!

  10. Though this stuff (skin cream) reminds me of Vicks VaporRub (scent) or Udder Balm (consistency), it works really well on super dry parts. This is especially great for chapped hands and heels. I also had crazy itchy upper arms (it was likely the soap I was using) that this stuff tamed well. You only need the tiniest bit…a little goes a long way. 4 stars (minus 1 for that smell).

  11. Thanks to WHT, I am a Yu-Be fan as well! I had never heard of the brand before receiving the lip balm and packets of lotion and skin polish.
    The lip balm is nice and effective and I love the ‘eucalyptus-y’ scent.
    The body lotion is light, yet moisturizing and the foaming skin polish was lovely, I just wished there was more!
    I would love to try the full sized versions as well as the rich cream! 5 stars from me.

  12. I also received the lip balm and samples of the skin cream as well. The lip balm works great and has saved my lips in these dry winter months. The skin cream I liked best for my hands, feet, elbows and any other really dry part and it’s really affective. I also used it on my chapped nose when I had a cold and it does clear your nasal passages, bonus! My only issue is that camphor is not one of my favorite scents, though I’m sure that’s what makes it so affective, so I just use it at night and on days I’m not going anywhere! 4 stars from me!

  13. I’m also one of the lucky ones to try the lip balm and the skin cream and they are little wonders! The lip balm is my go-to at night before I go to bed or if I’m not wearing makeup on the weekends; I get moisturized without feeling gross or goopy.

    The skin cream (which come in the CUTEST sample tubes, I’d buy a batch of those just to keep in my purse) I wasn’t sure that I liked at first because although it left my hands feeling silky and smooth, I felt like I wasn’t rubbing it in enough. However, I’ve realized that is less a Yu-Be issue and more of mine; I’m so used to more watery lotions that the thicker formula didn’t feel right! It’s especially great on cuticles and although the scent isn’t a selling point, it does remind me of my beloved old school Carmex pot!

    Four stars from me, this is really a solid product.

  14. I love, love the lip therapy! I am a huge lip balm junkie. But I am very picky! I have weird lips that tend to get gunky with the wrong lip product. This stuff is top notch! My lips have remained soft, smooth, and gunk free. I also find that it lasts a long time. I don’t find myself needing to reapply as often as I do with some other lip balms. So 5 stars from me!!!!

  15. I got to try the tiny sample tubes of the cream and while it seemed fairly moisturizing, I was a little creeped out by the opaque, bright yellow color and Vaseline-like consistency. As everyone has said, it smells like Vick’s vapor rub. It took a couple minutes to sink in, then my hands felt smooth, then my hands started to sweat and feel gunky. Overall, this is moisturizing on parts of the body that don’t sweat or that you can cover with socks or clothing (does wonders on the heels and elbows). I’m giving this 4 stars.

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